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  1. Agree Oscar did his job. We just don't seem to have improved our inside fifty structure or tactics and poor delivery. We work hard but have no skill or footy smarts. We have recruited Ed Langdon who is the perfect example of what our team is hard working and lacking skill/smarts
  2. , This is the footy our supporters can recognise
  3. Was great tonight , can play. I can see him for the most part rubbing to and down the wing but also had the ability to swing a game either forward or back. I'm already a fan get, around him 😁
  4. Tomlinson and Langdon are footballers with tanks great recruiting.
  5. Joel Smith it's one of the unluckiest blokes I can recall asking with Tim. Hope he gets a run at it this year
  6. Id like to hear how many games he saw Pickett and Jackson play in person
  7. Yes , champion data and the Media's treating the stats/rankings they come up with as gospel annoys the crap out of me
  8. Far too good a quality. I prefer Bonar norf style for the lols
  9. He was pick 17 he obviously wasn't rated by alot of other teams as well
  10. AFL would be happy with GC's haul this draft.
  11. Also the Anonymous poll on the AFL website had 4 other clubs rating him as the player they would take at 3 with us makes 5 . 6 had young who slid to 7 so I'm happy with our pick 3 .
  12. Some of those highlights at club games are probably footage from MFC recruiters who are paid to watch players with a view to picking the best player at our available picks. All the afl.com highlights showed him kicking in the left when he is a right footer. The club highlights show good forward play which is what JT spoke about. They have put their last 12-18 months plus into this year's draft stock, so I'll back then in and am excited with both Jackson and Pickett
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