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  1. No-one's asking him to. He's set the rules for his state & the AFL are abiding by them while working to restart the competition. He's the one biatching & moaning. Let's do a hypothetical. St Kilda & Melbourne relocate to a WA hub, serving the 14 day quarantine. The AFL arranges the fixture accordingly & Saints, Demons, Dockers & Eagles play each other in 3 rounds. But the covid-19 situation hasn't changed sufficiently for the WA health authorities to consider re-opening their borders. What happens then ? Other teams can't come in because they'll need to do 14 day quarantine.
  2. Dude's an idiot. Hubs aren't the issue. It's border closure. Specifically the border he closed & keeps closed despite their comparatively low incidence of covid cases. FMD. We've actually had a bi-partisan "all hands on deck" approach to this pandemic. Then old mate farkface in the West decides to indulge in a cheap shot point scoring exercise. Clearly he hasn't covered himself in glory here
  3. Dean could have been anything but for that knee injury. Johnno moved to the back pocket when he returned from ripping his hamstring off the bone
  4. These young fellers do a decent job. If you're looking for Demon content to fill in your hours in iso, you could do worse than this Robbo Cale Morton Check it out
  5. Agreed. Leigh Matthews himself has reflected that the 'Pies were not necessarily the best team that year. But that they played their best footy at the right time of the year. In my view our biggest missed opportunity
  6. Wasn't Max (like Jimmy) in No. 37 before he got 11 ?
  7. Which was why they were seen as ripe for the picking. They had on-field assets and some off field but hubris had become endemic. Mismanagement and extravagance undid all their gains in the '80's. Enter Ian Dicker. The assessment of Don Scott by @TGR is correct. He saw the merger for what it really was - a takeover of HFC - and he displayed so brilliantly with his graphic demo of the jumper. The assessment of Kennett's contribution is overplayed. He sailed smooth seas long after Ian Dicker had calmed the storm and set the ship on course. Without Ian Dicker I doubt there'd have been a HFC for Kennett to play with
  8. There's been a benefit to having no spectators on course. Despite the technical difficulties of having to phone a friend Bruce & Skyping Corey Brown & Katie Mallyon, the coverage of the Sydney autumn carnival is much improved. It's all about the horses & racing. No poxy fashions on the field flogging clobber that no-one would ever wear. No airhead "celebrities" spending their 15 of fame being interviewed by wannabe weathergirls. All about horses & the sport. Bloody marvellous
  9. Weird watching Sydney's biggest raceday of the year in front of 2 men & a dog
  10. So did they give us Langdon & Tomlinson ?
  11. Jeez I hope not. McGovern, Barrass & co will have a field day taking intercept marks, contested & otherwise. That's why I'd have picked Weid over Brown. Weid may not catch as many as we'd like but he does contest in packs. Brown relies on his running & lead up play & has never been a contested marking forward. We'll need smart running patterns inside F50 and blokes looking for and hitting up targets coming forward. I also agree with @CHF that we are short a rotation or two in the midfield. I'm expecting Harmes will have to go in there
  12. Both have improved by the week. Hope we got their signatures before they hit the airport
  13. I admire the effort & running power of ANB but he's a right-footed Simon Godfrey. If we want to be a better footy team we need to get better with the ball. Not sure Spargo is the answer but I do think he has a good footy brain. Whether he's physically up to it is my question. So Dazzler, do you think in the short term Jones could be reinvented in the ANB role ? He has much cleaner hands, is a better decision maker & is a goal scoring threat from anywhere around 50
  14. I largely agree with this. There's quite a few points to discuss but as I am a lazy Karmichael when it comes to posting, I'll just deal with one. There's a significant proportion of tackles which would have been penalised as too high or in the back a decade or two ago. Especially when "third man" tacklers get involved. Every game you see blokes getting their heads wrapped up in a tackle but no free given. Penalise bad tackles rather than waiting and effectively making a "safe" non decision and going the ball-up option would remove a lot of the repeat stoppages that mar the game. Repeat stoppages draw more players to the contest area and you end up with a situation closely resembling that stupid game where one man tries to push two men's heads up three men's bums. It's not adding new rules that the game needs, it's just correct application on the existing rules. As an aside I watched some of the 1996 "merger match" the other night (a "classic" game on Kayo). The footy was fast, frantic, skilled, tough and to my mind a far better "product" than what's currently on offer
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