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  1. The pattern is that after the game, petracca is worth dropping. By Wednesday everyone forgets how bad he is. he is shitful. get rid of his stupid doofus, irresponsible dumb [censored].
  2. We need Pruessy to do some more Batman throwing (Dylan Grimes).
  3. I normally can discuss other teams matches with interest and humour on a Monday at work. I realised that Fridays umpiring had ticked me off so much that I didnt bother with it the rest of the weekend.... and Im a bit of a footy nut. The standard of umpiring is going to lose viewers if rusted on tragics like me are switching off AFL because of it.
  4. Petracca - put him in cotton wool and ask for a round 1 pick. Stretch - twitchy yet slowthinking
  5. It was heartbreaking becuse I was just starting to believe.
  6. Im most Peed off that Tim Smith was given Holding the ball, Every other instance of players stopping has been a ball up. 12 point tunaround and a concussion. Game over.
  7. Stretch and petracca are just [censored] dumb and not natural footballers. Stretch should play table tennis. Petracca should play basketball because he doesnt dispose the ball below his shoulders
  8. The effort was terrific. Lost but proud of the effort. Umpires just never give us the rub of the green.
  9. Is there a dumber footballer than Petracca? Will never get dropped because of "potential". Will never understand that he is cr@p.
  10. Im not sure about this SK. I would imagine over 100 car parks would be needed for the club. Thats fine if you were going to park around the oval, a la country footy. But on the bitumen there is only room for a dozen IIRC.
  11. I was about to say im surprised Elsternwick Park is not big enough. Its certainly one of the largest ovals Ive been on. It regularly held 30,000 at Rock Dog games for 3RRR. It now has new pavilions and is still just used sporadically for umpire training and VAFA game of the round (occasionally). It is close to train tram and Nepean Hwy. It is unloved by Bayside council as it is surrounded on most sides by Port Phillip. The other ovals and parkland are currently going through review. Where is the report you speak of, OD?
  12. 6. Oliver 5. Gawn 4. Jones 3. Frost 2. harmes 1. Melksham
  13. Stretch - play tabletennis twitchy Petracca - Stretch with muscles Lewis - wig or dye?
  14. so much for coming on here and looking for a few positives.... We cant play that bad in the next half.
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