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  1. Yep. We dont really have a choice, do we Wise? If the current group doesnt show some dramatic improvement before seasons end, we cant possibly just sit around and be inactive about our forward issues. Im not including LJ in that comment. The kid is just a pup and has to be given time to develop before we destroy his confidence with our shocking delivery. if we dont at least ask the question about Fugly, MFC have given up on improving. When fit (which is obviously not that often) this bloke is miles ahead of anything we currently have in the Fwd 50. I am so desperate for improvement i just advocated for an injury-ridden Essendon player. Good Lord what is wrong with me? Someone please slap me.
  2. I would be shocked if a few didnt ask to be traded if our year ended with MFC 17th or 18th again. Who could blame them. Success doesnt appear to be in our near future.
  3. Would take a complete implosion of the club for Jack to leave. We would have to push him out. Cant see it happening Nor should it imo. Fans want players to bleed for the jumper, and we are discussing letting go the one guy who is more emotionally invested in this club than anyone else i can think of. Yes, he has some skill shortfalls, but nothing would kill the morale of the list more than seeing Jack get "moved on". We are in enough trouble as it is.
  4. I couldnt give a [censored] how much of a hardship it is for the team atm. Couldnt possibly be worse than being one of their supporters. Its only once a week and they are still getting paid. Cant imagine anyone at the club complaining about it anyway. It would just sound like desperate excuse making. We will probably manage to turn the trip into a disaster regardless. If we cant beat Gold Coast, we cant really expect to beat anyone else this season. With all the current media pressure we will see if it is actually in the players to rise, or if they are already showing their best. God what a horrible thought..... we might already be playing our best footy. *Vomit.
  5. One of the best players we have ever had, and a crying shame his knees robbed him of the lasting greatness he was headed for. I love that he is still so passionate about the club. Is he a tiny bit OTT? Maybe, but he has earned the right to be as critical as he wants. Thank Christ the heat is finally being turn up on this sorry [censored] excuse for a club.
  6. Im in charge at work this afternoon so i have the S8 safe keys. Getting some wont be a problem.... Staying out of jail might be a bit of an issue though.
  7. Outs: Forward line. Ins : Hopes and prayers, heavy drinking and possibly some hallucinogenic drugs.
  8. Based on the available evidence, we have gone backwards from even last years lows. This is our best possible list on the park. Barely an injury, and as fit a list as any time in the clubs history. We should be blizing mediocre teams this year. Instead we are just competitive. Just when the footy world was looking like taking us seriously, our competition is back to laughing at us DURING the game. We also dont bother to stick up for each other after being roughed up. The club is rotting from the inside. Something has to change. Something big. Immediately. As the Navy Officer said on Top Gun after the tower flyby.... "I want some Butts!"
  9. Been saying for a very long time that Goodwin is a fraud. Even some of the happy clappers are beginning to waver. Only the zealots and the footy nuffies remain in his corner.
  10. Our form is rank. We dont need to tank Reckon we'll get spanked. Take it to the bank.
  11. So, about 6.15 then? (Our games are often over in the first Qtr)
  12. How about no interchange after goals are scored. Thats when the bulk of rotations happen, during that long-ish stopage. Only allowing interchanges during play would reduce the frequency, and make it more tactical. Would make players think for themselves as well, and maybe only come off when they actually need a break.
  13. Dont know the real reason for this, but im happy to Blame Goodwin.
  14. Bully for you champ. Im devastated.
  15. Playing well this year... which we havent been. (or last year) If the fans felt good about MFC the total donated would absolutely be higher. Shouldnt be too hard to understand really. Several on this site have already indicated that have chosen not to give because of lack of performance. Small snapshot obviously but there is always going to be a cost in sustained lack of success. You are dreaming if you think otherwise.
  16. Reckon that total would be substantially higher if we were playing well atm.
  17. Since Goodwin took over in 2017:...... ( I know stats are not everything, but they can certainly be helpful when comparing year to year results) Tom McDonald has gone backwards in practically every statistic, other than his one goal-kicking spike in 2018 (From which he has gone WAY backwards. His confidence is shot, and he is currently a liability in the team Tom McDonald has not improved. James Harmes improved pretty much all of his stats in 2018, but did not improve on those last year. James Harmes has improved, but stagnated last year. (Like most did tbh) Clayton Oliver played his first full season of games in 2017 after playing only 13 in 2016. Went backwards last year, like most did stats-wise. Clayton Oliver has improved , but stagnated last year. Jake Melkshams first year back from peptide suspension was also the first year of Goodwins solo tenure. Makes him a bit harder to judge, especially when comparing his Essendon days, where he played in a different position. His stats in 2017 were very similar to his last year at Essendrug, other than the spike in Goal kicking as he went forward. Naturally that stat is one you would have expected to increase from his time in defence at the Bombers. His last 2 years output has not matched his last year at Essendon. As much as i love him, Jake Melksham has probably not improved. Christian Petracca is an interesting one. He had spike upwards in 2018 when the whole team was up, from which he returned to almost identical stats of the previous year. 2019 2019 for Trac was a repeat of 2017. He has started this year in reasonable fashion, but the pre-season hype ( Which i was also feeling) has not translated YET to dominating during regular season matches. Christian Petracca has improved, but has still not taken that next step under Goodwin. So you are probably right about 3 of them having improved under Simple Simon, but 2 of them were kids in their first FULL season when Simon took over. I dont think the Coach can start patting himself on the back about those 2 just yet. Sample size for this year is just too small for anyone to say whether a player has improved or not this year, so i havent bothered to factor in much from this year, other than maybe saying that Trac has shown SOME signs of getting better. Not much for Goodwin to hang his hat on is there? Maybe 3 players who have improved, and each of them arguably stagnated or went backwards last year. I still think the Coach is a fraud.
  18. You think these players have improved under Fraudwin? All of them? Really?
  19. The happy clappers will be the first to tell us, in 30 years time when (if) we next win a premiership... SEE, I TOLD YOU SO !! I have heard this same crap for over 50 years and the same crowd were wrong then. The evidence shows this current lot have the same lack of Football I.Q. We are not winning a flag with the current list under the current coach with the current game plan. if you think otherwise you are a footy nuffie. Be patient !!! get [censored]
  20. Is extra heat being applied to Goodwin regarding wins, when we are cap-in-hand to members again? Does he (Goodwin) still have the full confidence of the board? If so, Why? (Joking) Does the club understand how angry the base are becoming with our performances? Do the players have a handle on that same question? Do we have a future in the league if members dont bail out the club? How do we afford a home base if we already cant pay the bills? Does the club understand how angry the base are becoming with our performances? How does he convince members who are losing faith to donate money in these extreme times? Does anyone still think 2019 was the abberation? Does the club understand how angry the base are becoming with our performances.
  21. Lever mentioned "Learnings" or a slight variation 3 times in his post match presser. No wonder the club loves him so much.
  22. Excellent, accurate point. After the Carlton game Gawny (from memory) when interviewed was asked how the team felt fitness wise(paraphrasing). He said something like "Yeah we felt like we had a bit left in the tank". For a team that was being completely over-run, this says to me that they were not giving it everything. I really worry that Goodwins lack of passion is rubbing off on the players.
  23. How on Earth do we expect to develop anyone with the absolute Chump we have in charge? I struggle to name a single player who has become consistently better since he took over the reigns. Can you think of anyone other than maybe Petracca? Even then he has only been a flash in the pan who we HOPE has turned the corner. Anyone else? I really cant think of anyone immediately who is a better player for having been coached by Goodwin. He hasnt exactly turned them into spuds, but surely there should have been a noticeable improvement in the majority of the list in the last few years. Its easy to argue the opposite has happened. Yes, im frustrated.
  24. Yep, thats the point i was making. Sad reality.
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