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  1. Latest report saying Saints are into him for 900k per year. He is a good player but I think that's overs
  2. We can close this thread
  3. Our field kicking skills were the best I've seen us all year that qtr
  4. Embarrassing . Bruce and membrey take out the Kent Kingsley cup
  5. We were 3 down with pruess Viney and Lockhart. The rest Showed heart and was a snapshot of our season tried our guts out but no skill or smarts
  6. Exactly J Wagner is a defender and we have our best 6 in such why play him? Maybe twin towers Petty and May will be unleashed
  7. We've been so crap this year and our injury list huge I'd forgotten how bad our team selection panel is. Cost us games last year and continues to be terrible, what J Wagner offers at this stage in front of Baker or T.Smith even JKH is a mystery
  8. Hannan, Anb, Lockhart, Jetta, Dunkley, pruess were non existent to horrible. Hard to win with 25% of your team handicapping you
  9. 100 % said the same thing to my mate this quarter regarding our see ball get ball players. No smarts at all. Look at the amount of time 3 blokes go for the opposition player with the ball leaving 3-4 alone waiting for the handball receive
  10. I hope we don't play either forward. Maybe Frost to the wing. I want to see a smaller forward line hopefully Hannan petracca hunt are the go to guys which means we will lower our eyes and be forced to hit a target. Gawn/ pruess the last resort option
  11. We tried this a few years ago it was horrible..
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