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  1. I agree . But then i watched preuss play his last game and he couldn’t even pick the ball up
  2. Conveniently didn’t show a replay of this on fox i don’t even care. Pick 2 is better than beating the saints. A win against Collingwood is enough for me for the rest of the year.
  3. Harmes could have put us up by 20 early in the game missed the lot could have put us in front there but no
  4. Paid the holding the ball there but not the one when we tackled in our forward 50 no difference
  5. Sick to death of the little dink kick that we always seem to do! It never hits a target Lewis and Smith both already done
  6. No a other team plays as dumb as us. Must suck being a spurs and a demons supporter.. I know the feeling
  7. Pretty sure Tom Mac holds the record for one percenters in a single game this year by any player. last year our club leader for 1%s was Omac....
  8. How many of our players are going to do absolute trash handballs ? Sick to death of them . Frisch the latest offender
  9. That was knocked out in the tackle but ok, let’s see if they are consistent
  10. Brisbane better team , we continue to look like headless chooks. we led the free kick count 13-12 final count 21-13 Brisbane way 0 free kicks last quarter
  11. 48 clangers to 33 sums it up. Some unforgivable errors but they happen again and again , how?
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