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  1. I once rolled an ankle and spent two weeks on crutches. Had to have my boot cut off as I had swelling that was the size of a tennis ball on my ankle. Hope your diagnosis is right though!
  2. Our interrupted preseason was much discussed on DL the past few months. Anyone who dismissed is clueless, it was on full display yesterday. So many of our important players looked totally underdone/cooked from early in the 3rd. Yes it was damn hot but it didn't hurt Port. There are too many players to single out but there has Not been much mention of TMac, he was barely sighted yesterday which concerns me considering some of the ongoing reporting of his toe . I knew we'd start slowly this year , but we will come good in 3-4 weeks. Don't be surprised with an 0-3 start to the season.
  3. I agree with most of this. Frost should be dropped for the 50 he gave away after the 2nd headless chook run where he got caught then booted the ball away. Up there with Fitz's Tunnelball.
  4. And they should be outraged Damo. As STMJ mentioned above, if we played with a normal sized squad it would've been a non issue. That alone lead to a number of players playing more game time than they were expected to ( I was told this by a player). Regardless, the fact they kept him out there hobbling is one of the more inept decisions team management have made for quite a while . Mind boggling He was our best performaning forward preseason, now gone for at least a quarter of the season .
  5. The West Australian paper reporting it is from 2016. Disgraceful gutter journalism.
  6. Good luck to the young fella, great reward for effort. Agree with others re ruckman issue but i did like what I saw from DKeilty against Tiges. Very good leap on him. Whilst he's not someone you'd want rucking permanently I reckon he's a handy backup for a few weeks if and when required.
  7. I reckon I said the same 18 months ago, nothing has changed my mind.
  8. Can any other Premium members advise if we have designated bays as in previous years ?
  9. Staggered that some people are disappointed with the performance. It looked like we could lose by 10 goals at one stage but they fought it out. Most non Dees fans would not have known more than half our team out there today. Plenty to like in my opinion.
  10. Paul Bryce get a Guernsey?
  11. I got the email too which is unusual as Premium members normally get a few bays designated.... Is this no longer happening??
  12. He was closer to 50 out actually. Was such a bizarre ending, the siren went well before he marked the ball too, almost seemed rigged. Watching Dees fans jumping and screaming in delight when we lost was hard to believe. Karma hit is for years after that game.
  13. And players will still be required to be inside the square until the goal umpire has signalled the behind.
  14. Round 22 Western Oval was so special after missing finals for 20 plus years. Elimination Final against Geelong last year with my 2 young boys was an unforgettable night too.
  15. 87 Prelim easily. I had played in a losing Grand Final same day, was BOG so everyone in the team had to buy me a beer to drink out of a pewter mug. Reckon i was 15 beers in when the siren went. I sat there and didn't speak for half an hour with tears in my eyes.
  16. A real shame for Wines, I enjoy watching him play. Let's hope he is fit and firing for Round 2....😎
  17. Might be temporary Soidee, seems odd? Mine too is the usual plastic as a few others have already mentioned .
  18. Just wanted something with Hell in it because we Demons live in Hell. If it wasn't such a long name I would have chosen "Hell ain't a bad place to be ".
  19. Matters little where they rank us. Fact is we were the highest scoring team by nearly 20 goals last year. Yes we lose some goals from Hogan but we will leak far less goals in defence this year to compensate and we'll get more goals from Weed. Our premiership window is wide open.
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