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  1. Sue, maybe I should have made it a little clearer. I thought that my first sentence made it clear that we would be selecting the best team available for the different circumstances given the differences between the Saints and Tiges.
  2. I hope that the selectors just pick the best side for the Saints game on Saturday and then sit down and do exactly the same thing a couple of days later for the Tiges match. We need to win the games one at a time. Pick the best side available and then after that match is over assess the players and their condition and pick the best side available for the next game.
  3. I would look at Jetta and Lewis into the team for the Saints. I am not sold on Preuss. While I think he did a good job last week and his couple of goals were good, I see him at this time in his development as a very limited player that we should use in critical circumstances. Against Sydney was the prefect opportunity and the way he was used against Alir was structured coaching at its best. I will be interested to see how he is used in future games. It will be up to the coaching panel to work out the best most effective way he can be used each game. I hope they give him a simple straightforward game plan each week and look to his future development over coming seasons. If he is not ready for the Saints I would give Keilty a run and make sure he is well briefed on his role. he has the added ability to ruck a little with a good leap and can also have a run down back if required to cover defence.
  4. For the Saints name the best 22 available and hit them hard. For the Tiges, assess the aches and pains from the Saints game and look at who is available for the match and put together the best side available. With a bit of luck we have the game in hand early with the Saints and we can 'rest' a couple of key players for the last quarter and have them a little fresher for a few days later. We do get an additional 3hrs recovery time than the Tiges and I hope they have a tough hard match against the Swannies the Saturday before.
  5. Good to get the first win on the board for the season and excellent that it was against the Swans in Sydney. I have watched the replay a few times now and there are a few things that stood out for me. To my mind there was less overt celebration when a goal was kicked. It was more "ok. now we look for the next one.' rather than "that's great let's jump and whoop and leave ourselves open to a counter." I loved the way we structured our attack on the ball in the second half. We looked much more like the team of last year. We attacked in numbers at the ball carrier with a number of team mates around the scrum waiting to receive or step in if required. I liked Petracca's game and it is a significant building block for him for the rest of the season and seasons to come. He is starting to realise that he has the power and skills to do a hell of a lot more than he has been doing. Preuss was interesting. He filled a very good role against Alir. It may have been a role that was formulated by the coaching staff and if so, well done and well done that man for doing it so well. In the next couple of pre-seasons I would get him to shadow Max in his training. The way that max has matured in his training and body management is a credit to him and should be a profile for our developing big men.
  6. Not expecting much tonight with the extensive injury list we have. With Jetta and Lockhart out I count 10 on the injured list that would play in the 22. that is a lot of preferred players and depth missing from the list. While not expecting much, I think it will be close as I do not rate the Swans this season.
  7. Good to see Preuss in as it will give us a few options to try during the match and will have Sydney asking some questions as to how we may set up. If Preuss can more than hold his own in the ruck it will give us a chance to swing Max forward and possibly use TMac to shore up the defence if required. It will just make us a bit more flexible. I see Jones has been named on a HBF. a good thing if he is played there in my opinion as he should give some critical leadership support to the defence.
  8. So, here we are two weeks into the new season without a win and there are a number on this site that are calling it 'season over' already. I am not one of them. The list we have is the same one that played good footy last year so they know how to do it. we have had a shorter preseason than in recent years and we had a large number of players that went under the knife to fix niggles. All have added up to a slow start to the season. Week 1 we were as bad as we could be. Last week I saw and overall improvement in the general play with the highlighting of structural problems in our forward 50. This week I think we will see another step up in overall quality of play and we will win a tight one to be 2-1 after the first three rounds.
  9. From the reports and the vision I have watched it would seem that we have excellent depth in the list this season. Not only do we have that depth but it would also seem that we have a mature game plan that most of the list are familiar with. This means that the depth is very effective because when they have to step up, they know what is expected of them and what to expect. Looking forward to a strong showing by the club this season.
  10. Should not be too long before there is some announcement on the leadership group.If I recall correctly, it was just after the Queensland trip last year that they made the announcement.
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