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  1. Amazing that he was playing such great footy before he turned 21. Had he stayed fit and on track with his life, he had the ability to win a Brownlow. Now at 27 years of age, who knows what could happen if was healthy and focussed?
  2. And get Jackie Watts back in to do some post season tricks to liven up the place.
  3. Better if they held this after the national draft so that someone could explain how we buggered up the trade and draft period.
  4. Incidental contact, low impact, look away.
  5. The Box Hill Hawks player who was injured and picked up by an ambulance is Mitchell Lewis. Casey big man Buxton-Wales has been impressive.
  6. I just can’t see why Fritta couldn’t play both games today.
  7. No joy for Magpies in return to Victoria Park as Demons dominate
  8. Sorry but you missed the boat 🚣‍♀️ Mine Jetta Max
  9. ““Not I,” said the Swan “The entire idea is utterly absurd I'd be laughed at and scorned if the other Swans heard”. Typical of the Swans not to pick a Sparrow.
  10. Appreciate that insightful observation Captain Obvious.
  11. The link to Cal Twomey's Phantom Form Guide: October Although we currently have 36, 46, 54, 62 & 65, it isn’t safe to assume that those will be our final draft selections. If the Hogan deal goes ahead we might still finish with some extra selections and Josh Mahoney might do a trade of draft picks that could see things change as well.
  12. Two days later - PB: I was only kiddin’ the other day. How about 9 plus a steak knife.
  13. That wasn’t Robbo reporting, was it?
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