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  1. I’ve asked this q in the thread a couple of times for no response. I don’t think any of us knows how and why any of the breaks were set. Maybe in the 40s the first and 3rd qtr breaks were 6.7mins and halftime was 13.4mins? @sue good point re the quick ad spots in the break of play thought. US sports this happens so often.
  2. 4.9 years is his longest stint otherwise 2.5 - 3 years has been his stints. I think 3 years would do us.
  3. Podcasts: The Grade Cricketer - they have some top guests. The Howie Games - he is a bit of a f l o g but again he has some amazing sporting guests. 6 different ice hockey podcasts.
  4. The Athletic is incredible!!! It’s US, Canada and UK focussed if you like Hockey, NBA, NFL and soccer. Its a subscription model, $5pm I think I pay but it is so worth it. Basically what they have done is hired away all the best journos for the dieing papers in the US, Canada, UK and put out amazing content. Used to love Deadspin before it was gutted.
  5. I stub my toe... badly!!! And roll around on the floor for 5 mins swearing...finally able to get up, that is my face with my wife watching on.
  6. $100 he finishes top 10 in the BnF?
  7. How did Horse Longmire get his nickname?
  8. I’m tipping him for a bounce back season, he is looking great condition and if I Recall Saty said last year he likes an offseason to enjoy himself. He looks ready to go for this year and he’ll be brilliant again.
  9. I'm not sure you can fault him on whats happened last season and certainly have to give him and Mahns props for what has occurred since the end of the season. Chasing 70k members is impossible if the club can't win games.
  10. How does he and Mahons work in relation to picks? Taylor rates this years draft better than next, “hey Josh get me as many low picks as you can this year!” Does that happen? Since he came to the club is there a player or 2 he was uhming and ahhing about and chose a different player that he now regrets not taking? Any players we were going to pick but just got pipped on by another club that he’d love to have at Dees?
  11. Salem looks nonplussed... the others "huh?"
  12. How is it not a real career? It’s better than yours or mine at that level. Noting he let himself down badly for most of his time at the top level by not truely committing to the standard required, but it was real.
  13. Didn’t think so but “IT HAS TO STAY AS IT IS!!!”
  14. Anyone tell me why the halftime break is/was set at 20mins? Personally I think it’s a great idea.
  15. They were known as a rubbishy club at the time and had lost shed loads of good draftees this the need for that kind of approach. I just don’t think a good club would draft a “soothing goat” mate to help keep a high draft pick interstate. A good club backs itself to retain players and have a good welfare team in place etc.
  16. Not sure what you’re trying to say V, how have any of those stopped a “go home factor” because they drafted a gun then a mate later on?
  17. The best mates thing worked out well with Trenners and Tappy so fingers crossed this one does as well. Seriously does it really play a factor at a good footy club (GCS excluded of course)?
  18. Funny to compare him to Weid, he just looks more fleixble/dynamic in his movement and reading of the flight of the ball. Interested to see how he progresses.
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