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  1. Not that I hold much value in the time trial, that is a tough one up the incline around the gardens their.
  2. Mfcss.... please don’t breakdown, please don’t breakdown, for the love of god please give us as close to your best as you can!
  3. It’s been awhile..... Avs wowee! They are such an exciting team at the minute, especially if we can get back to full strength. Top 2 keepers and 2 of our 4 best players out (Maker is in that top 4 already ). The last 2 years I’ve really fallen down a hockey rabbit hole and I love it. I listen to 5 hockey based podcasts every week, a couple of those post new episodes twice a week so it can be hard to keep up but fascinating, especially the fan based ones. The analysis they go into is incredible compared to Aussie based sports fans let alone media.
  4. I hope every club just tries to f k them the next few trade periods. Work in good faith like our boy Mahoney.
  5. Good to see Sam Blease is still around the club and finally contributing.
  6. Would be great to have a sarcasm AND sanctimonious ^ font on here...
  7. Roosy was in our office yesterday with his high performing teams business (was better than most I’ve seen before) and he was asked about leadership at Ess at that time. He went on a long rant about how it all is supposed to the rest on the doctor on what the players take and nothing to to with the coaches, CEO or anyone else, but he ignored the Hird conversations talking about the stuff.
  8. Some one is going to wake up this morning a little sheepish with a decent hangover.... I know AFL players don’t make the same kind of $$ as NBA, NFL or even ice hockey players but it is well established that a lot of these players have there own out of season training groups/mentors at there own cost with the aim to come back in even better condition/having enhanced/developed a new skill and are better than the season before. Good on a couple of our guys looking to do the same.
  9. Thumbs up to the discussion in this thread. Will be interesting to see how the brown baggers progress and how SOS is viewed from here, let alone us.
  10. I’m still a Sonics fan because of the great man and Payton et-al.
  11. Great news! Wish I could afford one.
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