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  1. The best thing that ever came out of Adelaide is the road to Victoria.
  2. That's what it means. I don't think PD's "idiot" comment was directed at you. It must be said, in the immortal words of Bernard from 'Yes Minister' that what is written by some posters on this forum is a Consignment of Geriatric Bootmakers ... or, in simpler terms, a load of old cobblers.
  3. I reckon he could eat an apple through a tennis racket.
  4. From that footage, I didn't see any of the dire disposal by foot everyone's been talking about. Looks an impressive player.
  5. They're the latest lot of pejoratives trotted out by the right, in the vein of "politically correct" as an insult.
  6. Good on the club for their stance on this issue. Nobody should have to put up with that nasty rubbish. No doubt some will be sneering, accusing us of being "woke", "triggered" and "virtue signalling".
  7. I'm blowed (geddit?) if I know how you can "inadvertently" come into contact with cocaine to the extent that it shows up in a drug test.
  8. You can't really expect intelligent statements from a poster with a Collingwood player in his avatar.
  9. I think we're all sick of the speculation, theories and wild, uninformed guesswork. Just bring on the draft already, although I note the AFL is milking it by (unnecessarily) dragging it out over two nights.
  10. Yep, Adam posts on here as Supermercado. Demonblog is one of the best things on the interwebs.
  11. Something Scully was unable to avoid in China (so they say).
  12. Onya TiGeR, you've just proved the second and third certainty I listed in one go.
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