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  1. In 2016 we set a membership record of 39,211. The hope was we’d get to 40,000 the next season. We’ve just hit 40,000 and it’s mid March. At the rate of increase in the last 2 weeks we’ll crack over 50,000. That was a dream just 3 years ago and the Club has only just reached finals for the first time. You can see that 60,000 doesn’t seem like such a pipe dream in the next couple of years.
  2. I don't know if anyone else has said this already. In a funny way May getting reported now for one match might be the best thing that could happen to him as he starts his career at the Demons. The one worry for me with getting him was his track record of getting reported. He must be spewing about it and feeling he's let his new team down straight away. I'm sure that will burn in him more than if it happened after he'd been playing here for a while. If the result is that this makes him fix the problem and it never happens again then I'll take the week.
  3. Interestingly since the article that prompted this OP the membership has jumped ahead over 1000 compared to the increase in the same week last year. That's the biggest difference at this time of the year possibly ever. So either Perty's MCC strategy is working or just getting articles out there like this one have focused supporters on getting memberships. Either way we could see a big jump if this continues.
  4. When I first saw the headlines, I was thinking what the...... Why would you set such ridiculous targets but I read the article and see where Perty is coming from. He didn't actually say he was setting any targets. He is saying you could tell by the numbers at the finals that the supporters are out there to potentially reach those sort of numbers. Obviously the challenge is to convert them to members. He is explaining he has already initiated a strategy of working with the MCC to communicate more aggressively with their MFC supporting members to convert them to MFC memberships. I believe there's over 10,000 of them. I'm one of them but have been an MFC member for over 20 years continuously and over 30 on and off. The problem is you are asking all of those people to basically donate the membership without getting anything of real value back. I do it to support the Club but it's a different challenge than converting supporters to members who are going to get access to games they wouldn't otherwise get access to. I believe there's also over 8000 lapsed members. Get those on board and the MCC and you're looking at 66,000 members. In one sense these are the low lying fruit compared to going out and converting non supporters to supporters then members. That's obviously the long term plan. It was only when PJ arrived that we were dreaming of reaching 40,000. 50,000 seemed a long way away. Hopefully we hit it this year. If we get 50,000+ it shows these strategies are staring to wok. If they really bit and we got 55,000 this year it would be basically double the biggest annual increase we've ever had. You can see why Perty got appointed. There's no one more experienced or successful at converting supporters to members. He basically doubled the membership in his time at the Pies by doing this. We are in good hands.
  5. I find it really interesting that the MFC only sign short contract extensions of a couple of years. I wonder if this is player driven or Club driven. As far as I'm concerned Salem has proven he can play at the level and beyond. (He's not a Weideman where there's not enough proof yet. Hopefully there is by the end of this season.) So why wouldn't you sign him up for 4 years not 2. Preuss is one of the only players who's been given a 4 year contract. Go figure.
  6. I compiled the table of historical membership numbers on the membership thread and I follow it each year for trends. To me the membership numbers are the best gauge of the Club's health. On the current membership growth rate compared to other years on the table we are heading towards just under or just over 50,000. We had a pre Christmas jump of about 4000 compared to last year but since then it is increasing at about the same rate. For some reason most of the membership growth year on year seems to happen pre Christmas not around round 1 which is what I would have expected. The Club will have to do something very different to previous years to make a 15,000 to 20,000 jump on last year which would represent a 24% at 60,000 to 35% increase at 70,000. So far the numbers show about an 8% growth which is well ahead of the past few years which is around 5-6% increase.
  7. I guess I will be entitled to a ticket as an interstate member. If anyone wants it, (subject to me confirming I can get one) PM me and I'm happy to pass it on. I have a reserved seat there.
  8. Good question. If I knew the answer I'd probably have been saying let alone for the past five decades. Never too old. But as you've only posed a question not provided the answer, I'll now have to use both.
  9. I think you'll find that's the point if you go back and have a look at Trac's diary and videos from when he was there. Build the psychological confidence and also fast twitch muscle reactions. Have a look at the videos of what he had Trac doing. I wouldn't do that on 2 good knees little own a reconstructed one. But that's the idea apparently.
  10. He's still up in Sydney. From memory he moved to Sydney because he had a work opportunity in IT. Last I heard he was involved in a software company providing logistics functions. He was involved in the local Junior footy club I coached at. His son was a few years below mine. He was incredibly commited to the junior program not just coaching but organising footy trips interstate every year and other great initiatives. The kids in that age group loved it. I've also seen him at a couple of the Demons functions up here in Sydney. He's a Dees man. A great guy. Very friendly and still very passionate about footy.
  11. Hope these were supplied by the MFC as official AFL sanctioned gear. Didn't realise KK was still so hampered by his injury. Looks unlikely for round 1. Saty or Moony can you try and whisper in his ear or whatever and find out when he thinks he'll be playing. Thanks for the reports. Getting down to the pointy end now.
  12. Superb picks again @Six6Six thanks again. Much appreciated.
  13. Nearly everyone in rehab has been able to do full running training which is the key to conditioning. What they haven't been able to do is match sim and body contact drills because so many of them had shoulder surgery. Crossy explained that they stay in rehab until they are as fit as the main group and can slot straight in at the same level. He does a lot of skills work with them so that is also ready. A year ago missing match sim would have been a major issue but most key players have got 4-5 years under their belts now so according to what I heard McCartney say the sort of game plan teaching that was going on last year is already learnt and now it is adding in fine tuning. I'm sure that's easier to pick up than the volume of learning in past years. The most compromised player is Lever because his running has been compromised.
  14. Drone. That wave's over 80feet high. Imagine jumping off an 80' building which I think is about 9 or 10 storeys and then have it drop on top of youI'd be absolutely crapping my dacks just watching it from the land.
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