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  1. More important than numbers is where and when the free kicks are that you get or get given against you. Against us always seem to be in front of their goal...
  2. While we hear about the high profile cases, what about the 1000s of other players that have gone through the game in that time and their effects? Reading his file, he had been hit hard a lot of times over a long period. I wonder what data the AFL has and going back how far. Have they funded studies into the. Long term impact? howeve I think the AFL has made huge strides in mitigating the problem at all levels of footy. Also players are more aware of not putting their head in them wrong place all them time
  3. The way i see it. If the club believes his addition to our squad will lead to sustained success over the next 5 years and its discussed with our leadership who agree as it will hit their hop pocket, then admin should then rearrange contracts and get him. We know his price and if his talent is worth that price we pay it, if not we can still say in public we think that price is fine and we are keen to get him onboard, just annoy the Blues . His contract over 5 years is not huge once you take care of the first year,
  4. More Merc's than Holdens were sold in the last year!
  5. In recent years we have matched up and performed well at Optus. Its has been out efficiency that has let us down (Here and the whole season). Should be cracker first game of the year.
  6. Is the AFL stupid!! (Rhetorical question) They have scheduled the Women to play 1.10pm in Perth In Freo and the men starting at 3.20pm (Misread and saw the AEST time) at Optus. So I can't take my daughter to see the women's team play and see the Men's game. WTF . Are they trying to split our huge support based in WA! My daughter love's footy and the Dee's and know has to choose which one to see live. Maybe they though them playing the same day was good, but either push back the men's game to a cooler time or make the girls earlier, or play them on the Saturday instead.
  7. My personal point of view the two Perth games are good as we get to see the Dee's live twice in a year. Though not the best to travel west twice. First round will be busy as the ladies are playing at 1pm (Perth time) in Freo and then the men at 6.20pm. I think that explains the very late game time for a Sunday afternoon. Double demon delight that day.
  8. Hopefully. with our improved medical team it may happen. Hawks seem to have an amazing medical team to fix players other clubs couldn't. So fingers crossed if he joins us.
  9. I don't follow Rugby, but part of their problem from a Rugby mate is that Australia wont play players that aren't in Australia. So if someone goes say to Europe to play for better money etc and is top class they won't pick'em for the national team. (Not sure if that has changed)
  10. Shouldn't the Established Northern clubs loos that advantage now? Sydney and Brisbane with GWS soon to follow. Do we have a productive zone anywhere?
  11. I was wondering the same thing with the first few rounds. Were they used on the Irish girls as well?
  12. Have we ever had a player from one of our academy's? It seem's Sydney, West Coast and Freo seem to get great players out of theirs?
  13. Whoever is the next "Wayne Carey/Buddy/Dangerfield/etc" taken from obscurity to stardom...steal at 97.
  14. Sun's may redraft him as they have PSD picks 1/2. We could take him at 3 but we'd need to be sure unless we have a backup player in that player pool.
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