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  1. I was at the Goldy on the weekend and Frosty was practicing Torps out of the square pre-game. Most were mongrels unfortunately 😯 but when he hit the sweet spot they launched!! Must be in the repertoire for some at least?
  2. Harsh on Fritsch, Gawn, Harmes, Lockhart, Viney J. Wagner - was he playing? yep.
  3. Well, the result of either judgement certainly is - we stank up the first two rounds big time. The implication of his (questionably worded point) being, that he is putting the onus on the players rather than the FD. Not sure it's that simple to be honest but it's hard to know from here.
  4. "Start judging us on our performances and not on our pre-season" Ummmm
  5. So.......anyone else been charged by Ticket? Just cancelled my credit card and reported a dodgy transaction under "Lifestyle Rewards" - have since realised it's the amount of my GF tickets pre-registration. Just me or another dazzling show of ineptitude on a grand scale from Ticketek?
  6. i got in after 35 mins. Booking for 6 members - tried multiple areas but "no seats matching selection available" Went to try "Best Available" and the session counter (4 mins total?) ran out; sooo i'm back at being in queue to start again. In a pretty good mood.
  7. I'm hoping we can put multiple codes in one purchase...
  8. Fyfe? (as long as the top knot goes as a non-negotiable in the contract)
  9. Well said. What a game from him yesterday!
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