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  1. AVB is listed as TEST. Would be awesome to see him play the last couple of games.
  2. Pretty sure one of The Eagles players were heard saying Melbn are Shizen during the team song post game
  3. JKH papers Officially stamped ....unlucky not to be rewarded this year when half the side have been bog ordinary .
  4. Maybe he was right.....how tall is Spargo??
  5. What about Freak and Yze_Magic......or are they still here??
  6. When all the talk about us being into May started up late last year I was a little underwhelmed. From the handful of times I watched the Suns play I just thought of him as an aggressive, hard at it defender. A gorilla tamer as some are referred to. Yes his introduction to the club was not ideal, and he acknowledged that. Many on here were quick to join in the witch-hunt. I had no idea how quick he is for a big man and also how good a kick he is. He is one of those players that I'm relaxed when the ball is in his hands. He will rarely lose one on one contests. I also felt he was a reluctant skipper at The Suns , basically the best available in an inexperienced team. He oozes leadership and I'm loving what I'm seeing from him in that department. I met Steven pre season before all the negative news hit the media. He's a very likeable, approachable bloke, very different to what I was expecting. He was as absolutely stoked to be at Melbourne. I reckon we've got a ripper on our hands. The thought of him, Lever and Jetta playing a full season together is tantalising and will go a long way in turning our fortunes around next year.
  7. Just watched the last qtr again. I'm struggling to find one of our players who over-celebrated? What a complete non story !
  8. We all know we've had a disastrous year, it's been horrific and it's hard to swallow. I do however suspect the club is fully aware of the effect the pre season surgeries and continuous injuries throughout the year have impacted our performance. They've totally rejigged the coaching staff in the past month and i noticed a clear change from the chaos footy we've grown accustomed to against The Blues. I agree with Bartlett, we are always reviewing, we're acting accordingly and won't be swayed by media witch hunts.
  9. The Big Man has come from a Rugby League background, has just turned 24 and has played a handful of games. He's also learning from the best in the business. Give him some time to develop for crying out loud. I thought he did a great job pretty much rucking alone in his first game back in 10 weeks. Talk of trading him is laughable really.
  10. Heath Shaw on multiple occasions, BJ Goddard every game he ever played
  11. Hmmm Kay. Is he injured??.........
  12. This pinching BS will filter down to junior footy I guarantee it. My 9yo has already been continuously punched in the back against a couple of teams this year.
  13. All good points RN, and get Fritsch out of the backline FFS and play him in the wing for the rest of the season
  14. Here are some horrific stats. Last year we averaged 104 points per game, kicking 25 more goals than 2nd ranked Richmond after the H&A season. Currently we average 69 per game. What a monumental fail. It is hard to swallow.
  15. Can you elaborate on the internal damage Wrecker?
  16. I couldn't quite see him from where I sat but heard MMM say the same re his body language on the pine at the start of the 2nd qtr
  17. He's hobbled all year. I was worried when I saw that footage at Viney's? wedding of him with his shoe off which wasn't all that far from round 1. He's been cooked all year, get him out and get it fixed FFS.
  18. Went off 10 mins later for concussion test and ruled out of the match
  19. Lockhart is a class above this level already, reckon he will cement a spot in the 22 next year
  20. Still hard too fathom he is no longer with us. Happy Birthday you old Gooner !
  21. But it's the greatest stadium in the world 😂
  22. Could not love the man more if I tried. A very special human being. So proud that he is a Demon through n through.
  23. GWS - 31 scoring for 126 points Port - 29 for 139 WCE - 28 for 133 Melbourne - 28 for 88
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