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  1. Geez........... who can imagine Robbie on a wing in our 2020 team ?. I remember so vividly watching Flower carving up a wing the "G" when i was a teenager. I loved how the crowd reacted whenever he got the ball..... "Robbieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". This is what we miss most nowadays... a player who makes the crowd go nuts when he has the ball. We were not a great side then, and havent been for a long time, but thinking of that still gives me chills. Im going to be off my face and full of tears if we win a flag before i die. GO DEES!!!!!!
  2. This is where the AFL should institute a rule that says the average per year is what cold be matched. It its 5 years for 600k AVERAGE per year, that is what clubs should be allowed to match, not the heavily front ended number. If another club will pay 600 per year for 5 years............ Rule worth considering imo. He would have been nice, but we dont need him.
  3. Another Homeopathy believer. Evidence son.... evidence.
  4. You believe in Homeopathy dont you. Sorry thread. I will give it a rest. I want Kemp at 8. Long term i believe he is worth the risk.
  5. I said i would only hear crickets. #proofitworks
  6. Im not the one making the claim about its supposed effectiveness... Burden of proof isnt on me. *snap
  7. Yep. Ofc if you asked me when i was 17 and wet behind the ears the answer would probably be different. If anyone can show me some proof it assists in identifying a better footballer im all ears. Facts, not feelings. I reckon i will only hear crickets.
  8. It "reveals" i have a very low tolerance for psychobabble. That some think it is a good idea says how easily conned they are. But, you know, knock yourself out. Interesting article with a great quote from Adam Cerra " “I got asked whether the fact I want to buy a house in a few years meant I was financially driven to play football,” Cerra said. “I think they were just trying to make a hard question out of nothing." https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/the-weirdest-questions-asked-by-afl-club-recruiters-during-interviews-with-draftees/news-story/694c80bce012b019f895d6c997609700
  9. Come on guys, these puns are just Plane Fowl.
  10. All good bud, we just believe different things. Nothing personal.
  11. So you agree the question and answers are irrelevant. You got there in the end.
  12. Haha yeah because questions like these are totally unexpected these days. These kids go in well prepared for random questions so the original aim of this "surprise" questioning has been badly eroded. Dusty probably wouldnt have ever been drafted if this approach was a deciding factor in a player being drafted or not. There comes a time when organisations just get a bit too clever for their own good. This is one of those times.
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