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  1. Roos screwed up on Monday night - he lost his nerve under some tricky questions, he's only human. The fact is the numbers don't lie......we are progressing, and the trend is up - but for some poor goal kicking, and a brain fade in the Saints game, we would be 8 wins, and pushing for 9 for the year. The players have failed the club the last 2 weeks, and undone a lot of good work done during the season - that's where the focus should be. Jackson, Roos and co need to hold their nerve, and keep focussed on the process as Roos said on Monday - unfortunately he has given the media a chance to kick him and the club again, and with the Hird story now dead, they are only too happy to oblige.
  2. Run Jesse run!!!!!!! The lack of care for each other and the club is disgusting. We can't even get consistency of effort.......what hope are we then of actually executing a gameplan?
  3. Is pick 2 & 3 for Dangerfield fair? Mmm..........Scully / Trengove for Dangerfield.............where do we sign!
  4. With respect to Mitch, we don't need fragile players taking us forward. Apart from a few good games, what has he really contributed to the club? Get the best possible deal for him and move on - he really doesn't deserve much more thought to be honest. If he is making the decision to leave us now considering where the club is currently at, how little he has contributed, and how much we have spent on him, it says a lot about the guy.
  5. Crazy to think you would sack a coach operating with a 53% winning ratio for an untried coach. Surely they have bigger plans than Goodwin!
  6. This will be interesting............haven't seen any of this show, but tuning into the draft now. Surely we would have to be a chance with any of them who want a game next year!
  7. A more intimate knowledge of Wines we couldn't have had. I need professional help ... the sheer anger won't subside. Every club has draft hits and missed ... but this is something different. Two ultra competitive animals ready made for modern football who were best mates. A nice kid from SA with hip problems. Only the MFC can reach such depths of incompetence.
  8. Rivers first to Geelong, now Frawley.........defenders that both played in 186.........Stockholm Syndrome?
  9. Really couldn't care less what happens to Mitch Clark. Risky proposition throwing money at him to land him in the first place. Then plays 15 games for us.............15! Sure.........he showed some quality for us when he got on the park, but hardly a 200+ game club legend to get upset about. Pick 12 we would have butchered in 2011 anyway, so no loss there..........key is getting the best possible pick if he plays on elsewhere..........then make that pick count. Who wants a player who doesn't want to be there anyway. Like Frawley, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem, so p15s off!!!
  10. Just finished watching it then........how good was that, I was cheering every goal! I was at that game and was around 14 at the time.........awesome memories, and great players. Steven Stretch......what a game, Sean Wight an absolute star, and Brett Lovett......what a great player. The Demon fans were out in force that day. Smashing teams in finals again...........we can only dream!
  11. I see Kirk as being a genuine chance...............1 more year under Ross at Freo (as good as being coached by Roos anyway), and then has completed his 3 year stint at the Dockers come the end of 2015. A 12 month handover with Roos who completes year 3, and away we go. Would have already discussed with Roos the need to experience mores finals in the coaches box with Freo, and that being better for his development than breaking his contract to come to the Dees a year early. Won't be coaching Freo with Lyon signing on for 4 years this year. Does not say no in this interview at all...........only that he will complete his contract, and decide after that. http://www.fremantlefc.com.au/video/2014-07-21/kirks-apprenticeship-game-day I've talked myself into it................Brett Kirk it is!
  12. Absolutely! Life is too short, especially in professional sport...........he should do what is best for him, MFC just have to maximise any compensation we get when he leaves.
  13. Other clubs may have stuffed up too, but not with the high picks we had! Roos can't improve rubbish.......even Hinkley had something to work with at Port. Recruiting has been disgusting, simple as that!
  14. All sorts of anger and frustration watching the game at the G today..............thank you Nathan Jones for not making the entire afternoon a waste of time.............absolute respect for the way he goes about it week in week out, regardless of the scoreboard!
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