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  1. Every club seems to be celebrating the emergence of new players except us. I don't know how many goals we lost and then gave away because of skill errors. Petracca must have fumbled 10 times. I wouldn't blame Taylor for our list, as I think he has been directed in the sort of player to draft. I am confident he can pick up some different types of players, if allowed to.
  2. 10 possies at 40% efficiency is 4 effective possies for the game. Brought in to apply pressure and laid 1 tackle. Fumbles, I lost count.
  3. 2 tackles inside our forward 50 speaks for itself. Turnovers speak for themselves. Sh-t disposal again by hand and foot, against the slickest side in the comp, will get you a loss every day of the week. Brayshaw and Oliver, our 2 key mids, got plenty of the ball and simply butchered it. Goody can't do much about that. We need to go back to the drawing board and identify our weaknesses and then develop a plan to remedy them. That includes bringing in pacy, skilful players and making changes to our assistant coaching panel, who clearly are struggling with devising a simple game plan that we can play to. Yes injuries and surgeries have hurt us, but so has our list and gameplan. 2 goals in 3 quarters is reminiscent of the Prelim last year. It is just unacceptable. BTW, I thought Hunt and Petracca were pathetic tonight. For those who keep knocking Frost, I suggest you watch another sport. He has tried his guts out this year.
  4. Tim is a 28 year old who had a good first quarter and then disappeared. He is not our future. Agree Sam was poor tonight.
  5. The kid will come good and we can't afford to lose another key forward. Who else do we have coming through?
  6. Is Trac playing? First half could only be described as disgraceful. Brayshaw leading possies but has turned it over relentlessly. If we cleaned up our disposal we could be leading. Very good effort in first half. Can we repeat it?
  7. Gee Nasher, you don't think one rookie listed player can be much better than another. For example on Pies Rookie list Brody Mihocek and Max Lynch or Giants Mumford or James Buckley or Saints Callum Wilkie or James Alabakis or Roos Zurhaar or Tom McKenzie. You don't think one might be taller and better to help out in the ruck, as well as either attack or defence. You don't think one might have better form than another. You don't think one might have earned a chance while another hasn't. You don't think people might be disappointed that the bloke they thought was coming isn't. Fair dinkum.
  8. Carlton has ended up with 6 players from that draft that were drafted by other clubs, primarily GWS.
  9. Wise, I think those of us who are heavily invested in this club and have been for years, are just so disappointed and frustrated with the terrible start, to what most thought would be a very good season, that we are scratching around looking for the reasons. Obviously there are more than just one, many of which we have identified and discussed on DL. Anyway I take some solace that others are as upset as my family and me.
  10. Agree with statement that poor skill kills you. I have mentioned lack of pace and skill to MFC officials and been politely told I am wrong.
  11. Fair enough. I just think that we had later picks that could have been used to fill weaknesses. I know hindsight is easy but as an example Petruccelle went well after Spargo. He is not the only one taken later in the last few drafts with pace. If we had taken Petruccelle for example and say another young Garlett type, with later picks over the last few years, the story would be a bit different. Anyway it is now spilled milk and we will need to do something about it in the drafts and trading periods ahead. We also have been unlucky in trading picks for players who are now injured and that always exacerbates the problem.
  12. Then why would Garlett, Stretch etc be taken off at half time?
  13. Same place as everyone else, drafting and trading. Look at who Port brought in and other clubs. This was an area of concern to me and others on here at least for the last few years, not just this year. It is interesting that we are now called the slowest side in the AFL by all the media, which includes many past players, who should know. We have chased contested beasts only for the last few years and I am sure the FD will acknowledge that. Pace and skill was not our priority and that is why we have skill problems and are slow. Pace and skill are a big part of our current problems.
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