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  1. I should say his message was most likely spot on to Frost, but it should have been short and sharp. He went on too long hence why it becomes a bad look.
  2. Sadly i was at that game and once Neitz fell on Farmers back it was done...
  3. On memory that was one of the reasons we traded spalding, he couldn't finish and it cost us matches. On memory by the end of career was had dramatically improved. We need someone like dunstal/lockett or modern version (green) other great kicks to come to the club. Hawthorn fixed theirs up when clarkson arrived it was core to his new game plan.
  4. Gee is walker on the field...an amazing captain.
  5. Also a pretty poor effort from the crows this quarter
  6. Good first, we moving to cover loose, almost man on man and no then zoned
  7. According to commentators we had 6 listed afl players for the 2nd's this weekend. The rest are injured. So its slim pickings. We need a smart game plan going into 50. what worked the last 2 times and even the GC was not kicking it in high, it was almost ground balls to take their markers out of the play. The other is shutting down darling, when he plays well they generally play well. Either one its my 1 live game a year so hopefully we go for three win H&A wins in the west in a row.
  8. oh my god That [censored] amazing...
  9. Gawn finally back on. stuck on bench for 8 minutes
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