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  1. 1 hour ago, rjay said:

    I just wonder about the mental demons that come into play when you have to get on a plane in this crisis.

    The players have to be having some subconscious thoughts.

    I hope it doesn't effect game time but I fear it will.

    According to Nick Smart in HS they are flying over on Saturday in a chartered VIrgin plane so no risk from public. 

    Wonder if lack of crowds will help the debutants settle in and not get overawed. What a surreal way to start a career. 

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  2. On 3/18/2020 at 1:18 PM, FireInTheBennelly said:

    Gotta love the way he's gone about it. Rather than feel sorry for himself he's taken up the fight. Well played young man.

    Oh, and if you do ever start feeling down, I have the remedy ;)


    I spoke to him at training during the 2018/19 pre season and told him no matter what happens in his career he'll always have this. I said many great players waited a whole career to play in a final and didn't even have a memory like this. He burst into the biggest grin and said thanks mate.   I spoke to him again in Feb at Maroochydore when they were heading back. He was about to order something and I said I'd leave him in peace and he said no worries mate just let me order and I'm happy to have a chat. Couldn't have been nicer. Special guy. Really hope his career takes off again. He has plenty to offer on and off field.  We could all be queuing up for some mental health tips in a month or two of isolation. 

    I've just got through 3 months of self isolating with recovery from an Op so unfortunately already have experience. Can 't believe I'm about to go through it for the second time in six months. There are worse things to deal with. Demonland's going to take a hammering. 

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  3. Hope we are smart enough to dress players up with makeup to make them all look like they've got the virus and have them start coughing as they line up against their opponents. Oh! Hope this post is PC.

    This thing is stripping us from all our advantages this year we've got to claw something back. First easy draw gone. Now fitness advantage at end of quarters gone. Nasty. Wonder how much shorter 16 minute instead of 20 minute quarters plus time on will make the quarters. 


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  4. This is posted just now on afl.com.au  There hasn't been anything from the Club for a while.  For some reason Joel Smith hasn't been even listed on the injury list for weeks. Wonder what the story is and why he's never even listed. 

     Harley Bennell  Calf  TBC
     Kade Chandler  Wrist  1 week
     Kyle Dunkley  Foot  Test
     Mitch Hannan  Groin  TBC
     Kade Kolodjashnij  Concussion  TBC
     Harry Petty  Groin  TBC
     Braydon Preuss  Knee  3-5 weeks
     Christian Salem  Glandular fever  Test
     Aaron vandenBerg  Foot  TBC
    Updated: Tuesday, March 17

    Early prognosis

    The club has been optimistic Salem will be available for round one but a recent bout of glandular fever has him in doubt. Sam Weideman should be available after rolling his ankle in the second Marsh Community Series game. Max Gawn and Steven May have declared themselves starters after pre-season knee injuries. The long game continues for Bennell after another calf strain while Joel Smith has had an interrupted summer and mystery surrounds what's been troubling him following an infected foot over the New Year period. - Jennifer Phelan

  5. Oi! Bought flights from Syd there  in Nov when fixture came out. Fought tooth and nail to get tickets. Oh well. We live in unprecedented times. Eagles won't cope without home ground feral supporters and umpires.

  6. 10 minutes ago, waynewussell said:

    AVB accidently kicked an opponent's leg when taking a kick early in the game... he continued on but was limping. It was the sort of accident that could happen to any player. I'm suggesting that his current condition is a new 'bruising' and not the old injury... but I understand the concerns!

    If I remember correctly Melksham did this last season and it put him out for quite a while. Unfortunate injury. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, binman said:

    On the above  collectively we were never got enough last season to do the work required at the end of quarters and games to make opposition teams have to chip it around to get out of our front half. Which is one reason  why teams moved it forward so easily and it appeared we were one man down. 

    This view is also supported by the footage of Plapp praising Kossie for how well he had run off the ball to block the exit space.

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  8. 8 hours ago, bing181 said:

    But also the format. Where else, except on the Demonland podcast of course, do players (or coaches) get to talk for 20+ minutes?

    The quick 2 minute post-match MFC interview or 30 second radio/TV grab doesn't lend itself to much more than "yes, we've all been working hard and yes, the foot feels fine" type of answers.

    Agree but that doesn't stop the Club doing these sort of interviews during the week. There seems to be an epidemic of fear that someone is going to give something away. This interview was brilliant and informative and no danger to the club. 

  9. 4 hours ago, sue said:

    I don't buy the line that it was easy to beat the aging cats and hawks in the finals and met reality against WCE (who we did beat a few weeks earlier, albeit not in a final.)  While we may not have beaten them in any case, I suspect we were buggered physically and after a few minutes, mentally.

    Agree we were totally buggered by the time we met Eagles but don't forget they had a few key players missing in that round 22 win including Josh Kennedy and then Darling early in the first quarter so they had no forward line and we still very nearly lost.

    1 hour ago, Watson11 said:

    In 2018 though we found it hard to score against the top teams.  We still need to improve that.

    People are forgetting we'd hardly beaten a top 8 team until that round 22 win against injury depleted Eagles. It looks like a lot of the game style has been improved but I've thought for 4 years this is the missing piece to become a real contender. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Engorged Onion said:

    Having worked with a particular clubs players - one of the hardest things to do for a player on the cusp, but not fully entrenched (only roughly 5-8 at this club were/are guaranteed staters weekly) is to move the individual away from a notion of what ‘influence looks like. For all players brought up - it is hands on the pill... this changes in club land. 
    It’s a hard rule to break, if Goodwin and co can do it - for those that feel unsure about their role and to compete in a role safe and secure that even if I don’t touch the pill I am safe as there are a plethora of other ways to demonstrate I am doing my job, then the team and the individual will have more consistent performances. 

    I love the concept of "roles". I think the concept seems to be very under utilised. I heard the coaches got away from it too much last year and were over complicating things. It seems to simplify the game for players. Roos was the master of it. I remember Marty Mattner saying that when Roos interviewed him to go to the Swans he said if you come this will be your role. He defined it for him before he even arrived and he said it was exactly what he did when he got there. It's great to see Goody focusing on it so clearly. 

  11. 3 hours ago, bing181 said:

    Along the same lines, there was some really good insight from Tom Mac in the commentary for the North-Dees practise match video if you get a chance. He commented on Oscar that he does a lot of work off the ball shutting down angles etc. that people wouldn't notice. (I'm paraphrasing, can't remember exactly what he said but it was along those lines.)

    Not giving Oscar a pat on the back either, I'm sure it's true for all of the players getting regular games.

    Interesting you should mention that interview, I was discussing it with someone the other day. T Mac was asked two questions and I got more information out of his two answers about what went wrong last year, what's been done over the summer and what's going to happen going forward, than any other information from the Club, the To Hell and Back doco and every interview the Club has given all preseason. That was a great demonstration of how to give an interview and information that can be given without disclosing too much but giving supporters a lot more understanding and confidence for the season ahead.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Wiseblood said:

    I'll stop you there.

    That's quite easy for you to say, and certainly supports your narrative, but we're still not making a Prelim if our forward structure needed major fixing.  You need a structure that at least functions well enough to use this 'luck' to our advantage.


    That's true to a point and certainly true against inferior opposition but we very nearly blew 3 out of 4 of those last games and the failure to capitalise on i50's had a lot to do with that.

    Just relying on the fact we got to a Prelim and ignoring the state of the opposition is frankly a bit pointless. This isn't just my opinion it was an internal view and was voiced on several occasions last year by Goodwin and others. I just hope and pray that part of the highly secret or alternatively so obvious it doesn't need to be spoken about game style includes fixing the i50's or it's going to be another very frustrating season. 

  13. 1 minute ago, Wiseblood said:

    I agree in part, although we aren't making a Prelim if our forward structure needed to be 'fixed'.  We were one of the best scoring teams in that year and the hiccups you mentioned above are natural.  I felt that, at the end of 2019, it needed to be tweaked, but then everything went belly up so it didn't matter as much.

    I do agree that we need to lower our eyes a little more and use the ball better as we move through the centre of the ground, thus allowing us to hit players on the lead or at least give them a chance one on one, but I still think the main principle of what we aim to achieve inside 50 will essentially remain the same.

    I reckon we had a good helping of luck in 2018 facing a beat up Eagles, GWS, Cats & Hawks. I know that was the internal view. So don't really agree that making the Prelim proved that the lack of system i50's didn't matter. We also had some blow out wins against very inferior teams that helped to disguise the problem. The top 4 teams last year don't deliver i50 the way we do. I really hope you're wrong that the principle is still going to be the same. We won't win a premiership doing that. Interestingly Lewis who is part of the coaching staff mentioned in the last game that they won't win games blazing away the way they were. So if he recognises it surely others in the coaching group do as well. I guess that's the challenge of being a commentator and being part of the coaching group. Are you speaking out of school.   I'm a bit surprised to be honest. The one training session I went to they were clearly practicing kicking the ball diagonally if necessary waiting for a clear lead to arrive rather than just kicking it long to the hot spot. They were also practicing leading patterns with dummy leads and then kicking it to a free player behind the lead. DIdn't see that really happening in the Marsh series.  

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  14. 33 minutes ago, Wiseblood said:

    As I see it, the idea has been to kick the ball to the hot spot around 15-35 metres out.  We want this to occur:

    - Someone takes a pack mark resulting in a shot on goal.  If this doesn't happen, then:

    - We aim to lock the ball inside 50 with our forward pressure, or look for quick repeat entries which will have us kicking to the hot spot again.

    It worked quite well in 2018, not so well last year.  Obviously we can still hit up the leading player from time to time, or get a player one out (which ended up being Melksham in 2018) through a turnover, but that's been the basis of our 150 gameplan for a few years now.

    And no, that doesn't make you dumber.  But your annoyance around Goodwin not sharing our game plan, word for word, with you just seems a little silly.

    Thanks Wise. I never said word for word. If you see my original OP I said it could have been in general terms. I would have been very happy to hear him say something like we recognised i50's were a problem and supporters will see a better system. That's hardly word for word or giving anything away but it does give supporters a level of confidence that a major problem has been recognised and is being addressed. 

    I agreet it was the game plan in 2018 and the whole industry knew it didn't work. We had 4 games that season where we had considerably more i50's but couldn't convert. From memory we set a couple of records for the highest i50 differential without winning. We would have finished 2nd in 2018 if we'd won those 4 games. If it isn't fixed we'll be very lucky to become contenders. IMHO if it is fixed we'll be well on our way. It has clearly been a significant problem since before he took over and he's never fixed it. 

  15. 16 hours ago, bing181 said:

    Confirms yet again that the coaches watch a different game to us.

    Yeh was really interested in the off the ball zoning work filling up escape space that Plapp went through with Kossie. There would obviously never be footage of that on a broadcast and I doubt most of us would pick it up even if there was. 

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  16. 29 minutes ago, dworship said:

    Thank you JC WB finally someone who gets it. For clarification; it is still based on "Contested Footy", if you cannot see that then you haven't been paying attention. It has been tweaked and assisted by the use of great aerobic outside runners. There are other improvements.

    Dworship you really like talking down to people don’t you. I had hoped for more insightful observation than someone being so condescending and rattling off a two year old mantra. The game style has cleary moves well beyond that this season. Perhaps you should try paying attention. 

  17. 3 hours ago, Redleg said:

    It might.

    TBH "game style" is one of the most over hyped terms in AFL footy.

    I would defy anyone, to accurately describe to me, the particular gamestyle, of each of the 18 AFL clubs.

    Couldn't disagree more. Game Style is Game Plan. It's the foundation of how a team plays and other teams are all over analysing it every week. It's not rocket science but as Goodwin has made a specific comment about it then I don't understand why he didn't define it. He did in 2018 and called it contested football.  As for not being able to recognise game style.  Off hand Hawthorn were recognised for a game plan/game style which was keeping possession of the ball and accurately kicking to close targets which meant they kept possession as they slowly moved to attack. Tigers started their attack by focusing on forward pressure and creating scores from the forward 50. GWS's was scoring predominantly from rebound using their foot skills to kick long to running players and quickly moving the ball into attack. Ours in 2018 was attacking the contest, winning the ball and kicking long i50 to contests creating chaos balls to score from. etc etc.  

    2 hours ago, titan_uranus said:

    Don't agree with the OP.

    I don't need the coach to sit in a presser and explain what we're trying to do, down to a tee or at all.

    All Goodwin's saying is that we want to have an identifiable brand of football that we, as supporters, will appreciate us applying in all 22 games this year.

    From what I've seen so far, we're focusing on slower ball movement and picking the right time to play on and move quickly. We also seem to have a more defined back-half structure (the fact we have our first choice players back there might be as big a difference as anything though) and it looks like we're trying to keep forwards in the forward half to ensure someone is leading up at the ball carrier (but from what I've read from those who have seen more than me, this isn't working well enough). I'm a fan of these changes and, when coupled with the addition of Tomlinson/Langdon on the wings and better fitness across the board, we're able to run harder to push back into defence when we inevitably turn it over from what remain sub-par foot skills.

    Each to his own. He's put it out there so explain it. Pretty simple to say focus on winning in defence and launching attacks from there into the open. Or more focus on controlled accurate ball movement. Or whatever. Not that hard but it gives a bit of a bench mark without giving anything away. 

  18. 19 minutes ago, Redleg said:

    Personally, I couldn't care less about me, or other Dees fans, recognising our game style. 

    I care about wins.

    Some wins may come from a different gamestyle, that is needed on that day. For example a wet day, a windy day, a team playing a very tall side or a small side, or whatever.

    Who cares if it is recognisable?

    Would help if the players recognised it. 

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  19. 25 minutes ago, Patches O’houlihan said:

    The biggest thing about this guy is that he is going to take time, all we are going to see from him this year in my opinion is little flashes of brilliance and some not so good moments. 

    2-3 years time he could be just about anything but we have to give him a pass and let him develop

    Yep look at English at the Doggies. This is his 4th season and he's starting to be noticed. 

    I loved how he was being physically pushed all over the place in the ruck contests by Ceglar but he just kept oozing enthusiasm and the minute they hit the ground he was up for 2nd 7 3rd efforts and Ceglar was nowhere to be seen.   

  20. 2 hours ago, pitmaster said:

    I don't see why Goodwin should spell out the style or the team rules for anyone outside the sanctum. Let the other mobs work it out for themselves. That's what they're supposed to do. Clarkson never talked about his 'web' before, during or after its operation that I know of.

    Mate if he's saying he wants the supporters to be able to recognise it there's no big secret . Why say it then. No harm in letting us know what the benchmark is we should be looking for. 

  21. 31 minutes ago, Wrecker45 said:

    Now we have two proper wingman so we can switch any time knowing we are safe out wide on the other side. Chaos football only works if you are unpredictable. We’re now.


    I didn’t expect Langdon’s and Tomlinson’s recruiting to result in a whole different game plan but it’s looking like that. 
    The ratio of uncontested possessions has gone up significantly too which I guess reflects getting the ball out into the open more with the switching. Also a much more sustainable game plan injury wise. 

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