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  1. Probably been planning this injury for 12 months. Takes time to organise a decent injury.
  2. I wish you people would English proper Its "He done GOOD"
  3. Trac has been a victim of his own hubris up to this point of his career. I have referred to him in the recent past as possibly the most overrated player in the league based on hype-v-output. Last year i watched him closely looking for ANY signs that he might be tracking(no pun intended) towards a genuine A-Grader. I can honestly say i saw enough to suggest the penny might have finally dropped for him. I believe (maybe more of a hope ) that he can, if he stays injury-free, become one of the games most damaging players this season. Boy dont we need it.
  4. The only position for Oscar is CHB. He doesnt have the agility to play and further forward than that, and any closer to (oppo) goal makes his mistakes more costly. Unless he can improve his manoeuvrability out of sight, its about the only place he can play. Having said that, he still looks like our best option in that role for the time being.
  5. Most of the list are reported to be in ripping nick.... it would be absolutely stupid to have them all outside today spewing their guts up from smoke inhalation. An outside session today could set us back a week or 3 in our prep. Eminently sensible decision by the club.
  6. Just need Lever to do a Knee now. *Runs for cover.
  7. Not sure why anyone would be against the idea, particularly now that that the AFL are tipping in some serious coin of their own. I have no first-hand knowledge of what its like to go through something like these fires, but the human cost must be [censored] enormous. Add to that how i feel every time i see TV reports of Koalas burnt to a crisp..... I cant stand seeing the poor animals suffer like that. (Some will be surprised to hear that i DO have feelings) i cant wait for this to happen, and hope it raises a fortune. Just this once, i wont be worried about MFC players being injured. Surely this is much, much bigger than selfish worries of that sort. I tip my hat to the AFL. Have a heart guys.
  8. Not sure many people actually believed that Doctors had miraculously discovered the cause of his problems and it could now be managed. Might also add to the caution needed about Bennell before anyone gets too excited about his prospects. Hope both make it back to their best for us, but the chances must be extremely slim.
  9. I read from that.... "Interrupted preseason"
  10. Started the party early eh Fence? Happy new year everyone. One year closer to our next flag.....................................................................
  11. If we are rating our top 50 from the last decade, its a fair chance there will be some ordinary wins amongst them. Its not like we had to dismiss many as not worthy of being in the top 50.......... Hope the next decade has far more to choose from, including a couple of flags.
  12. Me. I emailed. Will renew when i could be [censored],
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