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  1. Not against it good insurance and may actually be good alongside weid and tmac to take off pressure
  2. Looks leaner than last year. That will do me. If he remains uninjured all year that's a win showed in the few games he played how good he can be for us
  3. Definately stood out looks much bigger. Hopefully putting in the work on the legs as well. More important to have a strong legs and core to hold your ground. Good signs though
  4. The source I have at Carlton mentioned this is the only thing they are concerned about as Tony Cochrane is an unpredictable unit
  5. Not worth giving another thought the Blues can have him.
  6. I heard from someone in the know at Carlton that they will front load at 800k for the first year and offer a five year deal. He is not coming to us.
  7. What's this about have they been filmed with having fun with the uncle Dougs
  8. I like that the last thing he mentions is using the footys from day one training.
  9. Surely if medical etc went well he will be a demon. Why would we officially declare interest in him if not. And he allowed himself to be interviewed talking about the dees and playing on the G. Id say he is a lock. Will look silly if he chooses another club.
  10. He will be a good player. Lots of upside
  11. 100% agree. of interest how would we get him. Pre season draft.
  12. Id go Lockhart Has got footy smarts and good disposer. Ideal long term replacement
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