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  1. I doubt it will ever be the same unless some wealthy white knight club people prop the poorer clubs up. The 2 expansion teams could be in strife, Brisbane was already on life support. I'm not sure of Sydney's situation but I'm tipping they will struggle ( as will most. ) I wonder if going back to the roots of the original VFL will be considered? I for one would not mind at all. Whatever happens, it will vastly different to what we've become accustomed to.
  2. I thought Groundhog Day was a comedy. Turns out it's true and it's a horror story.
  3. Are we sure? Wasn't it top 2 of each conference last year?
  4. You'd have to think Super Rugby and NRL seasons are cooked with NZ border controls now
  5. Biggest positives for me are our fitness ( best I can remember in decades) and our ability to switch play ( something we have rarely done well probably due to our lack of fitness. ) Both go hand in hand and will win us games of footy this year. We could be last quarter specialists this year which will be a joy to witness.
  6. He was hobbling with ice immediately after the game on the ground shaking hands.i didn't see later on in the rooms but good news if it wasn't on.
  7. He was hobbling with ice on his ankle post game
  8. That was some pretty moving footage on a number of fronts. Harley clearly realises what an opportunity he's been given. I can't see him letting us down unless his body does. The fatigue the players endured on the beach is already showing dividends in the way the ran the game out yesterday. Im sure all clubs have this sort of footage, but I'm genuinely excited after seeing this, in particular the brotherhood on show
  9. I heard today NikNat may be in doubt, bloke at work heard it on SEN ....anyone else hear anything?
  10. Pretty sure I was there, was an intraclub trial.....i believe Phil Carman was the perpetrator in his first run with Dees.
  11. I'm surprised how few on here seem to have opted for digital! Surely this would save the club a fair bit of coin. In saying that my digital membership hasn't arrived and I've been on direct debit for about 10 plus years. Any other digital opters received theirs?
  12. Looking at the current membership tally, last year's debacle has set us back 4 years by comparison with numbers down 15-20% on this time last year. The tribe has spoken. The club as a whole have a massive job on their hands to restore faith.
  13. I reckon Tomlinson is a lock best 22 if fit. He missed one game in 4 years for a more advanced team than us and it sounded like he only missed that game when they found out he was leaving them.
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