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  1. You may not remember Satyr but at the very start of the year I commented on many of our players disrupted Pre-seasons from operations and you quickly responded that it doesnt mean their relative pre-seasons were interrupted. You said their was no interruptions and everything was on track. Many others chimed in and said you didnt understand the relevance of missing even 2 weeks on the track. Yet you do portray yourself as an expert on here. And you say that problems are merely rumours. You give me the tom thits.
  2. In Malthouses last season at Carlton, he was facing a large number of experienced players whom had had surgery or were recovering from injury. I remember because I took note that many of the 1sts whom I expected to be unavailable because of a lack of decent pre-seasoning, were picked for round one. They were beaten and a number played injured it seemed or became unavailable the following week. It had seemed to me that they were told to be professional and get out there. I thought typical! But History seems to be repeating right here in River city.
  3. Tom Mc had 2 surgeries on both ankles I think? May be wrong. If he did and he was encouraged to play through it when he needed Recuperation, it would not make for a happy player. Hibberd I posted about in JLT game 1 about how slow he had suddenly become and how unaware he was of it. It wasnt well taken on here..
  4. On a separate but connected issue, Tom macDonald is obviously injured. He is playing. I wonder if he is happy to be playing? As said earlier there is something crook in Tallarook that we arent being told about.
  5. And lever was told by experts to expect to play by Anzac eve IIRC. He may have overdone it by listening to coaches rather than doctors.
  6. It is more than just Stephen Mays fault. He is 27 and came back unfit - his fault. He had plenty of time to get fit enough to be able to play once the season started: was he "punished" by doing training his body was not right for? And was he "punished" to push through the pain which resulted in a longer lay off?
  7. Bullies at $4.25 1-39 is value oops wrong thread sorry Den!
  8. Francis Leach and Bob Murphy or even our own Robbo. Im currently in Ubud and lost my carefully assembled and pampered cool with Bruce barracking for Sydney. He was looking for Sydney free kicks and referring to "Royal Randwick" when ours were obvious to me and even Ketut could see it.
  9. As always with this talk you have to figure what would others pay for players we might find are hard to squeeze into our top 22. Its no use saying "we would never trade ..." when you are targeting other sides players. For example we might think Oscar and Frosty are extraneous but a St Kilda or Carlton might think they are worth a round 2 pick each. I wouldnt be surprised if St kilda would give up their round one for Petracca. You put a round one and two together and now your talking.
  10. Yet there are 3 tomorrow starting before 4:45.
  11. For those that have an occasional bet on the Dees, Beteasy is doubling the bet on our match. so up to $25 is paying $2.35 So that = $47 times 2. This is only for our match.
  12. His statement is interesting. After saying he apologizes "Unreservedly", he adds that the apology is to "anyone who took it that way". This "if you were offended" tripe is added so when questioned, you can then say "Were you offended"? Why". It is aimed to make anyone who asks him about it, be put on the back foot to justify their outrage. he did it against Goodes as well. It is the opposite of Unreservedly apologising.
  13. Paul Roos worked that 2015 draft superbly making Swans bid high for Callum Mills then choosing Oliver over Parish. Roos is the gift that keeps giving, 8 years later.
  14. I know what Kielty can bring and he will continue to improve. But Id much rather see Pruess and the machinations that will or wont happen with him in the side.
  15. It was a mistake to keep playing Joel, although he kept kicking goals. This thread is going to go ballistic with DLers outrage.
  16. The manner Ralph was speaking I understood he was saying that he has been seen out everywhere and often. I get that it is possible that it could have been false sightings. Thats not how it sounded.
  17. Amazingly big call by Jon Ralph who isnt normally as outlandish as most. He also said Hoges has been seen out more than Elvis over summer. Really worried about Jesse Hogan now. Hope it is being exaggerated.
  18. Robbo doesnt think it is mental health. He almost said it. He said Shwarter said it on the radio. He seemed to quote Leonard Cohen. Everybody Knows.
  19. I dont see the point. Everyone knows the Tribunal will justify weird decisions. Its like blaming Jane Bunn for the weather arguing whether he is guilty or not. I thought May would be in trouble, but Im rapt we are contesting it. The big clubs seem to contest all the decisions. This is a positive move.
  20. Getting up and jogging off doesnt really mean much in my experience. In my day there was no concussion test. I understand it was a true story that a tall Richmond forward came off wobbly after being lined up and Slug Jordan said to Tommy, he doesnt know who he is. Tommy said "Tell him he is Royce Hart and put him at centre half forward".
  21. Many people seem to forget what its like to be hit up and down when you arent braced against someone leaning into it. Id say many dont remember or (more likely) just dont know. He got him a good one. Very good chance of AFL making a martyr here and a possible 2 weeks if we go on to appeal. I also thought Clarry was lucky to escape with a fine after what AFL had said about punches to the gut.
  22. The $3.25 for Poor Adelaide is starting to entice.
  23. Criticism should be toned to the the time of the year. I expect Hibberd will get back to fantastic form but his game yesterday should be noted. I cant see how commenting on it is "writing him off".
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