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  1. I’m unexpectedly here. Down from Sydney and the timing worked out nicely. You can read about training but it’s something else being here. The main group are doing repeat 150metre sprints over and over. As they finish they jog back through a group of trainers who throw balls at them or ground balls which they pick up and pass back. Or at other times they go straight into shots on goal but very rapid and then jog back for the next 150. When you are right next to them you see just how brutal the running is. A lot of the running is in pairs with equally matched runners. I love what I’m seeing. They are clearly training them to execute skills straight off maximum exertion. It’s real game simulation rather than just running around recovering then do some gentle kicking. As you’d expect nowadays it’s super organised. No particular standouts in the running. However I did see ANB kick a goal straight through the middle. Halle bloody lujah. Preuss and Gawn were doing their own run throughs. I hope they get on they’re spending a lot of one on one time together. Preussy is a monster. Now running shoes off and footy boots on. The whole group have gone into a tight huddle in the middle. Someone has started up a chant and the whole group repeats the chant as one. Different phrases over and over. Finished by chanting I have no fear and jumping up and down on the spot. Incredible sense of commeraderie.
  2. Good un you Axis. I wish more on here would stand up. Most of us, especially those of us interstate who can't go to training, just want to get a sense of the training and most importantly for me who's training and who's injured. I take most poster's comments on players with a grain of salt. I just don't understand why all you posters who dislike Saty so intensely don't just put him on ignore instead of derailing these training threads all summer with your boorish personal attacks on him which he then responds to in kind. It ruins it for the rest of us and brings down the quality of Demonland. It happens every year. Last year the Admins stepped in quickly and the rest of the summer was ok. It shouldn't be necessary.
  3. Would love to know if it's all been spent just on the Yarra Park idea. I've heard opinions from various people who work in the planning area that it is very unlikely to get up. That's a hell of a lot of money to spend on a very speculative proposal. All political parties have come out opposing it. What worries me about this site is that we might be throwing everything in for the location not necessarily the long term suitability. I mean, I'm sure they are thinking about it but if we ended up with a facility like Richmond's at Punt Rd that would be an incredible result. Obviously without the Grandstands. But Richmond spent a fortune doing that up just 5 or 6 years ago and they have grown out of it already and are looking for something else, possibly in addition to rather than replacing it all together. So if that's too small for them why is ours going to be big enough for us. Look at what Essendon have built and Hawthorn are about to build. They are massive facilities with 2 to 4 grounds to train on including indoor facilities. We will have a piece of parkland fully open to the public that we will have restricted access to part of the time as the public will have access to it as well.
  4. Making a Profit is a headline that doesn't tell much of the real story of how the Club's going. One of the big figures in there is a significant increase in the money being spent on the footy department. Interestingly one of the biggest increases has been taking over the operations of Casey. I didn't realise that was going on. Also the AFLW and VFLW teams have had a significant increase in expenditure. Interesting to see at what level this investment comes back. I guess the main income generator would be memberships. Wonder if AFLW memberships are included in the Club's overall membership. I assume they are. Great to see chunks being taken out of the debt. Still a way to go. $227,000 was spent on the new facilities project. Love to know what that was spent on but obviously it's getting very serious. If this wasn't spent then the profit would have been that much greater. In the coming years a lot will be spent on that project so the amount of the profit will be a bit irrelevant. I didn't look but up to last year the valuation of the Bentleigh Club has never been adjusted from the purchase price. It has to be worth a lot more now. There was a link to the financial report but it's been taken down.
  5. If he's directly opposite it will take away his view into the Park. I'd be dead against it if I was him as well. His building would be the only group of people who will be effected by it. On a much more interesting note. The Club's accounts show that they spent $227,000 on this project in the past year. That's serious money. Love to know what it was spent on.
  6. Thanks for the great pics. Trac is clearly looking more cut. No baby fat there anymore. Hope for his sake he's been able to lose a bit off his legs. But there looks like there's been real progress there. Fritsch looks like he has more muscle definition in his arms. Might end up being one of those rangy physiques that has plenty of strengh. Like a Michael Tuck.
  7. Saty as always many thanks from an interstater. Couple of questions. Does Fritsch look any bigger. Does Petracca look any thinner. What injury is Hunt rehabing from. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know what happens if we have to match a bid that falls in this range. Obviously if its a pick before 54, 54 alone won't be enough to match the bid so we'd have to give up at least 61 as well which means we'd be down to 3 picks for the draft. We've got 91 but picks have no value after I think it's 74. So we might have to go into deficit and use a later pick from next year. I guess we'd have to use 91 on a player at that point. Probably upgrade T Smith. Maybe that's why they didn't upgrade him before they might wait and see what the bid is and whether we have to use 91 to fill the list.
  9. Scrapping your fingernails across a blackboard trumps watching Bachelorette.
  10. My MIssus and daughter turned that Bachelorette thing on last night. So I exited stage left and went upstairs to read and realised this had just started which I'd never heard live. Then when you asked people to ring in, I thought I could do that. No one will know. So I phoned in. Unbeknown to me a friend was listening and mentioned it to his wife, who rang mine and said do you know what your husband's doing at the moment. So I get sprung for doing something secretly upstairs while she's downstairs by someone somewhere else. Can't win.
  11. It's looking that way. Will be fascinating to see how this is going to pan out. We have a minimum of 4 places to fill on the main list to make it 38 and we only have 4 useful picks. If we do that we will have to rookie 4 players to go with the 2 we currently have to make the total minimum list of 44. They have to be drafted which means the last 2 will be very late in the rookie draft. No matter how good JT is that's going to be a major stretch. Which makes you wonder if they think those gambles would be better than 1 or 2 of the remaining DFA's. Maybe there's some pick trading planned perhaps with some of next year's picks to grab one or two more decent picks. Although that could have happened by now if it was the plan.
  12. ET you must get that a lot. Good to see you haven't taken it too personally.
  13. Thought I'd revisit this thread a year on and as we prepare for the draft. Interesting to see how it stacked up. I won't go through everyone. Only those I think have moved categories. Garlett has obviously dropped off the planet. Lets hope the FD can get him firing again. He did this at Carlton which was why they gave him away and we were able to get 3 good years out of him. I believe he has some issues going on at home. Hopefully they get sorted or he'll be gone by the end of next season. Hunt also dropped off very badly. I'm hopeful but not confident he can fix his deficiencies and get back into form. Lewis has exceeded my expectations this year notwithstanding his shocker in the Prelim. Thought he would slow down too much and only play limited games. We'll get something decent out of him next season so has been a real success coming to the team. The value of his experience and leadership seems to have increased as the team gets better and has got closer to playing the type of football he's used to. Lever will be a question mark now as we don't know how his recovery will go. ACL's often lead to other soft tissue injuries as players return from the long layoff. The only players in the 22 yet to reach their potential that really stepped up to the next level this season were Brayshaw, Salem, & Harmes Petracca is still in the same category of not reaching their potential. Hopefully he comes back slimmed down and fitter from the break. He needs to if he wants to go to the next step. I hoped to see this last season and it didn't happen. Has to get away from Mum's delicious home made Italian cooking. O Mac improved but there better be a lot more to come or he will get passed over. Recruiting May is a clear indication the FD don't think he's either ready yet or ever will be. Players not in 22 who have improved into it are clearly Weid & vanders. Frost was only in because of injuries. There's a real argument he's a better option than O Mac. He has brute strength, speed and agility that O Mac doesn't. His decision making and disposals have improved considerably although unfortunately still prone to bad judgement lapses in decisions and particularly marking which was lethal in the Prelim. J Smith showed a bit but still hasn't had a consistent enough run at it to show his full capability. Hopefully that happens one way or another next season. Fritsch and Spargo have been revelations and are clearly best 22 at this point unless Jeffy comes good and puts pressure on Spargs. T Smith has become critical for Key forward depth if either Weid or T Mac go down. There's no one else now. I expect him to be upgraded on at least a one year contract given how many spots we have to fill on the main list and how few decent picks we have. Oscar Baker still looks very raw from what I've seen of him at Casey. Good pace but terrible disposal skills. Not sure he'll make it. Petty looks a few years away. His selection in the Saints game very nearly cost us a finals birth. Future Ins May is at a stage where we can be confident he will deliver at the level he has been at GC and hopefully in a better set up will be even better. Solves a major structural weakness. Arguably the last structural weakness. KK is a gamble based on actual performance over the past few seasons but has shown before that he has the goods and is apparently well over the concusion/neck issues. It's a bit of a worry that a team in the shape GC were in asked him to look elsewhere. There must be more of an issue there than we probably know about. I feel confident he'll come good and will be that skilled outside runner we desperately need to run and carry and more importantly accurately deliver inside 50 or go to half back and release Fritsch into that role which he's shown himself to be very good at. Preuss will be interesting to see how he's used. I suspect we'll see a lot more of him in tandem with Gawny than has been suggested otherwise his decision to come to us makes no sense at all. I don't buy just coming to MFC to learn under the best. Goldy was the best ruckman in the comp for quite a few years. What do we need most. A speedy X factor highly skilled forward pocket. What Jeffy used to be. Bedford sounds like this is what he brings. So a tick there and hopefully no earlier than pick 62. That would be a major win. Still looking for that skilled outside runner who can deliver into the forward line. Would be good to pick one up although we might already have them between KK, Fritsch, Hunt and maybe even Salem. I'd love to see his incredible kicking skills being used for that final kick into 50. Over to you all.
  14. Hopefully Hunt hones his skills and becomes one of those outside mids or perhaps the other one with KK. If Jeffy rediscovers his magic we could be the compete team you'r looking for.
  15. Woops apparently Bell has gone to Melbourne.
  16. 5 & 23 for Hogan could end up being a good deal if Mahoney weaves his magic. Crows are desperate to move up the draft order so we trade them to Crows for their 8 & 13. 8 is very fair for May & we still end up with 13, a first rounder. 5 = 1878 points 23 = 815 TL= 2693 8 = 1551 13 = 1212 TL= 2763. The difference is only 70 points which is what pick 67 is worth. So maybe some horse trading of late picks. Our 65 for their 73 which ironically they have from us as part of the Lever trade last year. Bet none of us knew that. That gets us giving them 10pts over. Good enough. KK is weaved in to the pick 8 plus next year's 3rd rounder or whatever. Then we use 13 in the draft or we get a ready made gun from somewhere that magically appears at the last moment which FD have been sitting on . Alternatively Hogan stays we get May for nothing next year as a Free Agent and get a first rounder for Hogan and end up with more than if the deal was done this year. Although by then Hogan will be sniffing a Premiership and won't go and we'll get May as a FA. Win Win.
  17. Not much better. We've done ok with pick 53 but I don't know of any good picks at 65. Pretty much unuseable therefore no better than PSD. Clearly FD wanted to move him on. Same as Swans moving on Rohan for pick 61
  18. Pick trading between 4 teams will get it done. We've done stuff like that before.
  19. It's seriously important to take any opinions in the press with a grain of salt. Plough thinks this but Treloar was traded for 2 pick 7's and a swap back of some picks. But Hogan is a once in a generation key forward who is tracking better than any of the great key forwards but is only worth a single first rounder. I really don't understand the thinking. Most of the people on Trade Radio are a complete waste of time. I'm just going to wait till 17 Oct 8.30pm or when there's any other official news.
  20. Are you suggesting you're going to visit him and make an offer he can't refuse. But which way.
  21. I reckon we could get both for the price of one.
  22. "Me wanting to leave this club??? No chance," Parker wrote. 18 Sept on Instagram Parker is signed at Sydney until the end of 2021 "I was very surprised to hear about trade rumours regarding Luke Parker," Sydney Swans head of football Harley said."I can unequivocally deny those rumours, we've spoken to Luke on Wednesday and he's fully invested with the Swans and we won't be trading him under any circumstances at all."
  23. Totally unrelated to my secret sauce. On a sesame seed bun. Was just changing it when you posted this.
  24. I'm going to have an exclusive. I'm going to be able to tell you all exactly what's going to happen with every trade. It will be 100% accurate. I've got the inside info straight from the people doing the deals. I can assure you anything you hear or read before then unless it comes from Mahoney is going to be total BS. I'm going to disclose it at 8.30pm on 17 Oct. And no I'm not the Trade Whisperer although a lot more accurate and useful.
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