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  1. Go the Biff


    Only saw the highlights but it sounds like it would have been both a fun & frustrating watch. There's a bit of Alex Smith about Jimmy G at the moment. Nothing wrong with that but it will be interesting to see if he can elevate himself to the top echelon of QB's. Jury is still out as despite seemingly having been around forever, he's still relatively inexperienced. Haven't been carried away with the 8-0 start. There's been a bit of "dancing with your sister" about the '49ers so far. The Seahawks were just the start. The real season starts against your mob. That game has been moved to SNF. Anyway, Bills, Pats & Chiefs this week
  2. Go the Biff


    Not having his go-to guy would have made a difference. George Kittle is becoming to Jimmy G what Gronk was to Brady
  3. I haven't moved from Young & Kemp but note there is a lot of noise around Jackson & Pickett. Just on Jackson, I see a giant sized midfielder rather than an out & out ruck. If that's what the club thinks we need then so be it but I'm skeptical. I've seen nor read nothing in his short exposed history that indicates he would readily become a forward. And that kicking is a concern. On Pickett, yeah he looks to have some nice tricks but his best output has been at SANFL Reserves level. Reserves ! There are suburban comps in Melbourne who's top divisions are a better standard than SANFL reserves. Would have liked to have seen more in the SANFL firsts or the nat champs. Again, skeptical
  4. I get that. For me it was always about the horses. Love the bloody things. Betting, even racing was an extension of that. Still is. Back when I was a punter I resisted the temptation to get a phone account. I figured if I really wanted to back something I'd get off my arze and head to the tote. If I couldn't do that I shouldn't be betting on it. The worst year I had was when I was working in a building with a TAB on the ground floor. Pretty much bet every lunchtime. Betting from boredom. So I figured I knew what would happen if I got a phone account. As I told Macca, I haven't bet in years but that's more a CBF thing. I've got no objection to anyone punting. Started betting with my old man when I was 7 years old. But if I got me an online betting account, I know I'd be betting without conviction again. You gotta do the form & bet according to your analysis. You're backing yourself as much as the horses. I watch my daughter's mates, beer in one hand, phones in the other betting on dumb stuff like next goal kicker in a footy game. Come quarter time they've blown forty bucks just by clicking a button. I shake me head. That's not punting, it's donating
  5. I doubt anyone is assessing Hannan on 2019, He barely played. But in the two years previous he did go missing for large chunks of games. That's one of his challenges in 2020 - to be involved in games for longer & to contribute even when he's not getting the pill.
  6. Any danger of Harley Bennell getting a mention in his thread ?
  7. Go the Biff


    Ravens, Chiefs, Rams
  8. Hahahaha. How do you reckon some of the rest of us are tracking ? IIRC young Jaded, when I started on D'Land you were a teenager
  9. Ahhh.......1996. Saintly. My all time favourite
  10. If I was to have one bet today Macca it would probably be Exceedance in the Coolmore
  11. Go the Biff


    49ers Packers Cowboys I think it's the first time I haven't tipped the Pats but it seems their offence is going backwards & is a chance to be exposed
  12. Old mate K-Dog was on this back in August. Has a 4 post, 1 issue contribution to Demonland. Reckon I'll watch any future contributions with interest
  13. I'm surprised his name alone doesn't give you the horrors old dee. Your series of Jamie Bennell posts were classics !
  14. McCartin aims for 2021 return Good luck young fella
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