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  1. Absolute best thing for Harley will be when season starts and fans and media are not interested in him and he can just get on with it.
  2. He trained a balsa wood carport down.
  3. I love revisionists who try and change history. Martin did a deal with Carlton and then refused to talk to us. We never had a chance of getting him. Bennell did not cost us Martin.
  4. Has an exceptional ability to dispose of the ball quickly and therefore is the type of player who makes something from nothing. An accurate kick and a good mark are other assets. Agree with you DD that he does go missing for large periods of games and needs to stay involved. Obviously needs to get fit to be considered and that will be his big goal.
  5. No, but rather I think we will have promised him this year to get right. If he is no better by the end of the season, I am pretty confident he won't be with us in 2021.
  6. He will be added to the list come what may, it is obviously a done deal. They are clearly going to give him this year to get it right.
  7. Not sure we will know "shortly", it might be a while.
  8. I would imagine it is a done deal and both parties have committed to each other. He wont be on a lot of money this season and he wont be pushed with playing until he is right. If he cant get on the field by the end of the season it would probably be ended. It is worth the risk, as he is a real talent who has a serious injury, that could be overcome and ten you have a very good player for nothing. If it doesn't work, it is like delisting a rookie who didn't make it.
  9. Wouldn’t you be better Neil, in the back pocket, following your rover opponent down forward, to kick the winning goal?
  10. I was just thinking, what would the NO T$ posters starting 18 look like. As an AFL qualified Coach, I could see myself coaching the side. Interesting to see the team we could come up with. Hopefully BBO could play, as well as carrying the drinks. OK guys lets see those teams and the reasons why players are in their particular positions.
  11. My boy. Picked him last year as an improver and have stayed on him.
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