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  1. Respectfully disagree. He could easily have said said that "yes we will refund if requested, but we also worry about the clubs financial situation if too many people make that request" or something similar. Instead he did a Donald and attacked the questioner. If he actually meant it when he said "we are here to help financially stressed members" then my example was much closer to the truth than his answer. The question was straightforward, and he lost his mind.
  2. All he had to say was "yes, but we would prefer you didnt ask" or "No, but we would prefer you didnt ask" Instead he was a smart [censored] once again. Bloke is unable to control his temper.
  3. Yay.... i missed seeing all those young, attractive Asian ladies when i subscribed.
  4. Its Dr Who again. Will get worse while there are no games being played. Put on ignore and save yourself the angst.
  5. Quality thread idea. So my flight to Bangkok got cancelled. I was due to go there on April 6 to my wifes home in rural Thailand. We have been married for 7 years, but i havent seen her since early July last year. Now it looks like its going to be somewhere around 18 months by the time i see her again face to face. Sent emails today to Thai Airways and also for the internal flights airline in the hope of a refund. Cant cancel my leave as the roster is already full. Cant fly to the Brothers place in QLD either as i would be lucky to get there, and almost certain not to get a flight home.. My gym is now closed so i cant go there either. So i called work and told them i am happy to cover any shifts i can during my annual leave if our nurses need extra time off to care for their kids who now have no school to attend. There WILL be some who have to take extra time off now that School isnt an option for the ruggies. Easy to feel sorry for myself, and i did have my moments. Then i remember that my job as a Nurse makes me safe from the threat of job loss. I am even in the position that i could tell my daughter not to worry herself sick about losing her job at Bunnings as i can cover her mortgage until she gets some income. Sure, im also in an industry where my risk of catching "The bug" is fairly high, and i do have a health condition that makes my risk of death from it almost 15%, but hey, it could be much worse. As long as i dont infect my 79-80 Yo. parents with something i bought home from work, it should be ok. Will feel pretty rubbish if i bring home the bug that kills them. So yeah, its crap that i cant see the Wife for ages. What can you do. I feel a lot less sorry for myself when i see the lines at Centerlink on todays news.So many people losing their jobs with 10's or even 100's of thousands of others still to lose theirs. Be nice to your neighbors and dont abuse the poor checkout chick for the 1 pack pasta limit. Its not her fault. Stay classy and look after each other in whatever way you can.
  6. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/match-supercoach?matchid=AFL20200109 Pretty good stats rundown with no paywall.
  7. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/580223/rd-1-post-match-conference?videoId=580223&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1584874972001 Goodwin is such an empty vessel after a loss. He says nothing that inspires any confidence that we can improve. Been saying it for 2 years. The bloke is a fraud.
  8. Round 1,2020 and here we are rationalising why we lost. Again. And the club gets annoyed when supporters say "here we go again". Makes sense.
  9. $5 Kayo offer for 2 months. Worst value ever.
  10. "Winning on all levels" Told ya Goody was a fraud.
  11. Relax everyone, only 3 more Quarters and this shocker of a season is over.
  12. So i signed up to Kayo to watch a single match over 2 months today. Damn 😛 I hope to god we win or i wont even bother with the replay. Pity the poor Aussies who wont have a job in a weeks time.
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