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  1. Never! But his dad Phugly Phin Phil is always welcome to make a donation!
  2. Bugg, Stretch, JKH...maybe Jeffy G.... Campbell Brown loves saying that these are good targets for oppo clubs
  3. isnt china southern one of our sponsors? Who is there Oz domestic partner? Could be a good news opportunity for them??? I know air asia leases out spare capacity.... maybe they could route one of their chinese destination flights from melbourne via perth with a long stopover... or just lease a few widebodies to an Oz operator
  4. I am with you.... the 3 hr delayed flight home would have definitely dented the spirits also... Judd is a cold robot...who cares what he thinks...
  5. I nominate Chris and Rebecca Judd... Chris for his : "I am not going to die of cancer" pun at the cancer fundraiser, constant focus on the FinRev, his share portfolio and steely attitude to topics devoid of humanity Bec for her : Farewell pullaway kiss from Tony Jones any other nominations??? Disclaimer: I have never met either of these people and don't know them
  6. Most likely under the influence of charlie in the "Meth Coke Eckies" glory days...
  7. phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. need to do the "Scott test" on McGoverns shoulder...
  9. what happens if the AFL loses an appeal ? they lose a week from the sentence, lose standing for a week??
  10. we still have a few things to work on... but still great to win the games we should be winning, especially at etihad... good to notch up wins against the vic teams we should have beaten in years gone by 4 down...9 to go to reach the finals?!?
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