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  1. I'm very, very happy ... ...that I didn't watch or listen to a minute of that.
  2. I don't think we need to see their Koch.
  3. You missed the joke, PF. Mosquito = insect = six legs = six footer. One for the cryptic crosswords fans, I guess. Of course, there is no logic in it. If there was, Tomas Bugg would have been still on our list.
  4. "Get over it" is another way of saying "Keep putting up with it and stop complaining".
  5. I think it's because it's associated with Collingwood. Fair enough, too.
  6. Knew we should have drafted Irving Mosquito.
  7. Gryan is an anagram of 'angry'.
  8. "Warm the bench" has become something of an anachronism these days with the constant rotations that we see.
  9. Spargorn in your opinion, dc?
  10. Gravity is also a big hoax, designed to stop the people from rising up.
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