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  1. Standard work harder than the opposition but are dumb and can't execute and lose
  2. Is there a softer player in the AFL than garlett! Seriously can't think of one
  3. My wife not a football follower watching with me tonight summed it up perfectly regarding petracca. . He does five bad for every one good. He is the everything this team represents at the moment. Try so hard look great in the build up but can't finish the work
  4. Petty looks a player. Hasn't done much but a good intercept Mark and a few spoils nice size looks composed..
  5. Petracca has mental issues in front of goal. Just Does not want to take set shots it's a massive issue
  6. Trac should never be allowed to kick for goal awful
  7. Usual dominate the ball then inside fifty but horrible once it's in there
  8. Muscle memory is hard to overcome. And tracs technique is awful. Check out how his hands are holding the ball when he took that set shot.
  9. Our effort vs reward has to be the worst in the league. Too many unskilled footballers lacking smarts.
  10. Well we did let him go, and he is trying to save his career, good luck Dunny
  11. I signed up to a guaranteed GF ticket membership 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
  12. Agree 3 disposals just hanging around the forward line hoping to take a hanger. Lead up ffs
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