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  1. Agree with this. He has a lot of development to come and has an 'edge' to the way he plays and interacts with the opposition. I want to see him developed as a forward after his games last season.
  2. I think we might just bid on Green with 3 and GWS will match it and then we will select Young. I do not see us splitting pick 3. Pick 8 will be interesting. I think that Kemp might be the one we want and if he is not there come our pick I think we might be open to the trade of picks. Maybe with the Freo. Our pick 8 for their pick 10 and 22. Effectively dropping one or two picks and picking up an early second round.
  3. I get the sense that we may hold pick 3 until the draft and then look at swapping picks in the early stages of the draft as other club's desires become more transparent.
  4. I like the way we have performed in this trade period. The recruiters have obviously done their ground work on both Tomlinson and Langdon over the past 12/18 months and they got the trades done with a minimum of fuss. I think these two have improved our list despite the loss of Frost. No idea if we will move on any other players this trade period but I could see that once the dust has settled and the draft starts, if we still have pick 3, we might trade that at the beginning of the draft if there is a deal to do with a club that has a couple of later first round picks.
  5. Yep. Is a male... bit sorry I commented to be honest.
  6. I don't want to enter into guesses at the moment. If this one gets to be more realistic I will put a name to the rumour. I can say clearly that it is not Joe.
  7. I think he will go where the best money is.
  8. Neither Jenkins or Casboult. I did hear a name but, at the moment I prefer to keep it close. Has been linked to another Melbourne based club.
  9. As I have said before, I sit a long way from the corridors of the MFC but I am hearing that we are discussing a trade for a forward that is middle of the road at best at this stage of his career. Not a lot that is solid about this at the moment.
  10. I am hearing that this deal will be done but maybe not till later in the trade period. The trade will hinge on a couple of other deals that might eventuate. As seems to be the case with all thee things.
  11. When I first heard this one floated it was the longest of long shots. I am surprised to hear that the odds are shortening in our favour. Still a bit of water to go under the bridge.
  12. I believe that this deal is over the line and will be one of the first inked.
  13. CHF

    Minor rant

    Mr. Hell, I did title it 'Minor'... It is just something that has been irritating me for a while.
  14. CHF

    Minor rant

    I am of an age where I have more well trodden path behind me than open road in front of me. My age may go some way towards my attitude toward the modern day use of some words now employed in footy circles. There are two in particular that annoy me. "Craft" - as in "Preuss to work on forward craft." When I was growing up footballers had skills. There was an art to how the position were played. Referring to something as a craft, to me removes art from a player. Removes the imagination that players require. We have all seen players do something otherworldly that is in no way a 'craft'. I would love this word banished from the MFC coaching panel and replaced with discussion about skills and imagination. "Learnings" - They are lessons FFS. Thank you for reading. I am sure there are other things in the same vein that annoy people.
  15. Hardtack, I base it on discussions I have had with friends that are closer to the corridors of power within the MFC than I am. In the past they have had reliable information.
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