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  1. What, you can run outside the boundary line, past the mark and keep running there, out of play until you kick it in and that is ok. I don’t think so.
  2. Appears to be a new rule. Players taking a kick outside the boundary line, aren’t being made to bring the ball in over the mark, but rather are being allowed to continue on outside the line . Should be thrown in, as soon as they play on or kick it outside the line.
  3. Good luck with that one. There is a 30 year contract in place and works projected at the ground based on that income stream.
  4. I am not calling for Goodwin’s removal and feel he could still be successful. I agree with you that it is not his fault when players make simply mistakes. That said however, there is one very worrying stat to me that we have owned for the last 2 years and maybe longer. Despite being 5th at inside F50 entries, we are last again, 18th atm, at converting those entries to scores. That has a lot to do with Coaching. Whether it is the game plan, personnel, selection or whatever, it needs to be fixed. Fix our conversion of F50 entries and we are an ok side. What is concerning is that it has been a glaring problem for a while and has not been improved, let alone fixed. I think that is the reason there is so much angst with the Coach.
  5. Richardson leaves Saints and they are playing great footy. Where is he now? Maybe like other clubs, with criticised Coaches, we should be rejigging the assistant coaches to help Goodwin.
  6. If we had King I would still be happy with the 3 we took last year. I really wanted Rivers and and am very keen on Petty and Jordon.
  7. I know hindsight is wonderful, but I wonder how many DL’s would now rather Ben King than May. I am a fan of May, but wonder if we had Ben King and then kept Frost as a result of not getting May, if we would be better off, certainly so in the long term.
  8. If Weid is not injured, then it is starting to get very concerning he has not been considered for the first third of the season.
  9. I know how you feel, this season is tiring me already.
  10. Well I certainly don't get stressed or upset watching Footy Classified.
  11. That's interesting, as I find that Caro talks over everybody else and it is very off putting. Eddie was obviously only doing his Pie protection best. He is a brilliant TV operator.
  12. Yes true except that Grundy hits to advantage and then follows on as another mid.
  13. Tell that to the Pies, who actually have the best ruckman in the game. He is better than Max and without him, IMO, the Pies would struggle. Grundy starts most of their play and is the one player they can’t afford to lose.
  14. They both have had injuries, but were part of a defence Sunday that only conceded 7 goals. Pretty good I would have thought.
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