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  1. The data is there, but I felt that Gawn was clumsy and didn't dominate Hickey Very un - Gawn like as he is a giant on the field It's happened before with Hickey...he pulls one out of the bag against Gawn And...I was watching, not listening to the commentators
  2. Wagners very good - keepers Hickey always beats Gawn Lockhart, ANB...poor selections Oliver is a freak Lever - welcome back (shut your mouth) May - apologies, you're a beast
  3. I wouldn't drop Dunkley, but JKH has to get a run for his performances thus far, albeit VFL....
  4. He'll probably go back when Nathan Jones calls it a day Salem and Fritsch out of defence appeals to me
  5. For what? Petulance? Sulks? He's clearly not that injured....
  6. Then he plays in the Magoos BB...
  7. Every player that is fit and available must play To shut down several players now smacks of old Skool culture Every player will have 6 months to recover when the season is done and dusted
  8. Has to get a run, TX - sheer weight of numbers
  9. Can't carry Hannan and ANB any longer Dunkley needs (deserves) more time JKH must get a run Preuss showed today that he is a work in progress....or lack thereof
  10. Have we traded off our draft picks? #2 looks good this year
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