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  1. All omitted too. Tomlinson is a big out for him.
  2. Cards13

    Gary Pert

    How many since 1964??
  3. It is if you can’t kick to a target! Or score goals and not let goals flow out the back the other way. Thats a disastrous how many wins since end of 2018?
  4. A rumoured board challenge.... that would top it right off if true. Unless they have $$$$$$$$millions to tip in, tell them to stop and have a good hard think about it.
  5. I read an article saying the Cats had also taken the entire playing list into Sydney even though they will be heading to Perth. While the Dees and the North’s of the world have a smaller budget and group they can take. Imagine getting a decent amount of injuries to a budget team..
  6. Bennell......... Or Maxi.... Sorry its been a long week...
  7. I know it's not the same (well Vic is looking like Florida right now) but US sports have lots of cases inc 10 cases with one MLS team. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/mls-withdraws-fc-dallas-orlando-tournament-multiple-positive-tests/
  8. Drummoyne oval is tiny isn’t it? Used for the hit and giggle cricket with huge scores?
  9. No.... no.... no no no nononononononono! We need players who can hit the side of a barn.
  10. It's 52ks between Gosch's paddock and Casey Fields.
  11. They did that, last year!!!! They came up with Goody needs more experience around him so let’s get Richardson...
  12. I'm planning on watching Super Rugby this weekend, I find I enjoy that a lot more than watching the trash we dish up.
  13. When are they going to take responsibility Saty?!?! When..... it’s been one swallow (2018) in 56 winters. Oliver doesn’t do enough, Viney hasn’t learnt how to play modern footy, Tmac hasn’t learnt how to be a fwd, Mahoney has overseen a recruitment policy that has burnt picks for Lever and May etc etc etc etc etc.
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