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  1. Whilst Preuss is a very ordinary footballer, he has the capacity to match Mumford in the intimidation stakes
  2. If the selection committee is fair dinkum, Fritsch, Stretch and Wagner will play for Casey this week
  3. Okay: Here's the thing - we walk taller with Jack Viney in the team Fin
  4. No greater sight in footy than watching McGovern and Hurn take mark After mark After mark After mark After mark Awesome
  5. No, it's not about the marking - but, I agree, our forwards must compete! Have a quick sqizz at Port's i50s against the Coasters.... skidding, low torps, mongrel punts....anything but an easy marking option Worked for Port
  6. Wonder if we adopt the Port model of going i50 ugly? It stopped their intercept marking in its tracks Jeffy, Hunt and ANB (if selected) may prove to be very valuable Tape up fingers, boys!
  7. CP5's goal will do him wonders The boy reacts to highs, relationships and freedom Watch him go now.....
  8. GCS remind me of us when Roos took over - play tough, contested footy Great win by the boys - that was a TOUGH contest!!
  9. I gather @Old Bear is not a fan? His kick ins against the Tiges was elite
  10. On Game Day this morning, Jakey Lever said he'll be back in two weeks - v Crows Looking at the footage of his USA rehab, it was very, very testing indeed Also, May is now running strongly and will join the main group in a week
  11. Stop! Residual Trauma Rising
  12. Does he want to go the Pies?
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