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  1. Out of interest in your comments on this topic. Are they based on your own personal experience. Are you talking about how the Clubs dealing with sponsors or are you talking about other things as well. Are you talking internal staff issues, bad staff, staff being managed badly or what, or the way the Clubs dealing with external people. Providing this info shouldn’t compromise anyone and would help us to understand what you’re taking about. Otherwise this is very unhelpful splashing super negative stuff out there being totally non specific. Or are you just saying sponsorships are down so the admin and staff are therefore crap. Ignoring other causes
  2. According to what he’s said. GWS & Hawks definitely made offers though. Fitzpatrick clearly thought he was going to GWS.
  3. Agree. Swans didn’t steal him from GWS’s nose though.He approached Swans a year before he left Hawks. He wanted to go live with his girlfriend now wife there and get away from the Melbourne fishbowl. He was never going ti GWS.
  4. Yeh. So true. Of course we'd take the Boyd outcome. But Swans had already snared a couple and were very concerned about GWS impact in Sydney.
  5. OD beg to differ on Buddy's value to Swans. Membership after the 2012 flag was 35,000. Membership two years after he came to Swans was 56,000. They had to get a marquee player to protect their position for sponsorships and memberships in the Sydney market against GWS. The Swans stated a year in that he paid his entire 9 year salary within a year of going there with increased memberships and merchandise, not to mention being given much greater TV and media coverage. I used to go to the pre season intra club games to study them close up to pick up any tips for junior coaching. They used to get about 200 of us and virtually no media. The first year Buddy came there were over 2000 people, every TV channel had crews there and there were even helicopters overhead. They don't need to win a Premiership to justify that deal. They loaded his contract in the middle years so he's on $750k for the last 3 years. A lot less than a lot of other marquee players. He will continue to pull crowds till the end. As long as he gets on the park of course.
  6. Thanks DeeSpencer, I meant to include you in that list of training watches. Great informed reply. Much appreciated.
  7. Have a question I want to ask about Jackson and hunted out this thread and had a first look. What a cracker. Question for track watchers particularly those like Saty and BB who have watched a lot of the sessions. A lot of the talk is that when Jackson starts playing it will most likely be in the forward line. Most of the training I saw him doing for the one session I saw was with the rucks so it looked like that's mainly where he's being taught to play. Have you seen him doing much training with the forwards if that's where people think he's going to start playing?
  8. All hail Liam. Very nice work. Great to see.
  9. Always appreciate the detail you provide in your reports BB. It's not till you attend a session that you realise it isn't straight forward to observe as much as you do. I must admit a rye smile coming down from Sydney when you mentioned smoke. Crocodile Dundee comes to mind. Smoke. You call this smoke. I'll show you smoke. I was sitting there breathing in the clean air. Don't know what you're talking about. I must say Trac looks super cut. He could be anything. He's such a special package. Hope this is his break out year into deGoey territory. He's capable of it.
  10. That's what he was doing when I saw him. I couldn't tell you in those sims which of those or whether it was both. I didn't see him deep forward. But O Mac was playing deep forward in some of the drills. But then again so did Lever a few times. But this was also in drills where some players were doing leads as decoys.
  11. I just read through some of my posts to respond and saw all the typos I couldn't see on my phone. For some reason the Edit option isn't available on most of them. Sorry about that. I had a great chat to Nev after training. It's amazing to think of how he and quite a few of the indigenous players are when they first come to the Club or into the AFL system and what a ripping self confident man he has become. Very friendly. He actually came up to me. I asked him if there was much of a change under the new regime. He said the main thing now is that they are on to full match sim and game plan work way earlier than he has experienced before. Said probably because so many have come back after the break in such good shape and there are so many of them fit. I asked him if there was more emphasis on working on i50's. He shrugged his shoulders and said having all the targets down there like Weid and T Mac meant there were targets to kick to this year compared to in the past. I asked about his nephew. He said he's settling in well. We exchanged old ankle injury stories. I didn't realise his was so bad in 2012. I never really recovered from mine done playing footy. He has no problem with his. Said he was surrounded with great medicos physios etc.
  12. From what I saw he was doing more of the delivery to targets i50. He looks to be focusing a lot more on picking targets and doing good specific passes. We tend to notice the bad ones of which there were a couple but there were a lot of very good passes from him. He seems to be fitting in well. He's got good speed and did some really good passes that I saw. Didn't see any obvious bad kicking that he has a reputation for.
  13. Stafford took Bradke out to do some sprints and then ground ball drills and tackling. He was absolutely stuffed. Looked like he nearly passed out. He had to grab onto Staff at one point to stay standing. He’s doing solo run through again now.
  14. Interesting Burgo agility drill going on. Players have to do 3 somersaults along the ground then jump straight up and lay a tackle on a player waiting there. I guess it’s brain training as much as physical.
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