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  1. Apologies if this has been posted already or if we're not allowed to do so. This is one of the best speeches I've ever heard involving our club.
  2. No coincidence that Jones form has improved since he started spending more time in the middle. He is not a winger.
  3. If anyone is still entertaining us playing finals this year on the back of that performance, here is a sobering thought for you...... We have played only 1 team in the current top 8. We are miles off.
  4. As I said last week, we are yet to lose a game with DK in the team.!!
  5. What a putrid game of footy. It's actually embarrassing how bad we are
  6. This begs a serious question.... Who played on Roughy last weekend and kept him to 8 touches, 1 goal and zero marks?? I was there but can't remember.
  7. If Dusty only got 1 week for deliberately elbowing a bloke with force to the head, 50m behind play, there is no way this could have got the same result. Dusty should've got 2 plus though in my opinion but the protected species rule was applied.
  8. Yeah heard this on SEN too
  9. It's a massive fail by many at the club. I spoke to a player a few days after that match. We went in with a squad 2 less than what we were entitled to, we then lost 2 players to injury before halftime . Consequently, this particular player (among others I assume) had to play far more game time than planned. That player has been hampered by injury this year also. Coincidence maybe but who would know.... Nobody at the club that's for sure. Amatuer hour.
  10. Reckon he is still carrying a niggle with that toe, looks like a slight limp still, certainly not 100% fit and is not demanding the footy. He's playing out games and is improving each week but still a far cry from last year's form. If/when it returns we will be a 3 goal better team minimum each week.
  11. We are yet to be defeated when Declan Keilty is in the side 😎
  12. Saw PJ in the premium members area in a Dees scarf at halftime .... Knew everything would be just fine after that!
  13. Not a very inspiring morning weather wise thus far. Unfortunately I associate this type of cold, wet weather to an absolute pantsing. Hope it clears up!
  14. Whilst I agree with giving Keilty n Petty a shot, and I agree with our season being finished, this is the sort of post that belongs on the troll banner a few weeks ago. I like many of your posts dazzle but this is poor form mate .
  15. As soon as I hear his voice it takes me back to my childhood. "It's not over yet!! "
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