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  1. I think the relevant comparison is Young v Rivers not Jackson. I looked at the comparison a few weeks ago and Rivera had more disposals at much higher. DE than Young. A good HBF isn’t worth nearly as much as what Jackson will bring if he delivers. Rivers doesn’t have to be as good as Young, just nearly, for this to be a win win. So far he’s looking as good. Rivers is the key to the success of the decision to pick Jackson and to trade for Norths picks.
  2. I agreed with your first two points at the time they were made but you've missed my point which is that all these decisions were largely based on the gamble that Weid had come of age as a key forward. Hogan could therefore go and be replaced with a backman not a forward. That was the gamble. Weid not even being able to get a game has a domino effect on a series of list management decisions.
  3. I was also strongly of this view, however, Rivers looks likely to turn this thinking on it's head. He was a potential top 10 pick before he got glandular fever over his last junior pre season. I've watched Young closely so far this season and I don't think we've missed much be getting Rivers. The bonus is we also get Jackson. Unfortunately the List Managers and recruiters have been gambling the last couple of years and those gambles so far have mostly blown up in their faces. First gamble was at the end of 2018 that Weid had proved enough that he was coming of age. Second gamble was on the basis of that virtually pushing Hogan out of the door. Third gamble on the back of that was getting in a key back in May instead of a key forward in King. None of those gambles would have looked bad if Weid had come on. Weid can't get a game now and T Mac has vanished since the end of 2018. Now the one gamble led to potentially three failed gambles. They've now gone and taken a very big gamble on Jackson. They might be right. They might also be wrong. He had very limited exposure as a key forward and is very raw in that position especially compared to the Kings. He's also very raw as a ruckman and short for a ruckman. Time will tell.
  4. Would love to at least know who of the injured players pre shut down are doing the full training in the main group and are looking fit enough to be picked for the next game. If all players are fit enough with possible exception of Bennell and possibly Hannan, will be really interested to see what the team will be.
  5. Exactly. I'd be very confident if he stays Melbourne he stays at Essendon. He stated his desire to move to Sydney was to get away from the pressure of the Melbourne footy fish bowl. Personally I wouldn't go near him. We're not a team that can afford another trading disaster. He's incredibly injury prone and at his best one of the worst kicks for goal I've seen. When he gets everything right he looks great but that's only happened a couple of times in his career. Too risky for MFC and almost certainly wouldn't come to us anyway.
  6. T Mac's form is a mystery. Does anyone know anything about what's going on with him. From memory he had both ankles operated on at the end of 2018 and was clearly hampered last year and lost form. He looked woefully out of form in round 1. From what I could tell he seemed to have lost pace so that the defenders were easily all over him every time he was going for the ball. Maybe the break will have helped him to get his body right and get some pace back if that is the issue. Otherwise he appears to be following on being really badly out of form following on from last year. If he comes back in form it will make all the difference having one KPF instead of none like round 1.
  7. Plus Melksham who missed most of last year. Fritsch who hasn't been able to play there consistently. AVB if he ever gets back on the park. Hannan after missing over a year. Mind you none of them are KPF's.
  8. If we are successful in getting him over his injuries like Hawks did with Burgoyne it might open the door to very talented injured players choosing to come to us because of the quality of our medical department.
  9. Oi! Let's not waste energy on a discussion of all the theoretical ways me might lose. I'd rather focus on the thought of a positive demonstration of the "Melbourne style of play" and a thumping win. Even if this is the definition of insanity. I'll only start using up negative energy slitting my wrists if we actually lose.
  10. Spargo 173cm. Kossi 170cm. Kossi first game Champion data stats. 11 disposals, Below Average. Goals 2 Elite. A portent of what's to come. Mind you there was nothing wrong with his running power from one end of Optus to the other on a couple of occasions. Anthony MCDONALD-TIPUNGWUTI another contender at 171cm. HIs stats game 1. 11 disposals. Goals "0". Go Kossie.
  11. I have no idea what this Zurich Tiny Team is. Did they put something on the Club website explaining what it is? I never saw it. Am I the only one that doesn't know what this is? Could someone explain it please? Thanks.
  12. There won't be any practice matches. Probably other than intraclub. But if they have the extended benches that are being talked about it wouldn't surprise me if they took the risk if he's fully fit in every other way. They could bring him on for short bursts. Like 7 minutes a quarter and it would be a win. Get dragged as soon as he kicks the required couple of goals a quarter.
  13. I'm not sure with our culture and player development at that time and all his off field issues that we wouldn't have stuffed Martin up. Doubt three rebuilds later he would be the player he is now if we'd recruited him.
  14. SWYL wow. Just saw you list Norm Smith as one of your favourite players. I assume that's because you saw him and given his last game for us was in the 1948 Premiership that must make you one of the oldest on here. I would love to have done that. In the Red Fox there were a lot of quotes from him on leading patterns in the forward line and sacrificing himself as a decoy FF so others could be uncontested targets. A few lessons there for some of our "elite" players nowadays. A lot has changed in our great game but a lot of fundamentals have stayed the same.
  15. There’s some talk of having extended benches if they do the carnival format. This would be perfect for him.
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