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  1. Jeff Farmer is way out in front. Then Davey and Matty Whelan. Then others all have claims. But Jeffy was on top.
  2. I really liked Jay Viney. Not so good as Todd his brother and made quite a few mistakes in his 1st year. But fast and courageous. Well I thought so. i thought he would have a breakout season with us. But then I was a fan of Tom Flower...
  3. I wonder if posters even know when they are on ignore. This is a good thread to use just to add others.
  4. i remember someone (G.Lyon?) on the hawthorn game commentary saying we were the 2nd oldest and i thought, wrong. Oldest.
  5. I need to watch Spargo with a less subjective eye. I find it difficult to understand why he is in front of Lockhart. But Im really glad we bat so deep this year.
  6. Yes if your kicking from 55 and someone is marking it at 40 meters out from goal.
  7. happy for the mosquito fleet but really was hoping we would go to Jackson.
  8. I think the VFL should consider a shortened season starting in September and finishing in December/January. There are plenty who are just football Tradjics (dont follow other sports) who would definitely support this. Especially those who have nothing going on in September. It would also allow for a late draft to occur. It would also allow possibly a team from both Darwin and Tassie.
  9. If Tom Mac comes good all the other puzzles fit together.
  10. The vision I saw of Harley leading and sprinting was a huge step-up from slow laps. There may just have been some over ambitious running after being held back for so long. I hope thats all it is.
  11. I think with Salem, Lockhart and probably Rivers and Hore coming through, we can accommodate Harmes in the mid field.
  12. On the positive side, I saw better work by Spargo and Weid. I hadnt taken into consideration Spargo's reduced pre-season. I do really like Lockhart and Bedford and I wish I could distinguish them better! Until they turn to show their numbers Im not sure which one it is, other than if it is the back half its probably Lockhart.
  13. I think Hibberd for all his work, just has no clue in disposing. He considers his options and always goes long to a pack. Reminds me of Brent Moloney. It always comes straight back. For all his possessions I think his days are numbered. And we dont look to give forwards many benefits, it is still coming in long to the pack. I often saw a forward waiting with 2 or 3 opponents for a long ball to arrive. G.Lyon was all over it. I have not been a big fan of his media work but gazza has turned into an interesting commentator IMV.
  14. FT - Strong final term from the boys taking the game on with run and carry through the middle #VFL Goals C Wagner 1, Rivers 1 Casey 2.12 24 - @BoxHillHawks 11.7 73
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