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  1. Gary Buckenara has Jackson at 18 and Pickett at 35. I’m good with Jackson at 3 but not convinced with Pickett at 11.
  2. This is what people don’t understand. We don’t need players from this years draft to make an immediate impact next year. We need the players who we traded for to make the immediate impact in 2020, along with improvement from our current stars. Nothing wrong with looking at the bigger picture with Jackson as our next star ruckman. There are 100 Youngs, he’s only a half back flanker. Let’s get some X factor. We need to start looking at the bigger picture.
  3. It does apply. This is 100% fact.
  4. That trade cannot happen. Freo is unable to trade pick 22 back to Melbourne as it was our original pick. (Ed Langdon).AFL rule.
  5. Wow that’s awesome!! How many brownlows have our number 1&2 picks, Scully & Trengove won between them? So happy we didn’t select that good for nothing Dustin Martin kid hey... Is Cale Morton and that All Australian CHF Lucas Cook kid still playing??
  6. Glad you’ve noticed. I’ve just been a little busy...
  7. Massive risk with huge reward. At the end of the day we need to back our medicos and coaches to make a decision. Bennell could influence the decision of Jack Martin. Imagine both of those boys fit and firing in our forward line.
  8. Wishing death on a person is not the way to go about it.. No doubt his umpiring, for many years now has been below par and the AFL should moniter his games with interest. His a maggot and should hang up the whistle for at seasons end.
  9. I've seen all his games this year.. and guess what? HIS NOT THAT FRICKEN GOOD!!! He fumbles the ball, doesn't take a strong mark, and his diposal very average. He can stick his $1m up his arse as far as i'm concerned. And if people think his going to be our answer to 10 years of rucking.. boy you got another thing coming!! He'll be another Meesen.
  10. How many AFL games you played joeboy? THE KIDS 18!! Give him a few years.. his got class written all over him.
  11. Name me 3-4 Melb players who are worth top 15 picks? (players you are willing to trade)
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