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  1. Planning to watch the documentary Fork 'em, or is your mind already made up (ie. closed)?
  2. Poor old TGR still hasn't got over that time he offered his physio services to the club and they laughed him out of the joint.
  3. It would be a shame if this had a negative impact on Collingwood's fortunes. *cackles like a maniac
  4. Pendlebury for most possessions is the whisper.
  5. The saying, according to the immortal RDB, is that PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.
  6. The horse is dead. You may stop flogging now.
  7. Collingwood didn't draft any of Treloar, Kelly or Wines. Poor comparison. Almost a good username, though!
  8. OK, so now I know I'm not allowed to call the umpire a green maggot. But I'm allowed to THINK that he is, right? What happens if I say "I think you're a green maggot, umpire"?
  9. When things aren't going as well as expected, it's tempting to look for a scapegoat. Misson is a soft target in this regard, although we didn't hear this level of blaming when we were winning finals last year.
  10. No point persisting with him just to be defiant.
  11. I thought he was referring to Monica Lewinsky.
  12. The whole thing is becoming more ridiculous by the day. "Barrack as loud as you can" says Gil the goose .... but not TOO loud OK?
  13. The "problem" may solve itself the way the AFL is going because nobody will turn up if this farce continues.
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