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  1. I suppose Casey can do with a 29 year old CHF
  2. Thank you for the pics DLand and thanks for the report, Saty I really, really hope AVB and KK come good this year
  3. Not sure he'll play in 2020, if he's drafted
  4. I imagine that calving through a calf would be quite excruciating
  5. So true - nearly bought a new telly after watching that...
  6. KK AVB Meh - one more won't matter
  7. I hope he retires Concussion is real and life changing
  8. Health is more important than footy Get well, young man, and do something else All the best
  9. Forwards pushed hard to be an option - he missed his mark by 100 yards He might play in Hawks' best 22, but Clarkson will make him kick sideways
  10. Frost broke lines like a champ, then turned it over, which meant that there were loose forwards over his head that kicked goals Had to go
  11. Good looking team! I'd squeeze AVB in there, if by some miracle he'd be fit
  12. Drove me nuts - no trust I know for a fact that he and Jesse Hogan were great mates and JKH would always look for him on the field
  13. Jesse wasn't just your bull forward He could easily become the best midfielder in the comp But....alas
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