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  1. Nev is a quality human. Kozzy is a lucky young man to have an uncle like Nev.
  2. Nah i factored in a team or 2 having to use multiple second rounders to match academy bids
  3. Hope either will be available with our first pick next year #36
  4. If we only finish 12th next year i will eat my hat. Put that list right next to the one showing games lost to injury and see how it looks. Piffle.
  5. “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” ― John Lennon
  6. “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ― Alexander Pope
  7. Looking forward to seeing pic of Harley doing 100x100's....... Yeah, just happy to see him and the new kids in the jumper .
  8. Agree. Its interesting how little love backmen get when they are drafted. Everyone seems to get super excited about Mids and Forwards, but very few laypeople (i slipped in a PC ) get frothy about players who are drafted as defenders. This kid has me as least as interested as our first 2 picks.... possibly even more. Looks a genuine prospect but ofc only time will tell. Personally quite happy with this pick.( Iknow it makes absolutely no difference if i am happy of not)
  9. They are Collingwood houses..... ours have already been converted to parkland to train on.
  10. Nor do they care about consequences. *unless the consequences cost them dollars. "Growing the game" is corporate speak for "maximise the income".
  11. Every time i hear or see Kouta mentioned i have flashbacks to that bearded [censored] butchering his name while trying to sound funny. Kouta-Fida-Medes Great player but.
  12. Looks skinny and needs a haircut.
  13. All the Phantom Sauce experts have Sriracha as a clear number 1 pick. Dont reach based on needs.
  14. Wish they would just hurry up and pick someone so we can start criticising them.........
  15. We have a cat at home called Picket (Turns out the kitty is a polar opposite to Byron as it is stark white and scared of its own shadow) Our whole family [censored] loved Byron when he played for MFC Now i like the nostalgia of having another Picket on the list, but i just hope to hell that he is worth the pick we pay for him if we do pull the trigger. So far all i have read is that he was expected to go in the twenties at the earliest. As always, only time will tell, and we do have some form in taking a player much higher than expected (Oliver) and he turned out to be an inspired choice. *Fingers are well and truly crossed on this draft as we seem to be about to pick players who have come from the clouds with first rounders, one of which could potentially cost us a LOT more than just the apparent pick 10 if we fail again next year. *All based on the possibility/likelyhood? of us taking Kossie at 10....
  16. I actually agree with Clint here LT. We have not leaked anything of substance for a couple of years now. Gotta be honest, it kinda pisses me off that we dont because i would love to hear some developments on our home base. If you are being told things, and they are not making the forums, then i have a brickbat for your source and a bouquet for you. *please tell me you have heard something positive about a permanent home? Inbox if its too secret to be made public
  17. It happens every year, and i have been as guilty as anyone. A potential draftee can go without a single mention on this forum for the run up to the draft. That, or only fleeting mentions. The moment they come into serious contention to be drafted by us (via rumor usually) they suddenly become much better players, or are described as having enormous "Potential" or "ceiling". Every clubs supporters do it and we at DL are no different. I reckon its probably so we dont feel let down when the name is called out higher than originally expected. Or something.
  18. 3: Best available at that pick 10: Best available at that pick 28: Best available at that pick Drafting based on needs is fraught with danger. Lets not complicate things Dees, just get the best players you can regardless of position. We need some young guns or our age profile runs the risk of becoming too lopsided. We have done well so far this off season, lets keep it that way.
  19. Haha, i got nothing to add but this just seemed like it needed re-posting
  20. For once, thats actually a pretty good read. My usual impression with most stories like is is that they are essentially fluff pieces filled with no real importance. This one still has a sense of fluff, but also made me (almost) believe that Viney wont be cut up if Max goes on to be sole Captain. Yes, he wants to be acknowledged as a "Leader" in the club, and thats fair enough, but sounds like he is mentally prepared to drop the Captains tag if the team/Club decides Max should do it alone. *i have always believed however, that too much emphasis is placed on a clubs Leadership Group* Respect for Jack just went up a notch, even though i could be reading a bit too much into it. 2020 cant come quick enough.
  21. Posting full articles is against the site rules. It would only get deleted.
  22. Our record with Dwarves is diabolical. S'pose we could get lucky eventually. Pick 10 though? How bout best player at 10 and not a needs-based Hail Mary?
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