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  1. How very Melbourne..... "There's always next year".
  2. So it seems Lazarus with a quadruple bypass won the unwinnable election. If only Sara Sea-patrol happens to lose her senate seat, i will be over the moon. Policies are what made the difference. Morrison ran a very boring campaign and Shorten was much more passionate. I thought Shorten was the better performer tbh, It didnt matter though, because Labor had policies that absolutely stank. Congrats Scotty.
  3. We are lucky (relatively speaking) that West Cokes form hasnt been very good so far this season. With our huge list of injuries though, no rational footy follower could see any result other than an Eagles win by a fairly big margin. At least we are getting to see what some of the fringe players can do against decent opposition and develop our depth. Im not expecting any miracles, and have given up waiting for one or 2 of our "young guns" to turn it on in an unexpected match winning performance against the odds. Glad im at work for this game tbh. WCE by plenty.
  4. If we had a player who could move at 2469 kilometres per hour we would never lose a game. Alas, Moloney was not even close to being so fast.
  5. Another quick throw-together with the main building on Olympic Blvd (more prominent shop front), a decent car park to the south, and the oval overlapping the one we currently train on. We can only dream...........
  6. I will have another play when i get home.... i have no life and a kids imagination so, what the heck.
  7. If you are going to dream, dream big i say. If we could find a way to kick Victory and Storm off their training ovals, and completely take over the Goshs Park area, this is what our training base could look like. It could happen, couldnt it?? (Dreaming is free after all, and this thread is wayyyy too depressing)
  8. There is winning ugly, then there is todays result. What is worse than winning ugly? Win Disgusting? Win Putrid? We just did both of them.
  9. The issue of true permanent home is, for me, the biggest impediment to a successful future the club faces. Bloody hard to sell our club as a destination for (particularly) free agents when we train on a public park that is not even the correct proportions for footy, and we share the Gym and other facilities with other sports. Its no wonder MFC have trouble getting players to come here for less than top dollar, because we are not only mediocre on the field but are essentially homeless. If the club somehow manages to get us a home in/near the center of Melbourne I will celebrate like we have just won a premiership, because it might just be a big factor in our next one.
  10. He is not as untrained as you might think. TGR actually has some background in Physiotherapy from memory. Not at all uneducated.
  11. No surprise he is your kind of person. None whatsoever. Pure TGR
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