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  1. He can pick either. Neither trumps the other. Nick Blakey had 3 options last year and could take any of them. He was a father son at both North and Brisbane through his father's career at North and Fitzroy. He could also go to the Swans as a Swans Academy graduate which was what he elected in the end because he grew up there and it's where his family is. So based on that it would be a big call for Kobey to leave his family and friends and go to Melbourne because his father played the first half of his career here. Go home factor would be high unless the Wiz moves the family to Melbourne. I know he's working there on a contract at the moment but that will end in the next year or so.
  2. Heard from someone who claimed to have a very good source that he has already committed to Saints. For all I know that source could be the X of X's X's X X X.... When I said that to him he got very adamant. As most people do with such an impeccable source.
  3. Strange one. Same jump happened same week last year. For weeks before its a few hundred a week then suddenly a 1200 leap.
  4. To counter that argument. They made him play when he couldn't lift his arm above his chest. Bizarre decision. Was an incredibly gutsy effort to be out there at all. Looks like they damned him for it too. What were they thinking? Almost as bad as what they did to J Smith.
  5. Don't see how you think that is unrelated. Preuss played brilliantly up in Sydney in the forward line. He's exactly the crash and bash tall timber we are missing in the forward line. It's a mystery to me. The whole forward line structure looked the best it has all year when he played before he got injured.
  6. It's an interesting pick for a mid season draft the AFL brought in so teams with a lot of injuries or retirees could top up with players that can play immediately in place of them. Clearly that's not what we have done. We've gone early recruiting a prospect who might well be a reasonably high pick in next year's draft. Apparently his junior year last year was ruined by injury and before that he was predicted to be a potential first or second round pick. He was able to have a full pre season and is now showing his true potential. From memory Campbell Brown said most of that. I haven't read any professionals who know him say he's slow and unskilled. Where have people picked that up from? Is it from actually watching him or if you've just read it, where have you read it? Just interested to know.
  7. 50,001 Rang the Club today to sign up a relative and was informed they reached 50,000 today. Congratulations to everyone who's joined up. Congratulations to the team. Congratulations to the Club .
  8. Wouldn't it be nice if a few more people on here checked their facts before blasting away at people and doubting their capacity. Yarra Park was leaked to the press well before Pert even started at MFC. My guess without any source is that some other retiring CEO wanted to make sure they protected their legacy by making sure they were given credit for the concept. It was leaked way too early and Pert has clearly been in damage control over it ever since he arrived. I hope they are working on plenty of other sites because this one seems very unlikely. Would be spectacular if LDC was right but I doubt they'll be giving up the Holden Centre ever. They might develop Vic Park but I reckon it will be in addition to what they have now.
  9. It's Time

    Gary Pert

    I'm one of the people who exercised their Democratic right to place someone on Ignore. I haven't engaged with them at all but they either repeated the same view for 6 pages or just engaged in infantile arguments that lower the tenor of this place. Anyway a certain Mod has thankfully given us a month's holiday from the nameless person. Can't help thinking they are Stuie reincarnated.
  10. It's Time

    Gary Pert

    Love the Ignore function. Just exercised it for the 2nd time in over 10 years on here.
  11. It's Time

    Gary Pert

    Eddie Everywhere put up his hand in an interview and stated that as the President he told Pert to go in and get involved in the FD at Collingwood when it wasn't going well. Is that what you're talking about? Haven't heard of any other instances. What else do you have for saying this?
  12. It's Time

    Gary Pert

    Agree. Although I suspect by the end of the season things will be looking a lot better. Mahony seems to be very highly regarded by all at the club including Perty.
  13. It's Time

    Gary Pert

    Agree with you rjay. But hopefully Mahoney leads from the front in recommending this and it's not left to the new CEO to have to push it.
  14. It's Time

    Gary Pert

    If I wasn't crying into my cornflakes so much at the moment this OP would be giving me a good laugh. 1. The teams failure onfield is all Pert's fault and if only Mahoney was the CEO like PJ wanted him to be none of this would have happened and we'd be sitting on top of the ladder. Oh Dear! Hang on Mahoney's the head of the FD that's failing so miserably. But it's not his fault he should be the CEO, it's Pert's fault. Hmmm interesting logic. 2. Pert shouldn't have been appointed the CEO because he meddled in the FD at Collingwood. Pert shouldn't be the CEO because the current Melbourne FD isn't performing and it's his fault and he should interfere with the FD. Hmmm interesting logic. 3. Pert shouldn't be the CEO Mahoney should be because PJ wanted a succession plan that gave him a continuing job as a mentor. It doesn't matter that the two biggest issues for the next CEO are facilities and building memberships for the long term survival of the Club. It doesn't matter that Mahoney has absolutely no experience in either of these areas and that Pert's the most experienced and successful CEO in both these areas. 4. Pert's track record so far at MFC. He came out and made a bold statement about membership targets. The following week we had the biggest single increase in year on year membership for the corresponding period that we've ever had. Our membership numbers are going to be around 15% higher than last year's record. Our best increase year on year before that has been about 5-6%. Yes part of that is due to last year's improved performance but the numbers show his direct impact on the increased memberships already. 5. Pert jumped in and gave Goodwin a contract extension. He is therefore a failure. Mahoney is the head of the FD. His role is to oversee the FD and make the personnel calls. He would send the recommendation to the CEO who should empower the person in Mahoney's position to make that call. That in turn as a process has to be ratified by the Board. Can you imagine the discontent if Pert stepped in and overruled Mahoney on this. 6. It's shaping up to be a tough off season for the FD. Unfortunately he is probably have to be engaged in that to some extent. At least in requiring a review. But ultimately he should entrust the head of the FD to do that. 7. By the end of the season with most of a full list back on the park we will be playing good footy again and most of this crisis will be a thing of the past. (I believe.) Injuries, form of so many key players and a very short pre season have created a perfect storm. It will pass. No one will be crediting Pert when that happens and neither should they.
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