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  1. Shish...we all see what we want to see. I see Frost for Langdon. With some minor drops in minor picks which with smart selections won't matter. How is that not a massive win. We lose a player in a position we have 5 players on the list for and pick up a player who has something we are desperate for. Pick 22 downgrade to 26 this year in a dud draft where we might have our eyes on a player at 22 who would still be there at 26 so no loss. Pick 42 to pick 50 in a dud draft. A pick is only worth what player you get with it. These picks will be a lottery anyway. We might end up with a better player at 50 than 42. I'm not concerned with this one. Next years second rounders. We give up ours for Langdon and get back Hawks which should be a higher pick than ours next year. Win, win and win. That's what I see
  2. Genuine question. Not argument. Why?
  3. Good theory depending on how highly you rate him and whether you are prepared to take the risk that another club will take him before then. The Swans regarded him very highly and really liked what they saw in the two years he was rookie listed there even though he hadn't played a game yet. They were very unhappy when he left. He had a very good start at the Pies. Has elite speed is a good size but kicking is not elite. Plenty to work with and he could release Salem up the field to be the weapon we so desperately need for delivering the ball inside 50.
  4. Delisted free agency windows Friday November 1 - Monday November 11 Wednesday November 13 - 5pm Friday November 22
  5. Apparently he still hasn't even told MFC he wants to come here. We've been talking to him for a year, trade weeks started and no decision on even coming over.
  6. Will be an interesting negotiation with Hawthorn. We want your pick 30. What for a player you think so little of you didn’t even make him an offer. We reply he started at the $650k you’re offering him and wouldn’t budge that’s what he’s worth. Etc etc
  7. My guess is that statement was a mistake. There's three vacancies including replacing Jennings, Rawlings & Casey coach as the fill in for Rawlings has moved to a development role. There's a lot to cover and get right in these interviews and some info you must not want to disclose. For instance he paused and stumbled before he announced the offer to Elliot was 3 years. I would have thought it wouldn't be in our interests to let other clubs know what that offer is so they know what they have to beat to get him. He probably wishes he hadn''t said anything and didn't want to make that mistake again.
  8. Frosty apparently demanding $650k O Mac probably on $350k. If May and Lever play Hore can be the 3rd defender. I'd probably rather him in that role than Frost. Petty is building. O Mac fill in player if there's injuries .
  9. Let's face it you could finish 3rd in the B& F this year and still have had a poor year. But I will say that I was pretty excited to see a bit of his explosiveness coming back at the backend of the season. He looks like he might be getting over the foot issues. That would be a relief and a real bonus.
  10. Interested in Tomlinson "if he wants to leave GWS" judging by that article someone posted on the Tomlinson thread he is desperate to stay there. Seems like he'll be pushed out because of cap pressure. Wonder how it goes getting a player who is shattered he's been forced to leave. I keep forgetting about Hore in the conversation around Frost leaving. We seem to focus on O Mac being a more direct replacement. I'd take Hore over Frost any day. I wouldn't take O Mac. In the balance of the backline if May and Lever play I don't see O Mac playing and with a fully fit backline I would think Hore would get a game ahead of Frost. I reckon Elliot's main reason for leaving Pies would be Stephenson and Thomas are ahead of him for the same position. He might get a year more and a bit of cash more from us but I reckon that could be the biggest driver. I still be very surprised if he leaves. A third club has entered the picture on Martin. Wonder if it's us. What do people think about him. I reckon he's got a great package but hasn't delivered. Too easily pushed off out of the contest. But great skills and good outside run. GC want a first rounder. I guess if we split pick 3 and gave them a later one it might work. Can't see how Carlton will get Papley and him. Don't think GC will want future picks.
  11. In the face of overwhelming press consensus that we'll have pick 3 I remain hopeful we'll have 2 and they will be given a mid first round or end of first round given they had 3 top ten picks and another 3rd rounder last draft they hardly need another pick 2. If they want to get Anderson so badly they can have pick 2 and Stretch for Ben King and Martin
  12. Gil was on Whateley on SEN this morning said the Commission meeting was yesterday and it would be announced next Monday
  13. If you were in any doubt about what type of season we had this year. GC had 5 players who polled votes which was the least for a club. We were second worse with only 7. Hawthorn had 14. Carlton & Saints 13.
  14. It was in one of the main papers. Have had a hunt. Can't find it now. Read it in the last couple of days.
  15. Our pick 2 fate was decided today at the Commission meeting but won't be announced till next week. Such typical crap by the AFL. Why the delay?
  16. Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti 171 30 goals Eddie Betts 174 34 goals Willie Rioli 175 17goals Cyril Rioli 177 275 goals Tom Papley 178cm 37 goals Jamie Elliot 178cm 23 goals Liam Ryan 179 26 goals Charlie Cameron 181 54 goals Luke Breust 184 34goals etc etc
  17. Who will be the next Captain to step down. Hint. Not really a question.
  18. The Hun now reporting Langdon is meeting “clubs” in Melbourne and Dees have stated emphatically that they have no in principle agreement with him to come to the Dees. Sam Edmund and Jon Ralph authors of this article and one on 27 Aug saying we’ve got him and there’s an in principle agreement. So what happened? Who’s making stuff up. Hint. Not the Club.
  19. Don't know why the property value hasn't been updated. My guess would be it had to have a book value when it was transferred and until it is actually sold any value put on it would not be actual. Otherwise I'm not an accountant. I have no idea.
  20. I just found the 2012 Annual Report and it states the Club merged with the Bentleigh Club on 5 October 2011. "Under the Business Transfer Deed the Club is unable to sell the land and property acquired until 15 August 2022 unless certain conditions are met, or the Bentleigh Club members approve the relocation of the business to another venue." The Property was valued at $8,700,000. I don't believe this value has ever been updated in the Club's accounts.
  21. From memory the arrangement was MFC had to maintain facilities for the Bentleigh Club members I believe for 10 years. So 1-2 years left. I could be a bit wrong about this. After that the MFC has outright control and can do whatever it likes. I think the main facilities were bowling greens and some social club.
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