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  1. For once, it’s absolutely in our hands. To stuff up, that is.
  2. He is a human jack-in-a-box. Has so much spring. Should not be allowed to leave our forward 50. Ever.
  3. I would’ve had him on the wing in 2020, but then we recruited Langdon and Tomlinson (which I’m very pleased about). Forward or back? Dunno - there are arguments both ways. If our forward line is as dysfunctional as it was in 2019, I’d say forward. Our backline, on paper at least, seems far more settled and less in need of him down there.
  4. While I thought Sam Murray could be a good pick up, recruiting Mitch Brown seems like a no brainer given we currently lack an experienced back up tall forward. In short, I’d be happy with using the equivalent of pick 97 on this guy.
  5. Diamonds in the rough are obviously super rare at this level. Surely, if this guy had the upside we were hoping for, the Pies would’ve wrapped him up long ago i.e. we wouldn’t even have been in the conversation. That said, I reckon Bennell will help us win the flag. And I hope he does.
  6. It seems players taken in the PSD are not on the same or similar contractual terms to players taken in the national draft (which I understand involves standardised terms). If we want Ben Sokol, presumably this is one reason why he’d hold off entering the national draft and instead come to us in the PSD (because we can offer him slightly better terms than he may otherwise get in the national draft). Also - it avoids the lottery of potentially getting picked up by clubs like the Dockers or the Crows. Or even worse, Carlton.
  7. I totally agree. It’s a real pity the club didn’t see the importance of keeping your namesake in much the same way.
  8. I agree - I have no issue with them going to the US to obtain knowledge from other professional sports, bond with each other etc. But I really hope the real learning is derived from looking just across the road at clubs like Richmond and Collingwood, where the head coaches learnt not to squeeze it so damn tight and trust and believe in those around them.
  9. I don’t think it was ever in the cage.
  10. Don’t necessarily disagree - I have NFI. I just try to do everything the dude yells at me to do.
  11. Interestingly, at the gym yesterday, my instructor had a few of us do 3 one minute planks in the bottom section of a push up i.e. when your arms are bent and your chest is nearly on the ground and you have to hold that position for a minute. It’s pretty challenging. Anyway - one of my mates was whinging about doing it again on the third rotation - to which the instructor then replied: - the fitness coach of the German soccer team which won the World Cup in 2014 required the entire squad do this for 20 minute intervals regularly - you need to do just one minute. Harden up. I still can’t wrap my head around this. If this is true, I reckon Burgess’s Arsenal experience augurs very well for us. They are extremely fit dudes.
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