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  1. 3 hours ago, Redleg said:

    I was standing next to Stewart Gull, as he was having his split eye sewn up by a trainer, during a Dees practice game at the Prahran game.The needle looked dirty and the trainer was more a butcher than a Doctor. Stewart was one tough guy. Does that count a s a connection?

    PS. I know Sam Kekovich and he is a funny guy and big.

    Pretty sure I was there, was an intraclub trial.....i believe Phil Carman was the perpetrator in his first run with Dees.

  2. I'm surprised how few on here seem to have opted for digital! Surely this would save the club a fair bit of coin. 

    In saying that my digital membership hasn't arrived and I've been on direct debit for about 10 plus years.

    Any other digital opters received theirs? 

  3. 1 hour ago, Wrecker45 said:

    I love Jones and he is a warrior for this club but it’s refreshishing to see not a single player in our best 22 on that list.

    Having said that Petty will be come finals.

    I reckon Tomlinson is a lock best 22 if fit. He missed one game in 4 years for a  more advanced team than us and it sounded like he only missed that game when they found out he was leaving them.

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  4. 9 hours ago, Leoncelli_36 said:

    I hate to bump this topic again, but I really feel this is an issue the club needs to be doing something about. Last night I was doing some Christmas shopping at Chadstone and thought I’d drop by the NB store, as I wanted to grab some presents for overseas family. I was hoping to get some MFC stuff for a couple of young cousins. 

    I walked into NB and was immediately confronted with the Liverpool FC section of clothing. I spent a few minutes browsing the racks. No MFC stuff. So, I asked the store clerk. Firstly, he didn’t know who the MFC were, then told me “you’d have to find that stuff online”.

    A pretty poor response and again I left the the store thinking ‘what a lousy partnership’. Then, to further the disappointment, I passed the Under Armour store about two stores up. I peered inside and saw an enormous rack of Essendon gear (excuse obvious pun). Not only was there a huge amount of Essendon merch, but a couple of wall to floor bollards featuring Dylan Shiel and Andrew McGath. I didnt even have to enter to the shop to see these. It was plastered at the front entrance. 

    Point of all this? Why are we not pushing NB to do more for us in terms of branding and getting our name out there. If other clubs are cutting these sort of deals, who at the MFC is asleep at the wheel when negotiating terms with NB. Under Armour have obviously picked Essendon up this year and may want to promote this to make a name in AFL, but it’s not unreasonable to expect something from our apparel sponsor. To not have a single piece of MFC apparel in a flagship store is a disgrace.

    There is a NB outlet on Smith Street near Alexandra Parade Fitzroy/Collingwood. They always have older heavily discounted Dees merch upstairs. Won't bother the cousins if it's old stuff! 

  5. Always liked him as a player but I'm not sure he's exactly the type of player we are screaming out for.

    He is however clearly best 15 or better for us so improves our list and costs us stuff all. He's missed one game in 4 years which was the elimination Final so he's very durable. 

    Very polished in the media,  impressive young bloke 

  6. 2 hours ago, monoccular said:

    Lack of scoreboard pressure early on has cost the Lions this game.

    Sound familiar?

    A very Melbourne like performance. Dominated all the vital stats like clearances, scoring shots and inside 50s and got pantsed. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    That's being a bit hard on chooks perhaps.

    Last night's game was boring. Turned the sound down and read the cricket rain updates in the Guardian for entertainment

    Agree,  it was pretty hard to get enthused by that match at all. 

    Happy though,  very rarely do I want Collingwood to win.

    But then I saw Eddie prancing around and felt ill. 

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  8. I knew we would start the season slow due to the preseason but fully expected us to become a dominant team on way to a Grand Final berth at the very latest by midway through the year. 

    I actually wrote our season off after our first win against Sydney. They were awful and somehow we were marginally less awful. I knew we were doomed for the year. 

    I've been indifferent about the season and surprisingly non caring about how bad we've been up until last week against Sydney when I was ropable. The attitude of our footy department with team selection , the pizzweak lazy and selfish efforts on the field , the seemingly dumbfounded look on Goodwin's face who looked like he was out of his depth, pushed me over the edge. 

    Yesterday my heart rate did not change one little bit for the whole match apart from that last 30 second forward foray when my heart yearned for a useless draw. 

    How sad and pathetic am I..... On par with this footy club. 

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  9. 4 hours ago, DeeZee said:

    Fritta and Gawn were amazing today, but too many B graders.

    Seen enough of Stretch Wagner Spargo ANB and JKH 

    Jones one more year ands that’s about it.

    If Clarkson was our coach,  Jones would be packing the reef oil and surf wax on his way to Surfers Paradise. 

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  10. What about being scored against in the first minute of a quarter . 

    We seemed to have owned that title a few years back and have welcomed it back with open arms this year. 

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