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  1. Roos wanted a short time and then to groom a successor, Goody was it. That’s his legacy, helped turn it around but didn’t want to finish the job and left it to someone else.. That was his choice, he was great for us and we all thank him but he isn’t part of the club any longer and you can’t complain from the shadows.
  2. Mushrooms on toast by the looks of it.
  3. Would have been overly indexed in high, late, head high contact though.
  4. If we’re not good enough to win in the heat of Darwin (not the Alice) and then for us to be “too sapped of energy” the next week and lose that game and then to not make finals by a game or %, well we were never winning a flag in that season. This season is shot so the money we get from this game will potentially make up the forecast finals revenue we aren’t going to make that we would have budgeted for.
  5. I remember as a kid the old man talking about the good old days of footy (when we were sh. It) or of test match cricket and the new fangled ideas are ruining the game. I thought he was “old school” and didn’t see what I saw. Geeeez I feel old as this game is so far removed from what I fell in love with and I don’t know if that feeling will come back. (and we’re still sh. It)
  6. Sorry I missed this reply. So like Hawthorn and Tassie or the Bulldogs at Cazaly stadium in Cairns (they won the flag in 16). For mine it makes zero difference.
  7. This. Drop old mate, sack this guy. Unfortunately with the large number of names on the injury list that does make it difficult. Bring in the Wagner boys for who? JKH? Maynard?
  8. You ringing the club to take them through your blue print to a flag Cuddles?
  9. Oh ffs. We did and still do need the $$$$$$$$$, get over it. We almost beat them at there manufactured cauldron this year.
  10. Makes zero [censored] ing sense. As I said to him above his annoyance at his past dealings with the club seem to be affecting his judgement.
  11. Oli and Weid complete the session?
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