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  1. First sphincter and hamstring tightening evening after a six month layoff I'm struggling....
  2. Bloody Hawthorn We had some fantastic teams in the 80s, but kept on running into these [censored] I now hate Richmond - life was more balanced when they were shouse
  3. The Round Up will kick in eventually.....
  4. My tip to be the biggest sliders this year - Cats, that is... Love to see another Scott given the sarse
  5. Good hit out Crows were missing quite a few of their best 22, as we were without Gawn, Fritsch and May One hit out at a time No injuries - cramping allowed I heart Jake Lever
  6. Please AVB...get on the park, son!!
  7. Putting up videos of his highlights from 2014 hardly excites
  8. Damn! Great pics - did they take the mark??? I want to roll them on
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