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  1. I think (and hope) we saw Gartlett's farewell game yesterday. He's was a great pick-up for us, but I thinks his AFL days are over and now that our season is well and truly dusted, we should be getting games into others.
  2. Great post. I’m getting sick of it. It’s a deadset cheap shot.
  3. I reckon I'll check the VLine App to see what time the next train leaves about 5 minutes into the 3rd.
  4. If so many of you are so sure the FD reviewed that game heavily despite the message over the offseason from the club that it wasn't (see post #4 which mentioned some of the times), please explain why that message came out? What did they hope to achieve by publicly downplaying how much that loss to WCE was analysed? I don't get it.
  5. I'm glad this has been brought up. The loss to WCE should have been reviewed MORE than other games to find our why we didn't play the "Melbourne" way. The apparent choice to ignore what happened that day and treat it as just an off day was crazy.
  6. Petty maybe at this stage. Keilty definitely.
  7. I'd be ok with Ben Guthrie's changes.... Verdict: Garlett for Spargo, Lockhart for C.Wagner, Stretch for Lewis, O.McDonald for Jetta and Tim Smith for Weideman.
  8. There’s a story in the good book about the wise man building their house on the rock and the foolish man building their house in the sand. When the wind and waves come, the house on the sand falls and the house in the rock stands firm. Substitute “House” for confidence and the MFC is the foolish man. Time after time we get confidence from the wrong things (the win against Sydney most recently) and when the heat inevitably comes, we crumble. We’ve been doing it for years and it’s been done by our on field leaders. Until this is fixed we’ll continually underperform.
  9. No OMac, no Melbourne. I blame the haters.
  10. Can anyone shed some light on how to actually use the tickets bought through the MFC? Unlike my previous ticket purchases, there wasn't an printable ticket sent out immediately following the purchase or an option to have the digital ticket sent to a phone number. The confirmation email just says "Will Call". I can find the tickets on my membership page, but the "Print" option is greyed out.
  11. Yeah, I just caught up on my emails and saw it. Looks like A11 is it.
  12. I'm looking at heading to GMHBA for the first time next Saturday. Is there a particular part of the ground that Melbourne supporters head too?
  13. Whats with all the weeping and gnashing of teeth? Innovation. Let's all squeal. Sigh.
  14. It may have been mentioned but this is exciting. These are the players NOT playing today... May, Viney, Jones, Oliver, Lever, KK, Melksham, Hannan, Frisch, TMac. That’s a lot of depth.
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