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  1. Real good get I reckon. Big question however is..... Has he shed the Man bun ??
  2. Should've given the game away after Freddy got Fingered 😁
  3. Always liked him as a player but I'm not sure he's exactly the type of player we are screaming out for. He is however clearly best 15 or better for us so improves our list and costs us stuff all. He's missed one game in 4 years which was the elimination Final so he's very durable. Very polished in the media, impressive young bloke
  4. Agree, TMac almost as baffling, I reckon he had 2 very good games, the rest were poor
  5. Terribly sad news. One of the great characters of the game RIP Spud.
  6. A very Melbourne like performance. Dominated all the vital stats like clearances, scoring shots and inside 50s and got pantsed.
  7. Agree, it was pretty hard to get enthused by that match at all. Happy though, very rarely do I want Collingwood to win. But then I saw Eddie prancing around and felt ill.
  8. Including May n Lever?? The other names makes sense though re prelim
  9. Honestly, any reporter who thinks Spargo, Omac and even Weid are best 22 doesn't have much credibility.
  10. That Brayshaw could finish 5th shows you just how bad we were this year. Coming off a top 3 brownlow finish his season was probably not far behind TMacs in terms of disappointment of the year . I'd be staggered if he gets 1 vote this year
  11. I knew we would start the season slow due to the preseason but fully expected us to become a dominant team on way to a Grand Final berth at the very latest by midway through the year. I actually wrote our season off after our first win against Sydney. They were awful and somehow we were marginally less awful. I knew we were doomed for the year. I've been indifferent about the season and surprisingly non caring about how bad we've been up until last week against Sydney when I was ropable. The attitude of our footy department with team selection , the pizzweak lazy and selfish efforts on the field , the seemingly dumbfounded look on Goodwin's face who looked like he was out of his depth, pushed me over the edge. Yesterday my heart rate did not change one little bit for the whole match apart from that last 30 second forward foray when my heart yearned for a useless draw. How sad and pathetic am I..... On par with this footy club.
  12. If Clarkson was our coach, Jones would be packing the reef oil and surf wax on his way to Surfers Paradise.
  13. Things just a.... Don't seema... To.... Be goin' right.
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