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  1. Jeez a lot of wrist slashing for a 3pt round 1 loss. Long way to go in the year! Lots to take out if it, learn from and apply for the rest of the season. Having said that still F&@$ed!!
  2. Have fun! http://m.afl.com.au/ladder/ladder-predictor
  3. Prediction:We will beat Richmond in the 1st Elimination Final
  4. Not sure if this has been posted? Josh Mahoney on the Mitch Clark situation - 3AW http://media.mytalk.com.au/3aw/audio/080914_josh_mahoney.mp3 (If already posted - mods feel free to remove post)
  5. There will be quite a few posters coming back here to edit and remove their posts if MC ends up playing in the Red and Blue again and even more if he does it successfully. Not saying it will happen, but seems many here should be using the hashtag #jumpingtoconclusions
  6. timmy

    Ling is out

    Sorry completely missed that one.Mods please close.
  7. timmy

    Ling is out

  8. From GWS Twitter: GWS Giants The GIANTS will have picks 1 & 2 in this year's draft after a deal exchanging Dom Tyson & draft selections to@melbournefc. More to come.
  9. He ruled him out of the Australian Cricket Coaching position, not ours.
  10. This explains it a bit: Quality names on Demons' board list
  11. Really good stuff! Great find 7Up! I'll be keeping an eye out for the full doco now.
  12. From AFL Twitter: We will be streaming today's 2pm press conference live on http://t.co/t0cjMIbw
  13. Yup that's what I meant...The media are now asking the wife of our dead president on whether a shambles of an investigation will tarnish his reputation as a person. FFS
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