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  1. It’s the only way I see fwd Rusty, it would be more reliable and take less time than our current set up.
  2. That could have been a season/career/club defining win... lots of positives but it’s like dancing with your sister. I said in game day the club needs to sort out its goal kicking ASAP and on reflection the goal kicking will cost us games/finals and potentially winning a flag. It’s such a killer when we have a young team in playing really well only for poor delivery into fwd and then disgracefully missing so many easy shots on goal.
  3. Ffs if they do not invest in a goal kicking coach we will never win a flag.
  4. Seriously we get murdered by the umps. How the f k was that not a 50 against McGovern coming over the mark on Hunt
  5. It is essentially cured because no one spends time/over used the groin kicking for goals after training...
  6. That was 24 handballs and 24 kicks. ps @Whispering_Jack nice humble travel brag
  7. Have been thinking about this more so this season, teams set up really well in rolling zones. If you can’t get quick ball movement then it tends to lead to turn overs. Any time you have to hold the ball up from a mark or free kick for too long it clogs up ahead, why not try to get over the back with some torps, ffs it couldn’t be any worse than how we have been doing it.
  8. Poor bugger, first case of OP in Aussie sport in 5 years!!
  9. Hahahaha Hahahaha “learn our systems”, good one.
  10. Wowee we are a long way off the second worst as well. Oli needs to realise he had time, so many times he slams a kick on the boot and he looks to have time to steady and look a target.
  11. What about the mid-season draft, isn’t it on Monday? Our injuries to defenders mean we target one? Or it doesn’t matter at all?
  12. Yea Mission isn’t a doctor and would have zero say in someone playing on during a game.
  13. Just get him to focus on that terrible ball drop. Waaaayy to high. Get the ball drop right and he’ll kick 60+%.
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