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  1. Supporters should start a gofundme page raising funds for his removal. I’m sure we could raise the $300k needed to pay out his last year. It’s only $15 each for half of the membership base
  2. I think the game plan is a play on at all costs, manic run and gun approach. I’m not 100% sure because after 4 years he still hasn’t developed a noticeable game style. there is no structure or fluidity. The players are forced to play this ugly, exhausting and energy sapping style that eventually wears them out. The run and gun approach needs such skill and speed that even a team of Cyril riolis would struggle implementing. It might work on tiny grounds but gets found out at the expanse of the G. even worse teams have completely figured us out. Play keepings off on us all day and we run around chasing 102 uncontested marks. I feel sorry for the players. Goodwin is torturing them on game day. geelong were able to waltz the ball from their defense with ease. He hasn’t been able to change or amend our style after being found out vs west coast in the finals. He is not the right man for the job and the sooner we oust him the better
  3. I think the whole season will be cancelled. The afl will take the lead of nba
  4. Really??? I guess when west coast beat geelong by 35 and freo by 50 points last year the results didn’t matter. Since the pre season comp has been cut to 2 games, form has become a critical indicator on teams season performance. something isn’t right with the eagles. They had a full strength side and only scored 50 points.
  5. West coast have been very poor this pre season. 54 points against freo in perfect conditions isn’t good form. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dees got up
  6. Some really good signs. This side, fully fit, can contend for top 4. Goodwin has tweaked the game style slightly by holding onto the hall a little more and less ‘play on’ at all costs game style. Entries into F50 are still a worry. Would like more structured ‘lead up’ mark and goal plays.
  7. I think we will comfortably beat the hawks tonight. The pre season game against crows is all I needed to see that a better version of 2018 dees is back. I’m predicting top 6 finish barring significant injuries
  8. No evidence to suggest that any club gets leniency at the tribunal.
  9. Schofield in trouble? https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/should-afl-outlaw-this-bump/video/9f09e170aac7b6c67abfc31a032cd417 any contact with the head and he is out for 1 week. Similar to mays hit last year. Big out for them
  10. This is the same side that made a prelim. Are you counting the dees out of contention before a ball has been bounced?
  11. Let’s not pretend that everything is fine and there isn’t an issue with hogan. He hasn’t been right for years and it isn’t a stretch that he might never play football again. He’s had both on and off field issues and it wouldn’t surprise me that he has multiple recreational drug violations. There are several videos where is completely off his face. Then there was the car crash incident that was totally swept under the carpet. Freo wouldn’t be doing the trade with dees if the knew what was going to transpire
  12. Ruckman never have and never will win you premierships. I’d rather lose gawn than oliver. my vote is oliver
  13. I’m not too sure what the ‘rort’ is. If a club parts with a player before the contract ends and the player takes a lower exit fee then the club should be able to use any savings back into its salary cap.
  14. This has 3 strikes written all over it... ‘mental health’ has become an easy out for a myriad of issues
  15. The real question is what did the niners do over the last 4 years to get them into this position? what were the coaching appointments? who was in charge of the front office? what list changes did they make and who did they recruit in the draft??? Back to the AFL I’m still in awe of Richmond. The club under hardwick was a basket case for the first 4 years and then they become unstoppable... who led this change?
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