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  1. Or suspended. We need a captain who plays most matches, and plays at a consistently high level. Inspiration is something we have lacked for too long. Drag the players along with you and lead by example. No injury-plagued or inconsistent players should be considered.
  2. Nope.... no way. Im going to spend that money on something that will make me feel better. I already give to a cat charity in Thailand, so i will just be adding extra to my support next year. Wiseblood is going to buy an extra membership for whoever doesnt re-sign anyway. 😛
  3. Next week will be an example of the stinking culture of our club if things go the way i, and plenty of the football world expect. We have an undeniable history of giving up in games when we dont have a chance at finals. We also have a poor recent record of not turning up for games when we HAVE been a chance at making finals. Collingwood showed us what it means to play for your jumper a couple of years ago by knocking MFC out of the finals, when they had nothing but pride to play for. MFC is likely to bow out without firing a shot. I can see North winning by 15 goals plus, and our team simply not giving a [censored]. Prove me wrong Melbourne.
  4. HEY EVERYONE, ITS OK !!!! Goody just said we are gonna do everything we can to get better. So, ..... um, ....... yeah. Go Dees.
  5. Hows the "Tending" going Goodwin? [censored] fraud. God almighty next week is going to be a slaughter. "Shinboner Spirit" v's whatever the hell the "Melbourne brand" is. Just make it end........
  6. Gold, and probably more accurate than you might have hoped.
  7. 3 Boundaries in the over to Ussie off Woakes and we are 1/58.
  8. Aussies 1/50. Looking good. Except Bancroft, he looks terrible.
  9. Wet weather footy is not our thing ( yeah yeah, ok, either is dry weather etc etc) but with the amount of dwarfs we have selected tonight, i have faith that we are at least in with a chance for the ground ball... Play along the ground and we have a chance to keep the loss under 5 goals. 😛
  10. Passed away after a battle with Alzheimers disease. Condolences to his family. A player who re-defined what a ruckman was. One of the all-time greats. Rest in peace big fella.
  11. I am tipping us to win a nail-biter. Not because i think we are better than Sydney but because we are not Gold Coast and just cant keep losing week after week after week after week after week after week. Or can we? This is Melbourne... of course we can. Sydney by 4 goals.
  12. You have accused other posters of confirmation bias before bing....... welcome to the club. *raises glass. P.S. Fritter could well be a gun forward with decent delivery. I love the kid.
  13. This picture sums up how i feel reading this thread......
  14. In his After The Siren soundbite Goodwin again underlined why he, IMO, is not the right guy "there are some things that are trending, with some personnel and the way we play". This was said as a positive from the game. He did ofc add that we have a long way to go, but to say that we are "Trending" in the right direction is just [censored] insulting to anyone who follows football. The only trend is our predictable inability to play a full 4 qts, our consistently rank skills, our bleeding of goals from turnovers, and our 3 losses for every win this season. He has no answers at all. None. Totally out of his depth and if he had any integrity at all he would have fallen on his sword Fraudwin.
  15. ding

    Garry Lyon

    Unless we find a way to "Make Melbourne Great again" you better get used to it. Cue the Democrats... "Melbourne was never that great".
  16. Come on Guys.... they are only double our score. Look on the bright side, we could have had injuries as we....... ..... oh nvm
  17. Haha i scrapped my Foxtel sport subscription, and then picked up a shift at work today so i could watch their Foxtel after changing my mind on watching the game. I tried not to care, but i failed. At least i wll be making money while taking peeks at the TV, and can just change channels if we suck
  18. A few might turn up to the MCC..... Maybe. To think this was going to be one of our big money spinners this year until the team [censored] everything up.
  19. From someone who regularly shares a car ride back to Victoria with him. They are certain he isnt going anywhere.
  20. This is the most unprofessional aspect of AFL media IMO. For years fans have been complaining that we cant hear the questions in weekly pressers. It is just laziness that the problem hasnt been fixed.
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