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  1. For your top 15% - 20% of your best/coming their prime players only. The rest of the list (no matter how much we strive for loyalty to the jumper) need to be interchangeable. The top % of players you need to lock down on the best deals for the club, as early as you can, for as long as you can. But it’s all calculated guess work. I’ve said it before but I’ve dropped into an Ice Hockey rabbit hole and the cut throat nature of it is incredible. Trading your captain/top 3 players mid season. 7 year. $10m a year contract to 30+ year olds. Giving away draft picks for a player for half a season who is going to hit the free agency market no matter if he wins a championship (the cup) or not. The clubs who are looking to use data/analytics and hold themselves to a very strict policy on players (only the best and youngest get the long deals, interchangeable pieces etc) will be the most successful.
  2. Does he have the desire to be great? Does he have the mongrel to be great? Does he want to lead his teammates to be better not just be a fun guy? He has the package outside of the above, he showed small signs of wanting the above last year and this offseason. I hope for us and him he can keep it up for the next how ever many years as he could be one of the most exciting players in the game to watch.
  3. YEAS!!! I have about 5 of the new ear "flatties" and love them. Need some new ones, the others are starting to wear a bit.
  4. No?! He’s not back again?
  5. Considering this is the season the club had ear marked as being a consistent finals team and consistently challenging for a flag then nothing short of that is a success for me, especially after last years total s h i tting of the bed.
  6. I like his door knocking transport.
  7. Maybe our leaders of a few years ago were a bit sh i t/too young/had never been shown what makes a good captain or leader and that kind of thing was a little bit above them?
  8. Martin is leaving us and heading back to Tassie, I hope he keeps writing. "My words about footy upon parting: you need at least two people on the AFL Commission representing grassroots footy," writes Martin Flanagan, who is heading back to Tasmania. "We’re heading into a rough, tough century. Grassroots footy is where the game’s version of climate change is occurring." https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/my-parting-advice-for-the-afl-20191227-p53n3d.html
  9. My only gripe is how small the backpack is, I’ve had to cut the legs and arms of his favourite Dees teddy just so I can fit it in the backpack. Not sure if he had tears of joy or not streaming down his face as I put the scissors away.
  10. I’ve asked this q in the thread a couple of times for no response. I don’t think any of us knows how and why any of the breaks were set. Maybe in the 40s the first and 3rd qtr breaks were 6.7mins and halftime was 13.4mins? @sue good point re the quick ad spots in the break of play thought. US sports this happens so often.
  11. 4.9 years is his longest stint otherwise 2.5 - 3 years has been his stints. I think 3 years would do us.
  12. Podcasts: The Grade Cricketer - they have some top guests. The Howie Games - he is a bit of a f l o g but again he has some amazing sporting guests. 6 different ice hockey podcasts.
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