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  1. I understand not wanting to attend an army camp. But I work for an organisation where we serve customers on daily basis with limited staff, even less when people call in sick. Our team just gets it done no matter what, because we have no other choice. the customers just sit there for over 2 hrs and get aggressive. But we cop our whack and make sure everyone is served before we go home. Team comes first. MFC is not team orientated. Selfish football. My kids are sick of losing. They like Richmond!
  2. Our club has always had a questionable culture. Now Jack Watts is being blamed for not making the finals. The Ox has has always maintained his rage. Mr Lyon always makes excuses, and blames others. Look at Richmond, ex footballer who became laywer = chief exec. turned club around by trust. Mr Lyon became a celeb and enjoyed what came with it.
  3. I am 37 years old. Geelong was my wife's second team. My 6 year old daughter loved dogs in the finals last year. My son who loves Melbourne (Jack Viney), now loves Tigers (Dusty). Even I feel hollow. How did we lose to collingwood!! The players, as a collective didn't want to win like richmond did.
  4. It was almost as if we had no leaders after the game. Everyone was thinking about their own dissapointing game. Petracca was still trying to say to the boys, there might still be finals - lets focus on the next game! Personally, I don't know where viney, jones, lewis etc were!!!
  5. I have felt for the last couple of weeks, that the players are almost competing against eachother for the footy rather then sticking to the game plan. Especially in the midfield! Today Viney, Jones and Oliver fought eachother for the same ball on the ground. In the past, one player exracted, and the rest ran and carried the ball. Gawn got so frustrated today, he ran and carried the ball from the centre bounce and created a goal!! It's almost like the players are to scared too play like they did earlier in the year and take risks because they have been told that they will be dropped if they make mistakes. Hunt, Harmes, Watts, Petracca, Garlett, Hibberd, Lewis, Jones (actually the whole team) except for a few were so fumbly and panicked (without any lack of pressure from the opposition) that it seemed mental, not physical. Like playing under duress. Don't forget Brendan McCartney was sacked by WB because the players didn't like his management style. No one likes to be micro managed. Goodwin needs to excert his imprint, and take a stand like Paul Roos - I will help this team become better no matter what. We have also lost our mongrel attack at the opposition ever since the suspension of Bugg. It's almost a shadow of the attack and support the players showed eachother in the games we won.
  6. The final before the grand final in 2000. As I was leaving the the game as a brown skinned 20 year old, I got abused by a north supporter. I bluffed and and challenged him to a fight. He was shocked, and he apologised. Thanks Jeff Farmer for inspising me.
  7. I am a Fijian Indian who has been a Melbourne supporter for 30 years. Last year I took my parents and my kids for their first AFL game. It was at Etihad against St Kilda. My son is now 4 years old and my daughter is 6 years old. This year I took my mother inlaw for her first game. Kids did my head in during the game. But after the game, the demon supporters were fantastic. Everyone was so friendly. People we didn't even know were talking to us. After the game they all stoped and talked to my son and gave him high fives!! Some talked to him like he played in the game. He now calls himself Jack Viney and his big sister is big Max! I am Jack watts, his mother is Nathon Jones. And his visiting grandmother is Jesse Hogan! Thank you to all the lovely Melbourne Supporters who made my kids feel special in their first win!
  8. Spirit, courage, resilience and a test of character from a tragic death of a young colleague (team mate/friend) also plays a major factor in inspiring greatness. I feel the players are playing for a fallen comrade.
  9. I had the same problem when I changed screen size. I just went back into videos and the selected the video again from fixtures and results. I hate Telstra.
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