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  1. Agree entirely. Adelaide and West Coast - 2 flag favourites - got belted. Just saying.
  2. Much of the comment is hysterical. We lost because of 20 pathetic minutes, not individual players. 1st quarter - excellent 2nd qtr - 1st 10 mins - good 2nd qtr - last 20 min - pathetic (go home stuff) 3rd & 4th qtr - good Not going to beat many teams unless good (or better) for whole game.
  3. Melksham and ANB - skills not good enough at AFL level/intensity. They have had lots of chances. (ANB a great disappointment after an A+ preseason.) Nothing I saw has me wanting Maynard and Wagner out. (eg Wagner tackle on Selwood.) We lost because of 20 pathetic minutes, not individual players. Pre-condition to play: hardness!
  4. Gawn Petracca Oliver Jones Harmes Lewis appol: Fritsch, Wagner
  5. Still spots available in this comp. I'd like it to be all Dee supporters/Demonlanders. Mono
  6. Turned my Public comp into a Private one. Name: Deepends Code: 111400 Mono
  7. Set up a comp: DEEPENDS. YOUR LEAGUE INVITATION CODE: Z7MUYWYJ 16 players, final 8, no bye games. All welcome. Cheers, MONO
  8. I'm in. Team: Deesperates
  9. Lewis and Dunstan are the feature players on the HFC web site, as of now.
  10. 2 extra years is good for the club. It will then know just how good he is, rather than be paying long, big contract, largely on promise.
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