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  1. For the last few weeks I wish I had a better grasp of the (possible) injuries Hannan is playing with ATM. He has not been able to show his tricks as he did last year. When Im generous of spirit, I think he is playing with injuries.... Alas, thats not my mindset a lot of the time.
  2. One big issue is the kicking in general. I was at a preview of the Adam Goodes doco yesterday and watched the replay. It was obvious our kicks almost always are higher and slower than the doggies. Every one landed in a contest. Doggies are better in the air and we contest well but just don’t mark as well as most other teams. And a long standing issue is Melbourne ability to over praise our players. I know that sounds silly on demonland but it is obvious in preseason. Petracca hi five after a mark and before a goal is missed shows again his unique ability to be the only one in the stadium shocked at his miss. Overall he is getting better before the end of the year as he is not feared by opposition as much now. I believe viney Oscar harmes and Brayshaw are going ok but they lift a very heavy load every week. It must be frustrating that so many others on the ground are incapable of helping.
  3. After I settled down, I really like the Tracc for lachie and swap 1st round picks idea.
  4. KB now locked out of SEN as Hutchy cracks it in NY. Could Goody be behind this too? On a serious note, Hutchy has sacked Finey, Francis Leach, Ox and marko, list goes on.
  5. I want to see T.Smith and the Weid in the forward line. Im a bit bullish about the bull.
  6. I thought Lockhart was more involved in contests than Hannan. Id have JKH for either.
  7. Damo

    Sam Weideman

    He jogs to contests and doesnt give 2nd efforts. Better than your post DH.
  8. 6. Tom McDonald 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Christian Petracca 3. Nathan Jones 2. James Harmes 1. Sam Frost
  9. Damo

    Sam Weideman

    He is a give-up. Doesnt try hard enough.
  10. Casey kicked 3-3 to 1-1 that quarter.
  11. quite enjoyable game to watch on http://northernbluesfc.com.au/?p=7400
  12. 3 points down - should be 2 goals in front.
  13. Good round the ground kicking and accurate handballs. Horrid shots in front of goal.
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