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  1. You are talking to the only male nurse in a regional hospital........ All my bosses are female... all my workmates are female. Every,Single,One. Been that way for 15 years. You have much to learn, but i wouldnt hold my breath. Enjoy living your life being offended by everything.
  2. Someone needs a hug..... that's some serious rage-typing Bin :p
  3. Didnt find enough at home to be offended by today Deegirl? Try watching the replay, that should help.
  4. If you havent already, take a look at his "after the siren" video from today. He has finally shown that losing hurts. Its the first time i have seen him show what borders on anger at losing. I am not celebrating his being upset so much as hoping that it translates into something that shows on the park. If he finally realises that you cant "cuddle" this team into good form, then i call today a win. Get up 'em Goody. You cant be everyones friend with so much riding on the result. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2019-07-21/rd-18-after-the-siren-simon-goodwin
  5. We dont have a good record with midgets. Think long and hard.
  6. Be nice if we could find another gear in the last for a change. Chance = slim
  7. He has been hunting the ball. I have liked what i have seen from him today in that regard. Long may it continue.
  8. Expect to see a lot of McGovern on tv today. My money is on him to break the record for intercept marks. His game is absolutely MADE for playing a team like us. We need a miracle.
  9. Why even post that Wise? The whole world knows you wont actually buy more memberships to replace all those who choose not to re-sign. How many extra are you prepared to buy? If its only 1 then your promise will have zero meaningful impact. If its hundreds, or even thousands i want to nominate you for a life membership with the MFC.
  10. "We will be fine next year" Because that saying has always been accurate for MFC hasnt it... Lets take 2018 for example. MFC supporter : "We will be top 4 next year". (2019) How did that work out. I certainly hope we will be fine next year, but i am smart enough not to have any expectation that we actually will be. Taking things for granted is something NO Melbourne supporter should ever do. Ever.
  11. Why do people keep saying some players have a "higher ceiling" than others? There is simply no way in the world ANYONE short of Dr Who could possibly know what a players "Ceiling" is. We are talking about young blokes who barely have pubes. To know what a ceiling is, you would have to KNOW what it is..... and you just cant. Like the draft itself, its nothing more than an educated guess based on what you already know, and nobody knows the future. With the amount of drafting fails we have seen, even the professionals dont know what a players ceiling is. Think T.Scully, among a big list of other players with "Higher ceilings". You cant possibly know, you can only guess.
  12. If our opponents has kicked only 3 more gimme goals, we could be sitting on 2 wins for the season. We have had more narrow wins than narrow losses (10 points either way) This argument works both ways but only ever seems to be used to make a club look better than they have actually been. All clubs supporters do it, and it is a shade dishonest. Clutching at straws. This year has been putrid.
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