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  1. There is no Lochie Whitfield in the top 3- 5. That would be great. We can do with another excellent outside Mid. Tom Green is looking superb. But we have plenty of inside Mids. Hadyn Young? Even if he was another Basher Houli its a lot to spend on HBF. Luke Jackson? How many very good talls have we got from Centre to FWD? 2 - TMac and Gawny. It just makes sense to take Jackson even if Weid, Pruess and Bradtke come suddenly very good. Luke says he is ready to play Round one. His highlights are very good. Left and right foot, great groundskills and solid pack marks. 12 year player probably. I dont see whats not to like.
  2. Absolutely rapt we look to have Joel Smith AVB and Tom Mac ready for a preseason. With Harley coming, I cant stop thinking of best 22 combinations. I need help.
  3. Any sighting of Aaron van den Berg?
  4. Cal Twomey may be good but he predicts Jackson at 14 (October). He will be gone by 4.
  5. I was told by an Age journo that a lot of recuiters believe we will trade out pick 8.
  6. I look at Lever and am reminded of Warren Dean, a very good wing or half back but he was played in the spine and although tall enough his body wasnt cut out for it and injuries claimed him.
  7. Jack has made Jack sh!tt difference in a final. How did Tom Lynch go in his 1st finals last year? Not that he is that good but he would most likely lessen the amount of average players in our best 22. I think $650 per annum is pretty good value. How much is Jake Melksham on?
  8. Only the best players can make a difference in a close final. I hope we are trying hard to get Jack Martin. Ive no doubt if Hawthorn or Richmond were in our position they would be pulling out all stops to get him.
  9. Probably im wrong but I think he is fit now and ready to fire. Much more likely to play 20 games than Bennell. While costing a lot more than any other PSD player, if we have the money, I hope we go for it and act like a big club would.
  10. Has he actually nominated his salary yet? When does he have to? In my opinion if he isnt worth 800K per annum, he must be close. I wouldnt be surprised if he really turns it on next year. Although we have many irons in the fire, Martin is close to a sure bet as an A grade player.
  11. What about trading pick 3 and 8 for Pick 2 from the Suns?
  12. Kade's highlights show me that you just cant take a highlight package too seriously. Thats why I have no idea who to pick in the upcoming draft, if we rely on these. He looks fabulous.
  13. Rehab can mean anything. Lever seemed to be in rehab all last year and the year before.... and then I was upset when he played in the middle of rehab! For May, KK AVB Joel Smith, Weid, Petty and Nev to be in rehab right now after (at least) 70 days off really does not make me believe the glass is half full, Someone set set me straight, surely Im wrong!
  14. Thanks Saty This is very much what I did not want to hear. Joel Smith has by all accounts and pictures become super fit. So why is he is re-hab? AVB has been out for such a long time, why wouldnt he be chaffing at the bit to make a return if he was fit? Kade was seen entering, does this means he is not up to taking part in physical field training? Not particularly asking you Saty and I know it is MFCSS but this is 4 out of 4 I was most interested in. It really changes my expectations.
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