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  1. Dropping marks, taking up space instead of manning up and half volley kicks. Needs to be fixed. Coach is a rabbit in the headlights, never making a change or giving instructions. He looks scared.
  2. We drop marks, kick half volleys and dont man up.
  3. Sorry to divert slightly but it may be that Dean Cox has not got a long time left working with John Longmire. That was the impression I had last night. I have always been impressed with Cox who was above the drug controversies at West Coast. A very good and smart footballer. Extremely focused and hard. What a coup it would be to have him as ruck/stoppage coach next year. I believe he will be a senior AFL coach.
  4. I see Nicky Winmar is sueing Sam Newman for saying that the iconic photo of him by Wayne Lubdey was about a gutsy win and not of a proud black man. That was also my impression at the time and that "never let a good story get in the way of the truth", was the reason that, that was the chosen path. Mike Sheahan agrees with Sam too. I cant remember who told me that it makes a better story at the time but I thought he was a friend of Ludbey. I dont really care and maybe I have been wrong all these years. But it is interesting that either my recollection or the history of the world is wrong.
  5. Im incredibly angry that the media doesnt GAF about our situation of missing playing pretty much our best side. All i hear is how lucky we were not to play Essendon.
  6. Playing Essendon Tuesday or Wednesday is still possible going by the dodgy rules set out. If Wednesday then our game with Geelong would be probably next Monday night. 5 day break but possible which would leave our season on track. But it leaves Essendon moving the Blues match as well. Going by Jake Nialls BS story in todays Age he is more concerned about Ess-carl than any mention of our fixture. We are at full strength and I expect to beat Essendon but M Lloyd is a [censored] and is always looking for a Dons excuse.
  7. Cats coming late. Glad I had Blues to be in front at the half.
  8. Happy to have Pickett and vdB running hard into this mob. We still owe them for Snake and Greeny IMV.
  9. I can see kozzie coming in and some change in positional movements to suit Bombers. But the strategy seems to be to let these 22 gel to be our best team available. So the tactic of changing unless critically needed would go against the overall plan. I think Jonesy and Jacko and Smith will have 2 or 3 weeks more. Id hope so or Goody will have been pressured out of his original overall plan.
  10. If it is impossible for mids to drop their eyes and look to hit someone up, maybe we do need 3 talls in the forward line.
  11. An unintended consequence of no AFL for the 1st part of the year was the rest of the family's disinterest in it becoming vocal. AFL in the past had always been unspoken priority, but Id lost my privileges. By yesterday i could sense a gritty losing battle. Enter a 70" Ultra HD 4K TV for the man cave. My barely used BetEasy account with $2 left (thanks Demons) has led to Kayo being added as a free App for 3 months. Just finished setup connecting with the LAN. Me and my new scarf are chafing at the bit. C'mon Demons!
  12. Even if we dont do as well as I expect, we now have made sweeping changes that should only need slight adjustment going forward. We bit the bullet and just have to let the newbies show Goodies faith. Might take a couple of weeks.
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