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  1. Saty and Kev I've got a question about Gus. I noticed that he finished some distance behind Trac on the time trial. Also noticed in that footage of the exercise of them holding poles above their heads and jogging that he put his down before everyone else was putting their's down. On the face of it those two examples show firstly he has come back behind Trac's endurance at this point. Secondly the pole exercise could be taken to be a subtle attitude issue. Not fully buying in. How does Gus normally track in running etc compared to Trac.
  2. Noticed he finished right in the midfield pack and well ahead of Gus. As said by another great to see Preuss finishing ahead of Maxy. We don't know what else Maxy did this morning but whatever, this is a great sign how hard he's worked in the off season.
  3. Not sure if it was a record but he kicked 19 points in a row from debut before he kicked his first goal. I was there the day he kicked his first goal. It had become a thing week after week as he kept kicking points. Everyone started cheering his every shot hoping it would break the drought. His last consecutive point looked like it was going to be the drought breaker as it headed straight through the middle and the whole ground were out of their seats cheering but at the last minute it veered off and hit the post. It was hilarious. Then finally he kicked his first goal. The place went nuts. It was like Plugger kicking his 1300th. Needless to say things got a bit better after that start.
  4. I like almost everyone else on here is clueless. I’ve read a bit watched a very little bit. Don’t know more than that. It’s just ill informed opinion which is a bit of fun. Of course the Club have done their homework. The more I read the more uncertain I am of what they will do but based on the risk factor of taking tall KP’s in the top 10 and especially ones who are raw projects I very much doubt we will be taking Jackson at 3. Also on a personal level I’m seriously over watching our last top 10 KPF from WA disrupt the Club with the go home factor circus until he went home.
  5. For what it's worth it's 4cm. Good luck to you being happy with a 199cm first ruckman. I'm not. 5cm extra arm reach and vertical leap compared to who? Grundy? Each to his own. I've watched the highlights reel. Can't ever base much on them. Mine would be great but believe me very misleading. Ruck technique also looks very raw. The kids a project player. He could and quite possibly will be a star but then again he could be a bust along with a string of project key position players who were taken in the top 10 in the past few years.
  6. For these reasons I don't believe we will be drafting him. Makes no sense on many levels. Won't be a no. 1 ruckman, too short. Apparently hasn't shown anything to indicate he will be a forward worthy of pick 3. No idea where press are getting this from. If it's from the Club they must be spreading misinformation for a purpose. Maybe to spook Freo into a deal. Who knows. Jackson looks like a player you'd take in the late 30's or later. Too short, not skilled. Go figure.
  7. The AFL brought in rule 6 to compensate the rest of the Clubs if a Club has the benefit of being able to have access to a Father/Son or Academy player. The AFL set up a points value for each pick in the draft. As an example of how it works GWS have the right to draft Tom Green because they developed him in their Academy. Any other Club can use one of their picks to bid for him. GWS then has to decide to give up enough picks in value to match the value of that pick or let the other Club have him. So for instance if we bid on him at pick 3 that pick is worth 2234 points. To keep Green GWS would have to give up picks they have to match that amount of points. They currently have pick 6 which is worth 1751 points, pick 40 which is worth 429. and pick 59 which is worth 158. They would have to give up all those picks and that would leave an excess of 104 points which is worth pick 64 so they would be registered as having used pick 3 in the draft our pick 3 would become 4 and they would lose their picks 6, 40 & 59 and get back 64. Hope that explains it. Same applies for Father/Son and NGA academy players.
  8. Jon Ralph in HeraldSun reporting that Melbourne have ruled out securing ex Pies defender Sam Murray. Wonder what happened. I thought he looked like a good prospect. He goes on to say ex Bomber Mitch Brown has been linked to the Dees.
  9. DFA PSD and Rookie draft cut off date 22 Nov. Dint know about draft.
  10. I wouldn't think he'd want to go into the rookie draft where Gold Coast may well take him. They really need players with a few years experience and he definitely has stuff to offer. If not them we could get him with the next pick. Although he's missed a season I don't think there's a risk with him like there is with Bennell where no one including him knows if his body is going to be ok. Does anyone know how many players you can pick up in the SSD. Could we get Bennell and Murray. What a win if we can. Both minimum cost with great potential reward.
  11. I wonder about this. Surely this would be a medical expert's opinion on calfs not a fitness and conditioning trainer like Burgess. I would guess medico's give opinion on whether there's medical potential to recover and set medical boundaries and then Brugess creates a training regime with the Doc's and physio's advice and what he can and can't do medically.
  12. For those crying about Frosts departure, he looks like he would provide safer heart in mouth bursts from the back line but with a better footy brain judging by the fact that he at leasts knows to punch the ball towards the boundary not into the oppositions arms in front of goal. Agree he seems to have had a very harsh knock on his kicking. Swans were desperate to keep him. Won't cost a pick and won't cost much $ and brings much needed pace. Give him a one year contract. Another minimum cost risk with potentially strong upside. Bring it on.
  13. Agree with above. No matter what the outcome it's a really great opportunity to firstly test our culture and leadership to take a player with his history and make him prosper. Like what TIgers achieved with Dusty. Secondly a great opportunity for our revamped medico's and Burg's to weave some magic. If they pull that off not only will we get Bennell we might attract other players going forward like Hawks medico's have.
  14. I had a calf issue caused by a nerve issue. In my case the nerve issue makes the calf muscle spasm and tighten right up. When you exercise a muscle in that state it’s almost inevitable that it will eventually tear. Mine flared up riding but when I stopped it settled down after each ride. If his was anything like that it would explain it.
  15. Senior list min 38 to max 40. A Rookies min 4 with list of 40 to max 6 with list of 38. Up to 3 Cat B Rookies separate to this. We currently have 35 on list and have to draft 3 which at this stage includes 97 which is unlikely to be used other than on a rookie upgrade. If that was all that happened we'd have a list at the min 38 and 3 rookies left so would have to take 3 more. Put one place aside for Bennell and we'd take 2 in the rookie draft. Alternatively if we took a DFA like Murray and we kept a rookie place for Bennell we'd only pick 1 in the rookie draft. When you take that into account it makes it even less of a downside if Bennell doesn't work as he'd take the place of a 2nd or 3rd pick in the rookie draft. Don't know what the stat's on players taken there being successful would be but I'd be surprised if it was very many.
  16. I'm all for this. Very low risk if it doesn't work out. High reward if it does. To put the risk factor into perspective how many players have come back from not playing for 4 years? I can only think of Daniel Menzel who was great for a couple of years and then faded out. Although to be fair Bennell played 4 WAFL games this year and 6 last year so got through rehab both seasons to start playing.
  17. Agree. But it's virtually zero cost other than a few thousand bucks for him to train with us over the summer. If he breaks down at any stage that's it. If he gets through the summer we'll have a good idea on whether to gamble on minimum wages for 2020. The loss if it fails is minute. And lets face it based on the past 4 years don't hold your breath. But if it works. Oo La La!! And either way it's worth it just for a few weeks of excitement at a dead time of the year.
  18. True but if his asking price of $700k+ is true he hasn't justified that in his performances to date. He and Bennell fully fit and firing would make a significant difference to our skill levels.
  19. The Club has made a priority of improving the medical and conditioning departments. This play will be a great test if we've got it right or not. Hawks medicos have successfully delivered them Burgoyne, Scully, O'Meara, Patton and on their own have made them a destination Club. Let's hope that's what's about to happen to us.
  20. I had the same thought. How sweet would it be to pick Harley up as a DFA and Martin in the other draft but he'd have to get a reality check on his asking price.
  21. So 5 potential spots on the list gives us a bit of an idea of the parameters of what might happen over the next couple of weeks. From what I'm reading some think Young is close to Anderson standard with an elite kick which is exactly what we need. I doubt we'd split 3 and give him up. None of the rest sound like they are close to that standard. I think it's more likely we'll split 8. Pick trading is live now until 22 Nov and then on draft nights. So guessing we'll end up with 3 picks in the draft with one of the existing picks and one turned into 2. All players left on the list are contracted so more delistings will happen. It's still been 9 list changes which is a lot really including 5 from the primary list with 2 replacements. If we take 3 in the draft it leaves the list at 38 so I'm guessing there will be at least one DFA (I'm guessing Murray for pace. Swans rated him very highly but some say he's a terrible kick. I don't know.) and possibly one rookie upgrade as we have 4 rookies now and 1 Cat B with Bradtke.
  22. Good to read a comparison with Anderson who I’m so upset at missing. Especially as all the talk is that this draft drops off a cliff after Anderson. Anyone else got a view about the two of them.
  23. No wonder. I went back to find it for you. It’s at 48sec. Only problem, on closer inspection it’s actually Weightman not Young. Still a very good kick though. My 2 cents worth is the kicking skills of the top 4 in the finals was a clear significant point of difference. And we don’t have it. Young brings it Serong doesn’t.
  24. The player I noticed in these highlights wasn't Serong it was the things Young did. How was that kick threading the needle to a leading forward inside 50. Just what we are crying out for. Just because he played half back as a junior doesn't mean that's where his AFL career will be. Hogan was the AA U 18 CHB. T Mac was a forward as a junior and recruited as a back. J Howe was recruited by Pies as a forward and we know how that ended.
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