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  1. You stay classy too ding! I hope you get to see your wife in the very near future.
  2. I just hope Lewis Hamilton is cool with this.
  3. I would love to humiliate these dudes.
  4. There’s an argument that this will be the toughest season ever in which to win the Flag. So yep, in short - absolutely!
  5. As much as it sucks, there’s an argument that we should only want the same draw as every other club - not easier or harder - just the same. I’m ultimately cool with this. I just hope we manage to play at least 17 games this year.
  6. He’s a thinker. And a visionary.
  7. Gerard Healy summed it up perfectly last night IMO. Just get as many games as you can get in before it all gets too disrupted - and then seek to continue the season as responsibly and appropriately as possible adopting agility and flex in relation to the fixturing etc. These clubs are all training together, presumably daily - the medical experts cannot presently see any material difference between the clubs continuing to do this and playing each other in empty stadiums. I say, bring on round 1. Next week.
  8. The kick in from May to Gawn from the goal square, which immediately led to Langdon sprinting down the wing and then delivering it to Fristch, who converted skillfully on his left, was great to watch - but, on so many levels, it also represented the significant difference between this season and last. That so many industry observers and commentators (most notably The Roar) fail to recognise these differences surprises me. Injuries permitting, we should definitely be in the mix this year. And a critical factor in this will be the May and Lever partnership - both of whom I’m hoping will be in the AA conversation by the end of this season. I reckon they’ll both prove themselves to be fantastic recruits for this club.
  9. Didn’t The Roar predict that we’d finish top 4 (or better) in 2019?
  10. I reckon Hunt’s okay. He’s very a good player, he just needs to be used appropriately. He’s best 22 IMO.
  11. Bring out the Scotch! This is good news.
  12. Good to hear. It's not as though he's been dumped by the club though - he remains one of only 2 official leaders, and is the club's Vice Captain. It feels that the club is getting things right at the moment i.e. it seems to be actively addressing all of the issues which arose last season. I suspect Viney may very well be a better Vice Captain than a Captain - it just seems to be more his role.
  13. Sign him up. Give him 10 years if need be.
  14. Put your house and kids on it. There's no way this could possibly go wrong.
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