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  1. I signed up to a guaranteed GF ticket membership 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
  2. Agree 3 disposals just hanging around the forward line hoping to take a hanger. Lead up ffs
  3. Out Wagner's ,hore , Spargo and all vfl standard players. Do we have any AFL standard to come in ?
  4. Year three of Goodwin is so much worse than year one of roos. Great extension of his contact MFC
  5. Same ol [censored] work hard butcher our chances other side take it down the key end for an easy goal
  6. Why does he pronounce Salem as Sah-lem does my head in
  7. Yep this ad is so representative of the "dark" times
  8. All companies have guidelines on their logo. I work for a large multinational company and logo guidelines are very strict. I imagine that having two different colours behind the Zurich logo would be against company guidelines for using logo. Zurich is large global company that would need hq signoff for all use of logo. Unfortunately I can't see this changing
  9. Sounds like the type we have built our team on hard working , tough like that he has speed.
  10. based on last years form and those of the teams we are playing we should be able to get 14-16 wins based on this draw
  11. Saw Peter Rhode in the Virgin Lounge last week. I was underwhelmed
  12. Nailed this part on Hogan Will need to work on set shot goal kicking routine – just doesn’t look as fluid as you’d ideally like to see and as a result his set shot goal kicking seems to suffer. I will miss Jessie but not any part of when he was lining up for goal
  13. We need a crumbing forward that consistantly tackles (& can stick them) as well as 2nd and 3rd effort pressure acts, that aint Jeffy
  14. Let's see what we turn 6 and 23 into , feels like we have been shafted on the surface
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