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  1. “Happy for”? NUmerous NRL players are back working regular jobs, you would assume A League, NBL, Rugby etc players are all looking for work or at Centrelink.
  2. Read an article the other day saying the Port Magpies are in real trouble and could go under without government help.
  3. I know there is a lot going on but that’s embarrassing to the VFL especially.
  4. In Pert we trust. Imagine if we announce a new base and there are no tenants at AAMI...
  5. Wasn't one of the issues with AAMI the "high cost" for the level of access/facilities/size of the the facilities we get access to? Here is hoping rugby (union) stays, but I'm doubtful rugby will be a game that exists in Aust in the coming years.
  6. Good news for mine especially when 2 of the "big Vic" clubs drop their alignments.
  7. 100,000 is just the CV-19 deaths, with hospitals overrun for a period of time other preventable deaths would rise as well.
  8. An ugly truth, but I think this is less so now than at any time in the last 10 years. The players look fit and committed, not with standing the Eagles game which wasn’t a great outing. Also can’t wait for Saty to get stuck into you!
  9. An opportunity to dope while the testing is reduced or stopped? https://www.bbc.com/sport/52064293
  10. A League player has tested positive for it, played in a closed door game recently.
  11. Mike Cannon-Brookes https://www.forbes.com/australia-billionaires/list/
  12. The ignore function is wonderful at times like these.
  13. Horrific thought but one that needs to be played out in the boardroom as DJ has mentioned I think this is a real possibility for the 3 bottom tier clubs in Melb, us being one of them.
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