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  1. Damn! Great pics - did they take the mark??? I want to roll them on
  2. I'm nervous, too, od...but, it has to work out
  3. Very important player to have in your team to win a flag
  4. Thanks for the updates, @It's Time Hope you're on the mend
  5. Patrick Cripps and Nat Fyfe are the templates for the 'new' midfielder 192 96k 195 92k
  6. Why? He bagged you out... Oh well..
  7. Best 9 point kicker was Paul Wheatley Stephen Powell's kicking - 'Where did that go???'
  8. I see that the doyen of Demonland is back Didn't take him long to start his Watts' bashing Hero
  9. HL was a funny cat His farewell speech when he left the Pies was a classic
  10. I suppose Casey can do with a 29 year old CHF
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