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  1. Fair dinkum - I have a tear in my eye. I’ve watched it about 8 times. And sent it to everyone I know. I think my wife’s heart is finally beating true. His Dad is a freakin legend. Baker is a new favourite.
  2. He plainly didn’t hear the ‘play on’ call and didn’t want to give away a 50 (when he could otherwise have a had a shot at goal), then gets sling tackled into the turf without any resistance (bloke should get a week for that), Smith’s pretty well knocked out, and they get the free. Seriously ... We were the better team. Loved the effort. Loved the game style. Loved some of the return to form from key players, eg, TMac, Hunt, bursts from Jeffy etc. Loved the performance of the new kids wearing the red and the blue. Hated our woeful set shot kicking. Hated the umpiring. Hated the Weagles supporters (they make NRL Bulldog supporters look positively enlightened). Hated Nathan Vardy - he should be suspended for his lack of class. And still hate the fact that we lost a game that we could have, perhaps should have, won. Not sure how I feel - so many positives and negatives. It’s probably this headspace that prompted some dude to invent sweet and sour pork many years ago. We can beat GWS next week.
  3. It’s always a compelling narrative to see players who work bloody hard for their opportunity, and then seize their chance. Lockhart and Hore play like they know what a big deal it really is, and you can just see how grateful they are for the opportunity, and how much they respect it. I really like both of these guys. They definitely add value to the squad.
  4. There are not many other players who have done more for this club.
  5. I don’t really care about Ablett and any alleged bias towards him for some reason. But if it was Bernie (my favourite ever Demon), I’m sure he would’ve got three weeks. The tribunal clearly favours nerds over cheeky dudes with personality.
  6. May turned up unfit. The club was not happy and justifiably so. This was poor form, and unprofessional. Since then: - May trained well, he seemed to integrate well with the players, and he got fit; - he got suspended for a hit during a pre-season game, which was at best a line ball suspension, and which ruled him out for the first game of the season - Bernie Vince (a club favourite) and Jordan Lewis (a leader in the club) have done much worse during the actual season, and far more regularly - in any event, we need May’s hardness in defence, so while disappointing, it was hardly a hangable offence; - he then did his hammy - there is little evidence to suggest that this was related to the condition at which he arrived at the club as he got fit - if anything it’s probably Misson’s fault; - he then seems to have had a few beers at the pub last Sunday afternoon - which Paul Roos expressly asked Tom Morris on OTC, “was this just one or two beers?”, to which Tom Morris replied “no, it was a drinking session” - seems like a sensationalist non-story to me, and yet it’s triggered this - hook, line and sinker. Some of you seem intent on putting the boot into our players whenever there’s a sniff of an opportunity to do so. Anyway - I’m looking forward to seeing a fit May back in the team. I think he’ll add a lot. I reckon we should be getting around him, not falling for this sensationalist carp. And, fair dinkum, some of the nanny state attitudes here wouldn’t be out of place in Iran.
  7. It’s a dog act to sensationalise an undercover pic taken by some sniper on a Sunday afternoon in a pub and dress it up as Watergate on national tv.
  8. That this is a ‘breaking story’ is the stuff of Working Dog’s Frontline television series. It seems pretty clear it was not actually ‘a big drinking session’ as claimed by Tom Morris on OTC. I reckon Steven May will turn out to be a bloody good player for us. And this is not a big deal, albeit it is an issue that the club seems not to have not handled particularly well. It all points to a quiet news day in Melbourne on Monday.
  9. I met Tom Morris at the bar at the Light Brigade Hotel in Sydney moments before the commencement of the preliminary final against West Coast last year. I recognised him (I think from On The Couch), but I otherwise had no idea who he was. I was wearing a Demons scarf. He introduced himself - he was very friendly and he said he supported the Dees. I think we both said words to the effect “Go Dees”, literally minutes before being humiliated in a packed bar of 10k West Coast supporters. It was tres ordinaire. I nearly necked myself. Since then, I’ve come to watch Tom Morris on tv. While I don’t know him from a bar of soap, I would say that he’s probably a relatively good natured dude, and that he likes the Dees - but he’s desperate to break stories even if they are kind of weak and not in the interest of the club he purportedly supports. In short, he wants to be relevant. That’s journalism I suppose. Surely this story, while not especially flattering to Steven May, is not particularly newsworthy. I.e. it’s s*#t.
  10. We’re sponsored by Johnnie Walker. Yet he’s very publicly drinking pints of mid strength beer. It’s not a very good look to be honest, and I completely understand why he needs to apologise to the entire playing group. Next time he’ll know to whack down an entire bottle of scotch, rip Tom Morris a new one for publishing undercover pics and generally ratting on him, before being filmed inhaling illicit substances off the bar, and then resisting arrest by a team of cops just outside the pub during which time he does his ACL. In short, do it properly next time Steven. We’re a hard edged club these days. What a completely lame ‘breaking story’.
  11. Bloody hell. That is one of the most tense finishes to a game I’ve seen in a long time. Having now watched the final quarter twice, it is abundantly clear that Frost won us that game. His final touch was Leo Barry-esque circa 2005.
  12. Despite our wholly underwhelming start to the season, I’m really looking forward to this game. It feels like a Saturday afternoon final, which it essentially is for us.
  13. It's somewhat ironic that Dean Kent, a player who we probably should've kept and who was perpetually injured with us, moves to St Kilda at the end of last season and has been flying ever since (including, unfortunately, against us). Hogan too (but for getting boozed before a training session).
  14. It’s been an absolutely bizarre start to the season. Gold Coast, Freo, Saints - it’s been flipped on its head. Like everyone here, I have found our performances this far to be absolutely depressing. And inept. And a bit surprising. I had thought we were going to win the flag this year. Right now, we’re sitting last with a percentage of about 16%. It’s so bad, I don’t even feel aggrieved though - that feeling comes when you feel your club has received the hard end of the stick and deserves much better. For once, that’s not actually been us. We’ve been bloody hopeless. BUT: - there are reasons for our performances to date, some reasonable and some entirely inexcusable - injuries, overall fitness, and players out of form (McDonald, Jetta, Hibberd etc) have cruelled us, but I’m concerned the coaches haven’t exactly been at the forefront of some of the changes, which I think was perfectly illustrated in the St Kilda game. Everyone seems to have got way ahead of themselves and departed from the basics, the essence of which was trying hard and not taking anything for granted - it was been ruthless at the contest; - we have a good list - we really do - it’s a better list than the majority of other clubs right now - but it still has obvious gaps - I also don’t think our team selection has been that inspiring or imaginative prior to the Richmond game; and - we are now a well run club, i.e. we are not the same club that endured 10 years of simply miserable and heart breaking failure which caused many of us to simply give money to it to ensure its survival. We will be a very viable and competitive team next year. And beyond. While I reckon we’re pretty well stuffed on the finals campaign this year, I don’t reckon the season is absolutely over. I’m personally looking for a decent run in the second half of the season as and when we regain key players, and some fitness, and hopefully a more astute coaching group. In short, let’s try to avoid some of the cliched (and perhaps understable) bagging of everyone in the the club at the moment. Everyone’s frustrated. And bloody disappointed. But the future of this club is far better and brighter than it has ever been in the past 2 0or 30 years, which in itself is a great achievement.
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