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  1. Gerard Whateley this morning led his show on SEN stating that Melbournes poor start to the year was simply due to our #interruptedpreseason that according to some on here did not exist. He said its not an excuse, it's the reason.
  2. Possibly the most overrated player in the AFL. Most of his career goals are Joe the Goose type
  3. This. We were lacking outside speed last year too, yet we made a prelim. Yes we have needed outside run for years but it's far from our main concern right now.
  4. If anything they pushed higher, but it may have been because I watched from behind the goals instead of my usual home game seat flank /wing. I don't understand why the coaches persist with this. Works well as you saw in the first qtr when we are fresh, we set up a few goals from half back with run. Problem is they spend all their petrol tickets and there's nothing left in the tank. The press becomes our downfall because every other team is fitter and their run n chase constantly put our playmaker under pressure causing turnovers because we are not running to present to the player with the ball.
  5. Agree with most of this. Season is shot. Fritsch us being played out of position by necessity because of injuries. He is the most natural wingman on our list and we need to play him there for the rest of the season . No wonder his confidence is shot he does not have the build to play back. In regards to our I50, the delivery is diabolical often because there is nobody there unless it's a centre bounce. They all press so far up the ground and when we win it the opposition simply outrun us, chase and we kick under pressure usually straight to an opponent. This comes down to fitness and game plan , both of which are downright disgraceful which is an indictment on both the players and the coaching staff.
  6. Being there for the ANZAC ceremony was a very moving experience, the first quarter whilst not pretty was some of the hottest footy in any match this year. The following 3 quarters was just a putrid, mistake-ridden game of footy , the crowd was as flat as I've ever seen 70k plus in my life. We are a very ordinary team, most likely bottom 4.
  7. Tom Morris reporting on On The Couch there are issues resurfacing which were discussed last year with Brendan McCartney. Disconnect between some of the players and coaches with him including Goodwin. He mentioned he is a backline coach in conjunction with Chaplin, that's the first I've heard of that.
  8. Keilty for TMac. He's had a shocker all year but last night took the cake. Looked lost, despondent, injured, ordinary. Jeffy for Spargo. Stretch for C Wagner. Our season is cooked. Stretch is not the answer but at least give the kid a run, plus he will be fresh. If it wasn't such a big occasion I'd consider Petty in for Hibberd but the kid could be permanently scarred if he puts in another stinker. Jetta is clearly injured, shows how desperate we are to have him playing. So many other blokes should be dropped but nobody banging the door down. Man on man footy against Tiges or we will witness a mauling.
  9. What the hell has happened to TMac? There is no doubt he is playing injured or is terribly unfit. He is probably missing Hogan more than any other player. Or is there more to it? He might need another sit down with the psychologist. There were several times today he looked totally lost and out of confidence and position. Hard to believe this guy was getting Bronx cheers today, but they were warranted. He's barely been sighted all season.
  10. Vote of confidence in " the entire Wagner family "too. Well done lads.
  11. I'd say you've just about nailed it, maybe the Healy bro's swap with McDonald A n J?? Healys only played together 2 years and Greg missed a fair bit early in his career!
  12. Can you fit the Flower brothers somewhere? Imagine if Robbie's bro was half as good as him they'd top the list.
  13. I changed my tip to the swans on the back Jetta`s late exclusion. Hore n Spargo in give me zero confidence.
  14. Geez, I don't like the look of these late changes. Jetta likely would've taken Heeney who will be a nightmare up forward. Wonder if Salem goes to him?
  15. This is what concerns me as much as our form. Pre Roos/PJ era we leaked like a sieve but under their reign you never heard a peep from the inner sanctum. This info would not have been leaked if they were still in charge.
  16. I'm with you. If this was at the G It would be a certain loss, but I have a feeling the SCG will suit us due to lack of open space. They are only slightly quicker than us if at all so pace won't destroy us like Essendon did.
  17. We'd be mad to risk him. With the form he has been in we'd hardly notice him not playing. He's looked slow all year TMac, rest up and get it right
  18. Fritsch should be playing this role but is being played our of position by necessity currently. I was hoping KK might be someone who could give us some outside run. I know he is underdone but he doesn't appear to have any pace, like the majority of our list. Hibberd is looking well below par down back, I wonder if he could play wing when Lever n May return?
  19. I was of the thought pre-match that if we lost this, it's not season over, but on reflection I think we are cooked. By the time we get the cattle back on the field and we are playing decent footy the losses will be too much. They were a man down all game FFS and were humiliated the past 2 weeks . Really disappointed.
  20. I agree it's speculation, but having him out on the ground in a nothing pre season game when he was clearly injured is nothing short of diabolical, not to mention playing with a squad 2 men down which led to players spending more TOG than they were intended to due to losing 2 players to injury before halftime.
  21. Contention: The Ollie Wines debacle. I have heard from DL that there was a heated discussion between T Viney and Neeld on the decision to recruit Jimmy T, but I've heard conflicting info on who was on what side. I've always assumed Viney was in the Wines camp due to the the close relationship between the 2 families. Can anyone enlighten?
  22. I'm surprised how calm I am after that result. The effort was there from 90% of the team for the whole match. We smashed them in the clearances, but we failed to score and capitalise, whilst they scored with ease. I realise we are underdone due to post season surgeries and the shorter preseason that is foreign to us but I'm not sure how much we can use that as an excuse. Clarrie had arguably the most debilitating of surgeries and he was back to his best last night, Viney too was looking more like what we expect of him. It's clearly the game plan that is the issue here. At one stage we had 32 inside 50s without a goal, while they had 4 goals from 4 entries. Has any team in the history of the game had 25 more inside 50s and lost by 80 points? Game plan needs a royal commission this week.
  23. Agree, apart from the first 20 mins, the rest of the performance was disgraceful and I reckon we were in shock and could not believe what we were seeing. I recall incredible noise at the first semi in particular. When the team is giving their best the crowd will reciprocate.
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