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  1. Everyone sees the game differently I suppose. 25 possessions and 3 out of 5 goals and JKH isnot in your best. He was BOG for me. Next time you watch Casey make a mental note how many times Tyson stuffs up. I think 20 of his handballs missed the target. Long way from paying for Dees again.
  2. I watch Casey each week. Unless there are a lot of injuries Gartlett is finished. JKH was consistently beaten one on one all day. On the bright side Baker gets better each week. Spoke to him at Willy and he spoke a lot of sense. Also I have been harsh on Frost but the last two weeks has been very good. Dion is also improving Lets hope nothing happens to Gawn because Casey ruchmen are three years away.
  3. You have not been following dees for long. New supporters like you should READ report on game where they state Casey was told to play Pedo in defence in case he is required by dees. This verifies my comments
  4. I watch him most weeks. He plays well against bottom teams. They had a small forward line with no much talent. When he plays well against top team you can call for his promotion.
  5. You have no idea. Obviously it’s turn into a defender or no more AFL games for you.
  6. To everyone here, Weed is still 20 years of age. Don’t care if he spends rest of year at Casey. If he still can’t get a game in 2020 then OK get rid of him.
  7. It was a very physical game and Casey boys handled it well. I liked smith and Wagner in defense. Jay played best game in long time. Pedo was best forward.
  8. Pedo cannot go back. He has not trained with defenders. Don’t tell me he can fit in with defenders straight away. If you want to argue that he should come in as a forward then fine argue who should come out for him.
  9. Frost has been poor. Smith great game so far. Defended well and atta cked when oppurtunity arose.
  10. I have watched him a few times at Casey this year. Against coburg he was terrible but against box hill was very good. He is trying to improve his short kicks and to get back into form. Those who have played know that sometimes you lose a bit of form. I am not worried and think he will work his way into it. Just like Gus and hannan did.
  11. Record inside 50’s and you want to drop three players. I don’t want to be rude so I will say nothing.
  12. This is the most pressure I have seen Casey apply. No bad players and no outstanding ones. Really like stretch game.
  13. I must be watching different game to Martin. Hunt has been disappointing. Pedo taking a lot of one grab marks and using bulk. Weird and smith both good forward. Gus has been fantastic, I was critical last week but this week our best midfielder.
  14. Joel was a bit quiet. Reached for his hamstring near end but no ice so I guessed cramp.
  15. Gus - on the ball all day. Good but not a play me in the seniors game. Kent- outstanding. Marked everything clean pickups and great kicking. Frost - outstanding. Same as Kent. Balic was good and all the rest were in and out. Seven interchange players so lots of changes.
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