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  1. I love the way we are playing this game. I like the games of Baker, Petty and also T. Smith.
  2. Wow... the umps have given their whistles to the WC crowd
  3. We will cut them up in the midfield with the likes of Viney, Oliver, Harmes and Brayshaw having season best games as they win it out of the middle, deliver bullets into the forward 50 and run hard into the defensive zone to cover any holes that might be there...... and then in the second quarter.......
  4. I can see the reasoning behind including Petty rather than Preuss with WC looking to run just one ruck against Gawn. Petty will give us options and flexibility in our defensive setup and may free up Frost for a more flexibility. I see this as a 'no loss' game. Lose by 10 goals and it was expected. A close loss would be rated as a 'win' of sorts and if we get over the line it is a 'boilover'. With what is available playerwise I think we have a good balanced team that will push WC. if we are still in with a sniff at 3/4 time I think we might run out winners by a couple of goals.
  5. If I leave now I may make it back in time but be suffering from jet lag and old age.
  6. Melksham out I would look to bring in Tim Smith and ask him to play a similar game as Melk. Run through the midfield every now and then and play high half forward. Hibberd out then move Fitsch back there to keep some run out of the back line. Anb to come back or maybe Ossie Baker gets a run. it may be too much of an ask to debut him in Perth against WC. it may scar him for life. Preuss for Keilty. Dec has had a taste and now knows the steps he needs to take. let him mature some more at Casey.
  7. Viney for ANB is the call with the rest of the team as is.
  8. Interesting in the video to see Tmac running with the defenders. Lever, Petty and Omac.
  9. The club's injury report is finally looking a little bit encouraging. Garlett received a corky but will be able to line up. Preuss to be tested and another 4 or 5 coming back over the next 3 weeks.
  10. Congratulations to Dec. It has been great to follow his journey. I hope he does well tomorrow. I will be most interested to see how he is used. Personally I hope he is given a position and a task and asked to work on it all game with a couple of short stints in the ruck. ablove all, I hope he enjoys it,
  11. I was about to post exactly the same thing.
  12. I find him a frustrating player to watch. To my mind he has a lot of talent but I get the feeling he is a player that waits for the ball to come to him rather than be a player that goes to the ball. It may be that he does not read the play that well and is a pace away at the ball or it might be aerobic fitness.
  13. Sue, maybe I should have made it a little clearer. I thought that my first sentence made it clear that we would be selecting the best team available for the different circumstances given the differences between the Saints and Tiges.
  14. I hope that the selectors just pick the best side for the Saints game on Saturday and then sit down and do exactly the same thing a couple of days later for the Tiges match. We need to win the games one at a time. Pick the best side available and then after that match is over assess the players and their condition and pick the best side available for the next game.
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