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  1. Im going with Oscar MacDonald to unexpectedly perhaps, play most games and get semi regular votes from Demonland player of the round.
  2. We're caught in a trap We cant walk out.
  3. Whew. Im jumping at shadows this pre-season.
  4. I reckon he is worth pick 6 if he can survive Pre-season and show us his best.
  5. You know its Monday when even those on Ignore are still pestering with their tired gormless comment.
  6. Ok thanks for letting me know where you're at.
  7. I see us making the top 6 but the following players are very hard to cover above 75%. If they play 18-23 games Im confident. Stephen May- currently limping off the ground on Friday. I can imagine Petty or Omac coming in for him but no one with his speed and toughness. Max Gawn. Best ruck man in the league. I can see Tomlinson marking deep forward and back but Petty in the ruck. Still a worry to have to include 2 players to cover one. Clarry. We run deep in mids but his hands and ability to clear are unique. Aaron van der Berg. Tough, wins contests. Makes a difference. Viney. No one tackles in our side like him. Currently under rated. All these players are hard men and put a spine into the rest. They play without injury and we sing the song.
  8. I cant believe people could be missing Jack Watts or Lamumba. For followers of the Demons to believe we would be a better club with these two airheads still on board is hard to grasp. This board would be in meltdown if we still carried these clowns who would have influenced younger players with their crap. Anyone who had met Heretier and saw his posing 1st hand would not be upset with his departure.
  9. A work colleague was shaking his head and upset early last year and I asked him what was the problem. He is of Macedonian descent and he said problems in the homeland and renaming of Macedonia. I asked when the problems started and he said "Recently? 1821"....
  10. Kevin Dyson left us to go to Sydney but in his time at the Dees he struck me as both a very good long kick and an excellent passer of the ball by foot. Ted Fidge while he was no star he could pull a torp out when needed and kick it seemed, a remarkable long way. These two were just favourites of mine, but I wanted to add something as I use to be in the TPI war veteran area behind the punt road end pocket of the MCG often with my old man in the early 60's and watch Tassie launch his drops into space from very close.
  11. Kevin Dyson, Ted Fidge, Darren Bennett.
  12. I prefer to believe your reports at the time were trying to protect the players and very glass half full rather than consciously telling porkies. It was a pity we didn't have many other reports coming through and many here, including me loved the optimism. Your heart is in the right place. Go Dees!
  13. I remember this time last year. I could not believe how many great players we had to choose a best 22 from. My hopes were slowly and excruciatingly dashed when it started to become apparent in late January and early February that those players who we were assured were merely a week away from full training, were in actual fact out for months. And months. Not a peep from the club, and that hurt too. Sorry to be a downer, I am still getting over it. Id prefer to wrap all our freshly minted '20 team all up in cotton wool till February... but then Id miss the training reports.
  14. Bruce Andrews was one of the first (along with separately RDB) to make a video about doing a drop kick. It was De Rigueur to study Bruce's lecture. The rather stern Bruce would be on World of Sport and maybe on Football Inquest.
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