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    Probably the only joy we will get all season and one of the reasons we should turn up to watch this pathetic rabble. He will be a genuine superstar I reckon with some of the poise he has shown today under pressure with zero help from his mates. Thank you Cale!
  2. I sat through the late 70`s n early 80`s as a teenager and although we fought for the wooden spoon nearly every year with the saints, they actually had a crack and has some semblance of hardness back then . This is as low as we have been in my 40 years but brace yourself young man, there is a lot more pain ahead of us this year and probably next year. I can deal with the pathetic skill we are showing , but until we get hard, we will be laughed at by every club for along long time to come. Just read our starting backline today. It must send shivers down the oppositions spine!
  3. Actually, he is not far off the mark , just a couple of slight errors. Those are his stats for the entire year as a matter of fact, and the 104 is atually our average losing margin for 2008
  4. I`ll be there regardless of the weather! No excuses for any real supporters today unless you are getting married or going to a funeral. It`s been a bloodbath in the media this week and the players know it. It`s all very good for us supporters to say we want to see some heart on the field and rightly so , but our supporters have been heartless far longer than the players who displayed that insipid trash last week. Get out there and show some spine people. Our club`s future relies as much on us supporters as our players on field actions. Respect!
  5. Junior is still a leader. you can`t leave him out of the group regardless of who else shouldnt be in there( ie, Yze n Miller)He had a bad day at the office on Sunday (Who didnt?)If we had 22 hearts on the park like his , we`d have won a flag in the last 5 years. Also , 2 B n F`s just quietly ! I agree they need a shake up though, in fact it might be a great wake up call 4 the the whole playing group if one of em got dropped this weekend or perhps 2 of em ( ie , Yze n Miller)
  6. I would not change the team at all. every so called leader in that team should be read the ``Fevola``. They should each receive a $10000 fine and be told if it happens again they will never play at the club ever again!!
  7. Agreed ! By affar the most fair weather supporters in the comp. How is it that we can get 65000 plus in the last few rounds when we are September bound and 3/5 of FA(if u know what I mean) when we are losing ?? Richmond have been losing for 25 years and still have passionate members every year. C`mon fans , get bloody serious and start supporting or we will all be watching Sandy every week within a few years! Might see some wins though!
  8. How about Gold Coast. Then we would only have to put up with him another 2 years I believe or is that 3?? He is a nice bloke Brad , but looks disinterested to say the least . By the way he was far from our worst yday. Get him to play the hard nut style he did so well at 6 years ago or get him out. He is a Qld`er and is probably already thinkn about property in Burleigh Heads. #10317288
  9. Top idea re the membership no`s.. and I will be the first to do so. This s a top forum and a great way to make suggestions , vent spleens etc among true die hard supporters. I only signed up to the site y`day, but a supporter nearly 40 years and I think anyone who has a stab (like we all have the last 24 hrs) on these 2 sites and is not a paid up member should be ashamed of themselves. I love footy and I love the D`s (only a close 2nd to my poor English wife who has inherited the D`s to support for life) If we dont get more members out there the future looks worse than the heartless performance we all saw y`day. #10317288
  10. Believe it or not Greeney actually did what Morton did last year against both Adelaide n Collingwood and took match saving marks in the dying minutes to save our first 2 wins for us . Come to think of it , he probably cost us a priority pick with those acts of courage. I think I will sit on the fence re The Bruce. Probably underdone and will improve if not reinjured
  11. I hope you are right on the Robbo Cmon. I think my eyes were probably playing up all day as surely some of the things I witnessed out there yesterday dint really happen.Still , I reckon footy doesnt rank too highly on his to do list lately. Full credit to PJ . Sad to think he probably played his best game for us y`day an it won`t get recognised. Only positive I got all day was Morton running back with eyes on the ball and not flinching as he was about to get polaxed. They should just show that vision to the team over n over again. There is nothing else worth watching
  12. I am certainly not paying out on Neita. Love the bloke and always will. He will probably kick a few bags this year too! Love that he broke another Hawk bone today. Was it McCabe that he broke his collarbone picked up the ball and goaled from 40 ? He is an inspiration and am happy to see 1 more year out of him which will be inspirational to the kids. His best passed him 2 or 3 years ago though and his body is hurting from years of standing up for his teammates.
  13. Dear fellow sufferers, I have only just discovered this site in the last few weeks and have been thoroughly entertained by all participants. After witnessing todays debacle I feel I have to vent my spleen to someone who understands how I am feeling.I have been a Demon for just shy of 40 years and I doubt I have felt as much pain as I did today. It was embarrassing to say the least and thank god we have an extra day before we all receive abuse from work colleagues on Tuesday. I am a passionate Demon and have not missed a game in Victoria since I returned in 06 after living interstate or abroad for the past 25 years. And despite todays tripe I will continue to do so. I only wish there were more of us diehards that did so! We need all the help we can get off the field cos the Devil knows we are not gunna get much on the field this year! I always got excited a few weeks out from the start of a new footy season. Not so this year. There has been an overwhelming sense that doom is upon us and my friends it has hit like a cyclone. This is the beginning of the recession we had to have ( I`ve heard that before). For the life of me , if you are going to have a clean out , why do a half arse job?? Doggy , Wardy, Godders , Biz , Byron was a good start. It should have continued with Holland , Robbo , Yze , Miller , White and maybe even Neita. Why on Hell did we let TJ go to Qld and not Miller??He has been playing for a clearance for the last 3 years , the boy must be homesick for he seriously looks lost on the footy field.At times he reminds me of an animal being mesmerized in headlights. Lost and frightened. Does anyone remember his first year? Played some god honest and hard footy, got rubbed out several times. For god sake let him play that style again or let him go. We`d be better off with him suspended for 5 week anyway! I once saw Saint Silvio Foschini celebrate a miraculous goal at Princes Park in the dying minutes of a 10 goal plus slaughter at the hands of Carlton. You`d have thought he had won them the game. I was probably 10 at the time but I have never ever forgotten it. That has been topped some 29 years later by the singer mascarading himself as a footballer. Did anyone else notice his Little Leighton CMON in the last quarter after his left foot dribble . I think it reduced the margin to 109 points. How did we not trade him to the Mongrels when they wanted him. We probably could have received a handy draft pick for him. Robbo you have thrilled us all for a long time but too many times you kick goals in trash time to make it look like you had a reasonable day. He was certainly not alone today. The body language of most players was shot midway through the first quarter. Melbourne fans hearts were broken by quarter time cos we all knew it was only just the beginning of a very long season. I too was reminded of the 70`s today. I suffered as a teenager through just about every game for 7 or 8 years and I will continue to go to see what unfolds this year. Play the kids DB and clear the remainder of the deadwood now. I would rather get some experience into our future core players right now and consequently get thumped each week than to watch has beens show no desire to play for their guernsey ,team mates and fans. I also want to see a flag before 2050 if I am lucky enough to be around. Is it too early to start tanking games??
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