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  1. I would be doing a deal for a player next year with GWS, to stop us bidding on Green and making them have wasted their upgrade.
  2. We will get the player we want most likely even if it is Green. If GWS matched our pick on Green they would lose the extra top 4 player and would effectively have traded for nothing. This way they get who they want after our pick and then get Green later. One thing to factor in is that Green has a younger brother who apparently is also pretty good and if we got Green I wonder if the brother could be switched into our Academy zone? Anyone have the answer on that?
  3. Can we just assume that if we take Jackson with what could be the first live pick, it is because we think he is special. Young is probably a safe pick, but Jackson is obviously seen as more than a ruckman. If he can play as a key forward as well, we have solved 2 areas in one pick. We get our 3rd key forward, who can also be Max’s eventual replacement. If Bradtke keeps developing he can hopefully also play forward and share the ruck with Jackson when Max is gone. We can get another running defender or mid with 8 and that leaves small forwards as the last target. I can’t believe we take Jackson unless we see a future star and if he is, we will have done well. Personally I am not a recruiter and know very little of these guys, so as with Oliver, I trust Taylor to get it right with both picks under 10, as they are too valuable to get wrong. A couple of guys however who know Jackson well, claim he will be a star. These big guys who can play are like diamonds, as proved by Essendon keeping an injured one, because they had no replacement. BTW I spoke to him last night and he is a nice guy.
  4. And there is the answer. We can all have our opinions and good on everyone who has contributed to the draft discussions, but in the end the professionals will do the job, let’s hope they get it right. This draft is giving me a headache.
  5. Agree. I was just saying that where a player comes from is considered by the club.
  6. Not if they are on the bottom of the ladder and can do a Carlton and Bell would. Also you are 2 years down the track with the kid and if you draft another you start again.
  7. Not if Freo are on the bottom or close to it. With Bell negotiating that could be an outcome where you get nothing, like Martin this year.
  8. Then watch The Eagles and Dockers offer him the world in 2 years to go home, if he is any good.
  9. Correct, get 2 great players instead of 1 and 2 maybes.
  10. With now Jacobs and Mummy plus 2 developing rucks and forwards Cameron to resign plus Finlayson and Himmelberg, I wonder if GWS really want Jackson. IMO if they can’t trade up a pick they match Green and take him.
  11. This kid is being hyped off the map. I smell something wrong.
  12. Off to Singapore to test the Asian banana market and sound out any international recruits. Will rely on DL to get me through draft night. Keep well guys and keep the thread pumping with footy and social news, to inform the fighting masses on the other threads.
  13. Also the go home factor. I don't see it either, especially when Young and Green are seen by most as far better prospects.
  14. Well could this happen, I mean be allowed? GWS offer to delist say Caldwell and he goes in the PSD, nominating terms that GC can't match and we swap 6 for 3 and maybe a later pick thrown in for us as well. They would get Green and whoever they wanted at 3 and lose Caldwell and a later pick. Essentially they would be swapping say Caldwell to get say Jackson and still get Green. That is a monster deal for them.
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