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  1. Defence I agree. We seem to have moved a long, long way from the hard edged defensive mindset Roos instilled during his time here. Our backline is all over the shop, and our defensive pressure generally is super poor. Fitness We look terribly slow and unfit. I had thought Misson was an elite fitness guy, but we seem to have heaps of injuries, many of which are not impact injuries - they seem to be soft tissue and running related. Anyone have the inside scoop here? Why are we so off the pace all of a sudden? Skills We simply cannot hit a target anymore. Who’s in charge of skills at the moment? Forward line I should know this but who’s our forward line coach? So many inside 50s, yet (Melksham aside) we never look like scoring. It’s super frustrating to watch.
  2. At this rate we’re bottom 6 by the end of the season. Possibly bottom 4. The defensive structures seem to be all over the shop. We can’t hit a target. We’re actually a very average team.
  3. I’ve seen this script play out here plenty of times before - those who are currently putting the knife into [insert name of required MFC player - in this case, Trac] will immediately do a back flip and will be adoring that player after a few good games strung together. Trac’s a good egg, has great DNA, and without doubt wants to significantly contibute to a successful MFC. And I reckon he will.
  4. That game was hard to watch - a really underwhelming performance. Happy for Watts though - he’s a likeable bloke.
  5. Always liked Dunn. Good on him. He loved the Dees. His only crime is doing his very best since we traded him.
  6. Sure - I have no problem with that. Pretty obvious statement though. But it’s also exactly the reason I’ll spend my compassion chips on feeling for victims of crime, returning ex-serviceman, the weak in society, and people who are unfairly bullied, vilified and harassed by others, not marquee AFL players who break club rules by boozing when they shouldn’t. At a human level, I feel a lot of sympathy for Hogan and his unfortunate circumstances last year (like all others here) - but I don’t feel strong level of compassion for a dude who appears to find it hard to manage the conflict between: - the commitment required to be a professional footballer (with all of the attendant pressures and rewards); and - an apparent desire to not have that pressure, and instead spend his time with his non-footy playing mates drinking beers at music festivals and generally being a regular guy. The narrative here is just not that compelling for me. The world is full of simply heart-breaking tragedies - this is not one of them.
  7. Depression is one thing. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is another. Hogan’s been in the system for a long time now. He’s a marquee player at a new club. He knows the rules. And he’s not the first person to encounter some personal hardship whilst also trying to hold down a job. I know several people who have lost parents, have gone through bruising divorces, who are struggling financially and emotionally to bring up young kids solo, and have inflexible and intolerant employers as to their personal situations. I expect they’d love to have the luxury of the time, emotional support and financial security than the AFL system would afford them, even if only for a limited period of time - on terms that you just can’t drink heaps of beer on a Monday night, and that you otherwise have to display a good attitude to, and respect for, your club and your teammates. Unlike most employers, however, AFL clubs seem extraordinarily tolerant and forgiving. Despite his obvious talent, I never found Hogan to be a particularly endearing character. I’m just relieved we managed to secure Steven May in exchange for him, as I expect is the club.
  8. I actually don’t care. As long as they’re not harming anyone, who cares - we’ve turned everything into a tedious nanny state, and they’re probably the fittest dudes on the planet. Good luck to them - I enjoy watching them play footy. I expect many here like horse racing. I’m not into it, but that’s simply because I find it boring. I expect many here find it amazing. Cop a tip, it’s absolutely corrupt. And I know this from the inside of the marquee. It’s all seriously manipulated. The best trainers, the leading horses - they’re all on the gear. They go to the States twice a year to see where it’s all at. They’re in front of the testing, but rest assured - in a game of 1%s, you’re not mucking around with organic wheat grass and then ignoring the juice. If you do, you lose races. It’s a simple equation. IMO this is far worse than young successful sporty kids seeking to have fun.
  9. I can’t remember when we last won at the SCG. I’m thinking it could be as far back as the 90s. Anyone know? It’s been a hell hole for us for quite a while now. In particular, I recall flying back from Hong Kong especially to watch a game at the SCG in about 2010, to sit with all of my Swans supporting mates and watch us get belted by around 100 points. Round 5, 2003, was also memorable. We were up by about 50 points at three quarter time, and my mate was started singing out ‘percentage’ every time Neita kicked a goal, which was super obnoxious behaviour given we were sitting in the Swans’ members section. We eventually lost that game by about 2 goals. Another sweet experience at the ground for me. A few years ago, when it was literally pouring, we kicked about 5 goals all day. Only highlights were Christian Petracca and the final siren. I’m feeling positive year though. Time to break this hoodoo.
  10. I’m currently sitting in an over water villa in the Maldives on my honeymoon drinking Tigers. Life is good. My wife has expressly banned me from: 1. reading work emails; 2. drinking to many Tiger beers; and 3. reading Demonland. BUT - I just saw the Melksham contract extension news on Instagram and simply had to get on Demonland. And drink more Tigers. I love this bloke. I have made plenty of completely stupid predictions over the years, but not in relation to this guy - I knew he was going to be a great pick up. He was our Bernie trade of that year, much like his best mate Hibberd was a year later. I’m absolutely stoked that he’s going to be roaming around our forward 50 for many years to come. This club is just unreal these days!
  11. I’m not missing Jesse. Not even remotely.
  12. Even though it was filmed at Oktoberfest, and the substance is apparently legal, it didn’t look like his first rodeo. Not a good look. Not remotely. Whovever filmed the footage and then uploaded it, should be exited from Watts’ inner sanctum. Cannot be a close mate. And that Watts is described as an ‘ex-Melbourne football player’ in some media reports, ironically serves to demonstrate the professionalism of the club these days. We would’ve been putting a 5 year extension under his nose for that a decade ago ...
  13. Quality post. I’m pleased that certain posters here are not Magistrates. It’d make justice in Dodge City in the 1870s look positively enlightened.
  14. I couldn’t find an existing thread on this - I’m simply interested in hearing everyone’s views. What’s the likely composition of this year’s leadership group? Viney and Jones as Co-Captains? Gawn, Lewis, T Mac, Lever and May in the mix for other positions?
  15. “Weideman falls out of contract at the end of 2019 and although he's not in any rush to discuss an extension, he has made it clear that he wants to stay with the Demons in a long-term capacity. "I love the Dees so I'm hoping we can work something out which I'm sure will happen in the future," Weideman said.” It’s nice to read comments like this from a required player in the last year of his contract. Hogan, on the other hand, was always slightly equivocal.
  16. I like Bugg, and I wish him well at Carlton. He had limitations as a player, but he seemed to run hard (both ways), and always seemed respectful about, and appreciative for, his time at the Dees. He also seemed genuinely remorseful for the incident with Mills. To put the boot into this dude on the way out is tres ordinaire.
  17. It’s so fortunate that Stuart Dew rejected us.
  18. There are absolutely rumours doing the rounds. They’ve just not been posted here. Hogan was probably a required player, but not on any terms - I expect when the opportunity presented itself for the club to secure Steven May for him, the club then immediately became super keen to make this happen. And it did.
  19. I really hope he’s in the leadership group next year.
  20. I was so bloody happy to read this. I love Bernie. The impact he's had on this club is underrated by many.
  21. We learn from our mistakes of 2018, and have a good run with injuries. The Steven May trade proves to be a super astute decision. We make the Grand Final, and go in as mild favourites. And then cruelly lose. To Richmond. A critical life event, for me at least - as I finally turn to Jesus to get me through the rest of my life. This marks the start of a wonderful life journey that comes to an abrupt end on the morning of round 1, 2020. And then it all starts again.
  22. Possibly. Gotta trust the club on this - they seem to get everything right these days.
  23. I think Champion Data read the thread I posted late on Melbourne Cup night about celebrating a certain Demons’ flag in 2019. It was compelling stuff.
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