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  1. Pretty sure I was there, was an intraclub trial.....i believe Phil Carman was the perpetrator in his first run with Dees.
  2. I'm surprised how few on here seem to have opted for digital! Surely this would save the club a fair bit of coin. In saying that my digital membership hasn't arrived and I've been on direct debit for about 10 plus years. Any other digital opters received theirs?
  3. Looking at the current membership tally, last year's debacle has set us back 4 years by comparison with numbers down 15-20% on this time last year. The tribe has spoken. The club as a whole have a massive job on their hands to restore faith.
  4. I reckon Tomlinson is a lock best 22 if fit. He missed one game in 4 years for a more advanced team than us and it sounded like he only missed that game when they found out he was leaving them.
  5. There is a NB outlet on Smith Street near Alexandra Parade Fitzroy/Collingwood. They always have older heavily discounted Dees merch upstairs. Won't bother the cousins if it's old stuff!
  6. Wow the Dogs did get an armchair ride in their Premiership year. At least the umps appear to have eased up in the West since the media spoke about the "noise of affirmation "or whatever it was called.
  7. - We will play finals - Tracc to be considered A Grade by all pundits. - Joel Smith to cement a spot in best 22 (assuming he is injury free) - Chunk Jones to spend more time in VFL than AFL - S. May will be top 3 most valuable/reliable player.
  8. Reckon he would've disposed of them not long after the drive by shooting of his home, if he hadn't already.
  9. What Bin. An interrupted pre-seaon?? 😅
  10. Real good get I reckon. Big question however is..... Has he shed the Man bun ??
  11. Should've given the game away after Freddy got Fingered 😁
  12. Always liked him as a player but I'm not sure he's exactly the type of player we are screaming out for. He is however clearly best 15 or better for us so improves our list and costs us stuff all. He's missed one game in 4 years which was the elimination Final so he's very durable. Very polished in the media, impressive young bloke
  13. Agree, TMac almost as baffling, I reckon he had 2 very good games, the rest were poor
  14. Terribly sad news. One of the great characters of the game RIP Spud.
  15. A very Melbourne like performance. Dominated all the vital stats like clearances, scoring shots and inside 50s and got pantsed.
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