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  1. The only trouser expanding appears to have been within the playing and coaching group at one MFC... A team that (some said all was fine, what are you talking about idiot during the preseason....) that turns up under prepared and arrogant (players and coaches) will generally fail. You might not see it but last on the ladder (Suns don’t count) shows it. There is nothing that can justify this debacle of a season.
  2. Seems like a lot of positive energy and detailed discussion from you as usual DD, kudos.
  3. Jesus they hate GWS!! Fair enough I’d penalise any team who has T Greene in it.
  4. Awesome after one of our most disappointing seasons ever... god I hope we come flying out of the gate or we’re f cd. Haha good one Gorg!
  5. If he was choking on his cornflakes at 3.12pm, then it was definitely time for him to pull the pin.
  6. Best of luck Bull, excitement of what might be when you first came in but injuries cruelled it all. (if he retires of course)
  7. Just hurry up and get to round 1 next season, what a blood waste of time and $$$$$ this season has been for everyone associated with this organisation and mainly for the fans. The entire footy dept down to the players has to hang its head in shame. Arrogance and hubris from the moment the siren went in Perth to end that game. One thing that stands out for me, even more than the lack of application to your craft, is the arrogance you hear about Melb players. From hearing the West Coast player after the Perth game saying Melb are chit to posters on here and people I’ve spoken to who has been told by other AFL players the Dees players are some of the most arrogant, chirpy when they have done nothing and self congratulating in the league. Its hard to like this club let alone love it. Ive really gone into an Ice Hockey rabbit hole over the last 2 years after vaguely following it for some time. NHL clubs are ruthless, trading captains mid season, sacking coaches/GMs in early seasons, offering older/loved players base wages when the organisation thinks they can be replaced by a younger cheaper piece. The Dees need to be ruthless this offseason. Jones take minimum wage, you haven’t earned more than that and you’re in serious decline. Gawn for some captain, back luck Jack you haven’t earned that title on or off field, focus on footy. ps: this goes back to the question ET raised, will you buy a membership next season? I thought yea of course but these kinds of things make it really hard to give up my hard earned to these players. Pps: i don’t think the supporter base has ever been so angry in the time I’ve been a supporter and rightly so.
  8. Now that is a riddle!!! Worsfold or Scott coaching your team... Would you rather stab yourself in the left nipple or the right nipple?
  9. Wilson has been Melbourne-esk this series... totally chit the bed!
  10. The same right as you who slag off people who disagree with you re the players. Stop being so sensitive and have a discussion.
  11. There will be a fan forum after the season, plan your questions for then as all key people will be in attendance.
  12. This is what I’m struggling with. I’ve got an addictive personality so yes of course I will but seriously f K the players this time around. This sits on them as much as it does the footy dept who screwed this year up. Good clubs might have a down year, that is still a top 8 finish, scratching and clawing to a top 8 result. Our players are too arrogant and soft to do that. Nnnooooo not our club, 2nd last.
  13. I raised a thread yesterday, Pert on the MFC podcast yesterday said there will be a fan forum after the season. All members can attend and ask any question they like. All key people from the Footy Dept will be in attendance. looking forward to hearing your and others qs. I just hope we get the chance to respond to the response. Member q: why did we go backwards and how are you looking to turn it around Goody? Goody: “we’ll be working harder than ever to turn it around...” Member: “Simon working harder doesn’t just work, how are you actually looking to understand that maybe, just maybe your game plan doesn’t stack up AND the fact you have pushed the club to draft literally 1 type of player (inside mid)?”
  14. So apparently he’s had a falling out..... Hahahahaha Gold chook!!!!
  15. I love it!!! Seeing the gay avenger (Stokes) throw his head back as Smith just nudges another couple down to fine leg is the best!
  16. Listening to Pert today on the MFC podcast he is 100% Goody is the right coach... Bartlett was the same not long ago... it’s hard to keep the faith.
  17. Can someone cut the cable of the coverage from the G!!! I’m trying to enjoy the cricket but keep flicking back to our puss club. 3 goals.... 3 bloody goals and 40 points down. Go f. K yourselves MFC players. People whinging that fans aren’t turning up, spare me. The players haven’t turned up all season so bugger them.
  18. MFC have just dropped another podcast for the week, Pert answering members questions. One of the first things he says before getting to questions is the Dees will have a members forum later this year where all members can come along and ask any questions they want. All the club leaders and Football dept leaders will be involved.
  19. I saw him in the city the other day. He was yelling at a young yahoo on one of those new fangled scootery thingos.
  20. Awesome!!! So good to see a partner sticking around. We [censored] and moan about sponsors leaving, great to see NB staying for another 3 years!
  21. Haha was going to post exactly this... he was in the paper today saying Carlton f kd him because of over paying players etc. crazy old cooter.
  22. 5 years ago yes, one of my fav players. Now, maybe. An upgrade on Lewis and Jones? Too old, quite possibly. We can’t keep being a nursing home for a year too long.
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