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  1. Cockatoo-Collins brothers too. The Rittermans also, though one only played practice matches.
  2. Truly lovely moment. I lost my mum when I was 38 and have never got over it. Oskar lost his mum before he was 21. He has done it hard. All the best to him and his family. I hope he has a great career with us. Football clubs do sometimes present a window into players lives and this was one that has brought us closer to the player and his family.
  3. Agree BB. I was also proud of our boys in their moral win ( won everywhere but the scoreboard) with a severely depleted side, in Perth against a stronger premier than the GF (Barrass out and Gaff and Shepperd in ) after 2 consecutive interstate trips and a short break. Unbelievable really. Was nearly the 2 nd miracle result of the weekend. I was angry at Trac, Jeffy and Tom for their inaccuracy, but then sad for Trac, as you can see in his face he is panic stricken when shooting for goal. It is not the yips, it is a mental doubt in his ability to convert and I hope he is seeing someone, be it professionally, or a past player to get over this. There is fear in his eyes and I feel sorry for him, he is over trying. Back to the match, Robbo said if we won it could be the best win if any club in the last 20 years. That is a big statement and guess what, we kick straight and had better umpiring and it may have happened.
  4. Gee that is pretty bad. Why is he still with us?
  5. What is it with our club? 16 injuries. Eagles had 2 out. Kent playing his 9th straight and Hogan also. Both missed all the time with us injured. What is the story?
  6. I saw that too and just couldn't believe it. He ran 40 metres without a bounce. Perhaps the noise of the crowd not only deafens players it blinds umpires.
  7. Missed 4 easy goals from inside 20 and dropped a simple uncontested mark 20 out. Momentum killers and kept the Eagles in the game. Nails them and we are probably 5-6 goals up going into the last.
  8. Jetta will be suspended and if we are really lucky the umpires will admit a mistake. Wowee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Darling did the knee and then passed to Kennedy. Absolutely blatant..
  10. Are you serious. A goal to Kennedy from a free that commentators admitted wasnt there early. A throw in the goal square for a goal in the last. A ball touched on the goal line allowed to stand. A player speared to the ground 20 out, straight in front, in what all commentators agreed was a reportable dangerous tackle, with the player concussed, with the WA umpire 10 metres away, in the last, when scores were tied and then allows the player to play on ahead of the mark to goal and cause a 2 goal turn around. A total failure to pay a block or hold to any of our forwards despite it happening over and over, yet paying slight bumps or holds at the other end. David King saying their will be a lot of anger from the Dees at the umpires and Eddie highlighting the dangerous tackle incident and calling it unbelievable. Oh come on. Yes we kicked poorly but we are discussing the umpires.
  11. No he turns 21 this week.
  12. Wouldn’t blame the Coaching tonight, he can’t kick for goal. Kick straight and we win by 5-6 goals or more. That is not his fault.
  13. We are not Bombers, Pies, Tigers or Cats. We won’t say a thing. Thankfully a few in the media are though.
  14. Billy’s miss was harder than all of Trac and Tom’s 8 misses.
  15. He actually did move his arms but Smith didn’t hear him. Then driven into the ground in a dangerous tackle and no free and goal at other end and game over. King and Eddie both rubbished the umpiring as did BT during the call.
  16. Trac and Tom kick their easy goals and we win by 5 goals and umpires can f...k themselves.
  17. David King just said there will be a lot of anger against the umpires by the Dees and virtually insinuated they robbed us completely.
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