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  1. I put the bad behaviour of fans at AFL matches down to a shortage of bananas at AFL venues. Banana smoothies instead of beer would improve crowd behaviour no end.
  2. That is interesting. The midget Spargo has taken 23 marks to ANB 9 in the same amount of games.
  3. Were those same pundits/journos/fans saying that the Saints got it wrong with Paddy, even before the concussions when he wasn't getting a kick? The one that I can never forget for us, was taking Gysberts over Talia. There are of course many examples of lower picked players starring in the AFL. It is not an exact science of course and hindsight has been the best selector over the years, but some have just seemed so obvious and it annoys, when the amateurs get it right, over the professionals.
  4. You may laugh at this but I think he will get 1-2 weeks for each incident. Both are a bad look for the game. The stomp could have caused a serious injury and Christian loves that category and the pinching did cause an injury and it was repeated. If Stratton thinks that is acceptable in footy he is a fool.
  5. We have also copped teams at their strongest with us weakened by injuries. Look at Crows, Eagles, Tigers, Saints and Dons sides recently for example.
  6. T Mac will not be dropped, but he should be managed/rested for the rest of the season. We need him fit and firing next season desperately.
  7. Not sure Tim Smith will either. We may look at Petty as a forward and Joel Smith to be back next year.
  8. Spoke to a former athlete today, whose father was a world champion runner and he agrees with my other mate, that it is most likely a fitness issue. Easily scored goals in the second half of games, together with poor kicking from us, suggests tiring players. Injuries of course also affect the team and then a loss of confidence, that can run through the side, does as well. What I still can't come to grips with, is the total lack of ability to pass a ball accurately by hand or foot and to mark it, even early in games.
  9. No, it is Misson’s fault, he should have wrapped him in glad wrap and kept him isolated and quarantined between training and games. Basic stuff. If he didn’t have glad wrap he could have used bubble wrap or covered him in paper mache. Lets get professional.
  10. You have to wonder at people who are in charge of a game plan that is clearly not working, yet refuse to accept that they might be wrong and continually, merely say we have to get better at it, instead of looking at using another game plan that might be better for us.
  11. Terry Wallace just said what a few of us on DL have said and that is start planning for 2020. Anyone injured should be rested and if operations are needed they should be done now. Get everyone fit and ready to go next year and maybe some tinkering with the game plan. Get more games into the newer players and it will stand the club in good stead next year, with a softer draw as a bonus. Of course you still try and win, but not at the expense of next year.
  12. Agree. All the signs are there that he is being handicapped. Put him out and get it right for next year.
  13. Hilarious. Your name perfectly describes your post.
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