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  1. And Neil Armstrong could possibly have not been the first man to step on the moon. Some aspects of the mission were ultimately out of his hands despite his skill as an astronaut. You have to interrogate the underlying reasons for things. The simple and uneducated mob has all too regularly lynched an innocent man throughout history.
  2. And I hope Steven May is (at the very least) in the Leadership Group next year.
  3. There are several posters here who would’ve surrendered to the Germans after the collapse of France. Churchill would’ve loved to have been a Demons’ supporter right now. It’s moments like these when true character shines through. Get around the club everyone. We’ll be back next year.
  4. I’d be embarrassed to be the recipient of that free if I was an opposing ruckman.
  5. Seriously, the best post of the year.
  6. We’ve clearly made mistakes this year, but we’ve had an unbelievable run of injuries. It’s been ridiculous. And the reality is, we (quite reasonably) put faith in players like Tom McDonald this year. As much as I like and respect him, he’s been schizen for 95% of the year (by his own admission). We’ve also lost a few games we absolutely should’ve won - probably should have 8 wins thus far. Not top 8 but still in the mix. So, despite it being a really tres ordinaire year, there are tangible reasons underlying our poor performance. In short, we’ll be back. I feel confident of this. I rate Goodwin.
  7. Having watched the Carlton game several times since last Sunday, I reckon we’ve been ordinary this year for two essential reasons (and we don’t therefore require some tedious review). They are that: 1. Tom McDonald’s been in woeful form for most of the year, yet we had banked on him being in equivalent form for the whole of this year to his form of last year - I suspect Rawlings helped him regain that form; and 2. Steven May (and critical other defenders) have been injured for much of the year. Yes, the spread has been poor, the coaching staff didn’t get with the 6-6-6 changes, we’ve generally been absolutely bloody hopeless etc, but I reckon it’s all down to these two reasons. In short, critical players either injured or pathetically out of form for much of the year. And, true to the 2019 rhythm, just as Tom McDonald regains his form, he injures himself and is out injured for the rest of the season. 👍
  8. Bloody. Oath! We won that thing against all odds. All Demon haters can get stuffed.
  9. It'll be slightly ironic if we lose to Carlton: in that the media is presently crying out for Roos to save the Blues; in circumstances where the Blues have just beaten us. Perhaps we should also join the hunt for Roos' signature? That said, I reckon we're not as bad as many here think we are. There are reasons, most of which are plain for all to see, as to why we have under-performed this year.
  10. Yeah, he’s pretty good.
  11. My God. What an amazing man.
  12. Cannot believe we lost that game.
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