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  1. Is it just me or has footy been a real tough watch this year? So many whistles, horrible defensive zoning, slow play, poor skills. Just a real hard watch.
  2. Charlie Cameron.... 1 player from any club I think would make us a really tough side to beat. Aaannnddd then gives away a 50 Why do fwds try and mark on the goal line instead of shepherding the ball?!
  3. Mick Warner the old Essendon 0/300 analogy during the doping hearing. What a toss a
  4. @R.I.P. Troy..... you know you watched it ya big sook. 15 goal loss... ppffttt
  5. I told the wife all week Dees on Thus night. Keep the kids away from me... deaf ears and all as I’m just about to put Mr 9 months old to bed. I hope when I watch Kayo from the beginning I see Dees playing well.
  6. Od I think I’ve tried to argue against you keeling over before we win another flag, I’m not too sure now. I think I might not make it to another one and I’m 40.
  7. You don’t need to warm up dazzle...
  8. Speaking of honesty dazzle, [censored] hell he’s a footy player not a linguist, give it a rest buddy.
  9. Mate ssshhhh don’t tell Saty!!!
  10. We’ll kick 6 goals if that’s the case, lucky for us Swans will only kick 5.
  11. I would have thought the boys would have been pretty honest with each other after the prelim... during the preseason.... before round 1, after end 1 and 2. Kids these days.
  12. Round 3, earliest honesty session ever?
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