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  1. Well actually he doesn’t, but who in our side does?
  2. Yes, that WC were a better side than us. Small forwards, key forwards, a top backline and pace and skill exposed us. An ability to execute under pressure as well.
  3. Lewis is a pretty honest guy and if Goodwin was losing the players, he wouldn't comment publicly. The fact that he has endorsed him, is enough on that subject for me.
  4. All premature at this stage as Gus might be very happy at Dees.
  5. It sets up multiple possible trade scenarios, if Gus seeks a trade to Freo. It could involve the Saints with Hill, Langdon of course, maybe GC and King, who knows, but it would be a multiple club and player deal.
  6. Is that before or after, Bell says they have done a due diligence and changed their mind and don't want him?
  7. Chris Fagan. Todd Viney. Cameron Bruce.
  8. This time we have a player contracted for another 2 years, that we are happy to keep.
  9. Unfortunately we wanted him out more than they wanted him in. Bell played it well. On the other hand I said at the time he was injured and it could be a major problem and it may well be.He went with a suspect navicular and it flared again. They have the capacity to end careers.
  10. Except that Bell is the one likely to be CEO. He is pulling all the strings. Also Gus is contracted for a couple of years. However, if we were to consider letting him go to Freo, what would be the payment? Could a deal be Langdon, plus what they get from Saints for Hill, we then on trade the best pick for another player, say a King from GC. Keep a pick for another player. therefore the deal could be Gus for Langdon, King and another player. Of course it won't happen. Great time of year trade time, as the possibilities of deals are fascinating, far more so than this season has been.
  11. I doubt it. I think Mahoney would know now.
  12. Not with 3 years left he isn't. The key to this for me is if he has lost the players. If he has, we are in deep trouble. If he hasn't, it can be fixed.
  13. Close mate of Roos. Dockers Board obviously love Bell.
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