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  1. Some on here have a seriously weird obsession with other blokes' hair. Short back & sides ? It's not 1962 fellas. Can only assume it's driven by regret at being bereft in the follicle department
  2. Go the Biff


    Titans 21 - Chiefs 38 Niners 31 - Packers 28
  3. Go the Biff


    Vikings 17 @ 49ers 31 Titans 16 @ Ravens 31 Texans 16 @ Chiefs 37 Seattle 28 @ Packers 31
  4. Most of mine have been mentioned. Bennett for long shots at goal. Alan Johnson was a fantastic kick. Schwartz was a superb field kick as well as a great set shot. I reckon Johnny Fidge had Ted covered. He could roost it miles but was also good at hitting up a target. Talented lad who underachieved for various reasons. Flash Davey had a great left peg and if big Neita was on, he could slot a goal from 60. Good field kick as well. And of course Robbie - either foot. Old mate Rhino Richards could give it a decent thump as well. Paul Goss didn't play many games for us but he's the last bloke I recall using a drop kick for a set shot at goal. The man on the mark was about 45 out. Forward flank, outer side to the city end goals. And to pinch a line from Tim Lane, he absolutely "bisected the major uprights"
  5. Go the Biff


    Bills 21 Texans 10 Pats 24 Titans 17 Saints 31 Vikings 21 Seahawks 24 Eagles 17
  6. Great, great find SWYL. i found that fascinating. Was cool seeing them "unmasked", just making music in the studio. Kinda fun to hear the mistakes too - your ears are so tuned to how the record sounds that anything out of whack really stands out. I've only dabbled with recording but it;s a bloody unforgiving & often laborious process. Cool seeing Ross Wilson's role as producer.
  7. Go the Biff


    Saints, Packers...............................................................................................'49ers. Bring it home boys
  8. Check out reigning Cox Plate champion Lys Gracieux in the Arima Kinen. Stunning win 2019 Arima Kinen
  9. Massive unit Mark. Had a beer with him once, many moon ago. It was like drinking with a wheat silo. Huge human
  10. Go the Biff


    Ravens, Steelers, Chiefs
  11. Go the Biff


    Pats, Browns, Seahawks
  12. When Jackson came on board one of his first utterances was "you've got to fix the footy first". So he was in agreement with you SWYL. As an aside, were it not for a lack of multiple font sizes and references to "the Northern Stand", I'd swear you've had similar discussions with the same bloke - different name though
  13. Tough assignment but intriguing B Stewart (Geel) Thompson (GCS) Rampe (Syd) HB Sicily (Haw) Talia (Adel) Whitfield (GWS) C B. Hill (StK) Neale (Bris) Macrae (WB) HF Fyfe (Freo) Reiwoldt (Rich) Higgins (Norf) FF Rozee (PA) Kennedy (WCE) De Goey (Coll) R Gawn (Melb) Cripps (Carl) Merrett (Ess) Struggled to find a range of options from Port, GCS and those goat-rooters from Essendon
  14. Not just you Dazzler. There's a few I'd have let go long before Garlett. On his form before blowing his shoulder last year he'd have been handy while Kozzie prepares for AFL duties. I wish Jeffy well
  15. Go the Biff


    Ravens, Titans, Seahawks
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