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  1. The Carlton Club Hotel in Gertrude Street, near Nicholson Street. Hasn't been a pub for many years and is now part of St Vincents. The Minton-Connells later took over the Rathdowne Tavern in Carlton.
  2. You might be thinking of Matthew Bode, who could play a bit. Jace was pretty ordinary, alas.
  3. Steven Icke gave us wonderful service and even won a B & F I think.
  4. I used to drink at Adrian Minton-Connell's pub in Fitzroy in the late 80s and he was a lovely bloke. He married Peter Hudson's sister, Pam and they are the parents of Simon (also a top bloke).
  5. Thanks for the info Rog. That would explain the length at the back, but nothing excuses that shaved area above his ear!
  6. How about that haircut! Surely he lost a bet.
  7. Len Gandini, radar? Five games in 1986.
  8. I think Coco may have been Neil Roberts, another Brownlow Medallist from St Kilda who won it the year after Brian Gleeson.
  9. Gee, you're not wrong. I can only pick out Nathan Jones on the right and Max Gawn at the back in the cap. Any others?
  10. Quite a complex person, I've been led to believe. There were many layers to him.
  11. Ted Fidge played 42 games for us, and in last year of 1988 only played the one game ... but what a game! We were playing Collingwood at Waverley and Fidgey snotted Magpie star and matchwinner Darren Millane hard enough for Pants to have no further impact on the game (may have even been carried off). Young Ted copped six weeks from the tribunal and we never saw him again. We won the game by the way!
  12. Yep, John Fidge played for us. We had very high hopes for him, but alas ... This from Demonwiki: The 1982 Victorian Teal Cup player and younger brother of Ted Fidge debuted two years later as a 17-year-old, and was a reliable forward in his first two seasons until right foot stress fractures kept him to just six games in 1986. He had been rumoured to be pursued by another league club earlier that season, but for 1987 was cleared to the newly formed Brisbane Bears at the end of that season for $125,000 - their fifth highest transfer fee for a recruit. Fidge played in the Bears winning first match, and appeared 16 times for them in 1987. After eight matches the next year he was sacked by the Bears three weeks into the 1989 season, apparently after punching Warwick Capper in an intra-club game and abusing coach Peter Knights. He then threatened to take the Bears to court for full payment of his contract. At the end of the year he was drafted by the Sydney Swans but instead chose to join SANFL side Glenelg where he became their full-forward. In 1990 he booted 124 goals. At the end of that year Essendon picked him with selection 24 in the National Draft, but he did not play a game for them. Returning to Glenelg in 1992 he kicked 92 goals out of a total of 316 in 69 games for the Bays, then joined Frankston in 1994. During his playing career Fidge had 20 operations, and later revealed that he played with spondiolythesis (back injury) throughout his time in the game.
  13. I'll kick it off with guernsey numbers 1 to 10: Maysy, Jonesy, Saley, Harmesy, Traccy, Jacko, Vinny, Levery, Spargy and Brayshawy.
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