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  1. To go through what he's gone through at such a young age is beyond belief, and with the addition of being in the public makes it 10 fold. Best of luck to you young man. #AREUOK
  2. Hey binman, great pun 'Shooting himself in the foot" by the way. He just wants to go home now, he loves the Dees but going home was always a thing for him, the door was opened and as soon as he heard Melbourne were interested in a deal and he ran through, she said he was pretty much never going to extend beyond this contract, barring maybe winning a flag he may have. there's a few other things I can't post on a public forum also. I agree, he must have a burning desire to go home if he's keen on freo!!!
  3. first post in years. looks like we will have to get a deal done, a work colleague, she's a big dees fan, who's brother was in Bali with Jesse, from WA, good mates, Jesse has said to him he will not sign a new deal with Melbourne if he isn't traded, he will walk end of next year, Freo are aware of this too, they just think his demands are too high. Sad really. So will it force us to take unders? Or Hold tight? seems determined to go home. Casey seconds might have a new power forward next year!! HaHa
  4. from a very good source, Hibberd a definite chance, Hurley staying, he was 50/50 up until recentley and only spoke to one other club, Melbourne, very close to Goodwin, but looks like hes decided to stay at the bombers
  5. i'm not a religous man but if there is a God then well done, take a bow, u can put your feet up after creating that wonderful lady , you have perfected it. and well played Brad Miller also, well played
  6. He will re-sign and should be rewarded generously, if anyone deserves it, he does. If that [censored] Clark was getting mega bucks then Jonesy deserves 100 times what he was getting. Love ya Nugget.
  7. heart would like it not to happen, nobody can deny his commitment. Head says it may be a good deal, always injured, never really set the place alight, my only thinking is that the club have some idea of using these pics for something big! In Roos we trust, still, wold be sad to see him go, seems to be a decent fella, but no sentiment in the footy business.
  8. terrible disease MND, i have had plenty of experience of patients with this over my career, as ND said, it is truly like watching your body die and not being able to do anything about it. i hope the club get involved in some way, the man was part of a successful period and was loved, and still is. maybe all us demonlanders can get the message across to the footy community and the public in general.
  9. pact my arse. throw enough money at them and the pact will soon be forgotten!
  10. delighted he's gone, what a complete waste of talent and a waster of a human being to boot. any bloke that kicks his girfriend in the head deserves nothing. cocky p***ck who got what was coming to him. Thanks for Bernie !!!
  11. calm down now ladies, we were beaten by probably the best at punishing mistakes, and a top 2 side at that. yes the mistakes are frustrating but we'll get there. have faith brethern
  12. ah the get out statement 'we were sucked in' brilliant
  13. Although jack is an incredibly frustrating footballer and is borderline starting to resemble Cale Morton, I must admit being disappointed by all of the Bronx cheers everytime he got a possession. Very Richmond fan like and hardly supporting ur team!! Some serious flogs of fans out there !
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