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  1. The horse is dead. You may stop flogging now.
  2. Collingwood didn't draft any of Treloar, Kelly or Wines. Poor comparison. Almost a good username, though!
  3. OK, so now I know I'm not allowed to call the umpire a green maggot. But I'm allowed to THINK that he is, right? What happens if I say "I think you're a green maggot, umpire"?
  4. When things aren't going as well as expected, it's tempting to look for a scapegoat. Misson is a soft target in this regard, although we didn't hear this level of blaming when we were winning finals last year.
  5. No point persisting with him just to be defiant.
  6. I thought he was referring to Monica Lewinsky.
  7. The whole thing is becoming more ridiculous by the day. "Barrack as loud as you can" says Gil the goose .... but not TOO loud OK?
  8. The "problem" may solve itself the way the AFL is going because nobody will turn up if this farce continues.
  9. To all the posters blowing a fuse, it's only footy fellas. And I've followed this mob since 1965.
  10. It's imaginary alright. It's also not relevant as it only exists in your imagination.
  11. The context was that it was Indigenous Round and a team of under 16 all Indigenous players had taught the Swans players the war dance during the week. Goodes and Lewis Jetta agreed that the first of them to kick a goal that day would perform the dance. Goodes duly kicked the first goal and performed the dance (incorporating throwing a spear), aiming towards a nearby pocket of Carlton fans who had been booing him since the game had begun.
  12. Is Basher really Range Rover using a different name? Even though I've got him on 'ignore', posters keep quoting him and, if it really is RR, it all adds up now.
  13. "Ape" has never been much of an insult to a white person as it has no particular context. I wouldn't care if you called me that. Calling a black person "ape" or "monkey" is another way of perpetuating the myth that black people are sub-human and inferior and is considered highly insulting and deeply hurtful. Throwing bananas at/towards black footballers is another symptom of this attitude. That is my understanding of the difference.
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