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  1. If we played the crows at the G this year we would have won. Imagine we were vying for top 8 and that lose cost us a spot in the finals. How much is that worth???
  2. I don’t mind the Alice game but the Darwin game is a season killer. Huge flight and taxing conditions. We have to have a bye after this game otherwise it poorly effects the team for at least the next fortnight
  3. Goodwin has no bloody idea. How he got us to a prelim finals seems staggering. He hasn’t changed his tactics from last year and all the other clubs have worked us out. No plan B or C and has us stuck in concrete boots. The ‘play on’/hand-pass at all cost game plan is flawed and invariably leads to a turn over. Players have also lost faith in it. Hawks won 3 premierships is a row (a feat that might not be repeated this century) possessing the ball by foot. Learn something from that football and adapt it slightly to suit our side. Whatever style game you have us playing now, Goodwin, is [censored]...
  4. Last 4 games he is averaging 20 possession, 9 contested, 1 goal, 5 marks, 5 inside 50’s and 7 score involvements. You must really have it in for him as you are getting facts get in the way of your pure bias against him.
  5. I’m tipping a demon win. Pies have been very average for the last few weeks. They’ve also had a major distraction with the Buckley/malthouse saga. I think the dees will come to play and treat this game like a final. It also helps that we are fielding our most experienced side of the year
  6. What training are they doing a day before the game???
  7. Best side all year. Avaerage age and games have gone up to a respectable level. Im tipping a Melbourne win. Pies have been average in the last few weeks and have had disruption with Buckley/malthouse saga dees will come to play
  8. Adelaide looked average against us last week but have beaten red hot GWS and are now sitting in 5th. even though we lost we made crows look second rate. Maybe we need to give them more credit and we actually lost to a good team. bodes well for us vs pies
  9. You must be both uneducated and delusional if you think they will drop Tmac. Thanks goodness you have no say in our selection process. Drop garlett? He kicks 3.2 and has his best game to 2 years and you want to drop him. You have no idea...
  10. I’ve been harping on this all year. This is a fundamental flaw in goodwins game style and until rectified will see us languishing at the bottom. The best teams control the ball and will try avoid kicking to a contest. Hawthorn built a dynasty with precision controlled kicking. This affords the marking player space and time until the next possession. Our manic ‘play on’ at all costs football is inherently risky. It predominantly involves handballs and the issue is that handballs don’t allow enough separation from opponents. The 3rd player in the chain has an opponent breathing down his neck and invariably rushes the possession. This is the reason our delivery into the forward line is atrocious and leaves us open to turnovers. Another stat which we would see us last is kicking backwards. Teams that control the ball will continually switch and kick backwards until they can find a free player.
  11. When experience goes from the side then too much is asked of only a few. No team can cope with this. It becomes easier for opposition players to focus on our experienced good players and it becomes a trickle down effect.
  12. I posted this in April 2016. Last weekend we fielded the second youngest and inexperienced side in the comp. Average age 24.3 and 68 games. 17 of our starting 22 had played less than 100 games and more than 1/4 under 10. collingwood fielded a team with an average age of 27 and 120 games. These are the facts and a major reason why we are where we are.
  13. I think they are anticipating rain. Wouldn’t surprise me that Pruess is a late in if it becomes dry
  14. Assistant at Melbourne?
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