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  1. Agree 100% with the interchange you have there.
  2. Will be interesting to see how the coaches handle this lineup. with the lack of tall timber in the forward 50 we may have to use a bit of left field imagination. Giving Petty a run forward is a possibility as is giving one of the other defenders a run there. Lever up forward anyone? How about both Gawn and Preuss in the forward 50 and frost in ruck for or 10 mins. petty to cover the defence. A lot of different scenarios available I just hope that we try a few of them on Sunday.
  3. Goodwin has confirmed that Gawn, Lever and Nev will all be back in this week according to the MFC website.
  4. No major external review at the end of the season? I do not see a problem with that. From an external point of view based on what has been published, it would seem obvious where and what the problem have been. A very disrupted pre-season along with a string of critical injuries to a number of key players. The number and extent of the surgeries at the end of last season was also a contributing factor. I also point to the changes to the coaching staff a couple of week's go as evidence that there is an ongoing review process in place. As for the head coaching position, well Goodwin ha been thee for 2 and a half seasons so far and I do not think that i long enough to judge his abilities. Harwick was coach of the tiges for 7 seasons until he managed to get the flag in 2017. the season before the flag they mnaged 8 wins and finished 13th. Geelong in 2007 won the flag after Thompson had been coach for 7 seasons. in 2006 he went close to be chucked out as Geelong missed the finals. Give Goodwin time to build the team and get them playing with confidence.
  5. Usually when we are up and running we rotate up to 12 through the midfield in a game. Last season every now and then we would put Hogan at a center bounce a few times a game. I liked that tactic as it made for a mismatch and took opposition out of their comfort zone. With the coverage we look to have down back on Sunday I would like to see us play a bit of Frostball at few center bounces. That might be fun to see. Might be effective s well.
  6. Looking at that team, to me, it looks light on midfield rotations. Of the 8 named on the IC, 5 of them are defensive players and 1 is a Ruck/forward leaving just 2 who can have time in the midfield. Not at all balanced to my mind.
  7. I like that the club are willing to do this. it seems they did something similar with Weideman. If it works with Oscar so much the better. if not, well, we have lost nothing. He was a pick 53 and is only 23 yo. I would give him another 2 years minimum to develop his body and skills. When he ha the ball he is usually calm and level headed and has good delivery when in form.
  8. We need to select the best team available from week to week for the rest of the season and play each game with the intent to win.
  9. It was not that long ago that people were asking this question with regards to Frost. I think Oscar will look to work on his game a directed by the coaches and look forward to his next opportunity to force his way into the side.
  10. I hope the match committee sit down after the break and get out a clean sheet of paper and look at the fit players that have a bit of form and start from there rather than getting the team from lat week and scratch round a few names with the old lead pencil. Look at beginning afresh and attacking the last half of the season. it is not as if we have anything to lose. We also need to ensure that we have a fit list at the start of the next pre-season. now is the time to work towards that.
  11. We seem to time and time again over commit to the contest around the ball and leave the opposition numbers on the outside to either receive the outlet pass or to shut down out players as they try to run it out.
  12. looking forward to next week already.
  13. In no quarter did we kick more goals than points. after half time the pies kicked 9.0. We have no forward presence and no idea of where or how to deliver into the scoring zone..
  14. I love the way we are playing this game. I like the games of Baker, Petty and also T. Smith.
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