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  1. Trade Max Gawn? For any sharks reading, consider yourself jumped.
  2. Yeah, I get that but I don't understand the 49% figure quoted in the graph. It's obviously incorrect. I guess we all make mistakes, as the Dalek said as it climbed off the rubbish bin.
  3. Do those blue dots represent possessions? If so, it's only about 10% in the forward half, not 49% as shown, which reinforces the notion that he plays in defence.
  4. Not only a troll, but a poor one at that. Far too obvious, no subtlety at all.
  5. Given the widespread lack of originality and creativity with players' nicknames these days, I'd go with "Langers".
  6. How does one relate to the other? Why would Melbourne taking Anderson prompt Brayshaw to leave?
  7. Can we not make this yet another thread about Simon Goodwin?
  8. People not renewing means lower membership which means less revenue. Can someone tell me how this helps the club climb out of the hole it currently finds itself in? If you think it's "sending a message", I'd be pretty confident the club knows just how bad the year has been and how rotten we all feel about it. I just can't see how penalising the club by not renewing is in any way helpful. If anything, it's hurting the thing we love.
  9. When the going gets tough, the "tough" bail out?
  10. What a night. Thought I'd cheer myself up with some nice hot chips, but I accidentally dropped them and, before I had a chance to pick them up, some clumsy bastard trod all over them.
  11. Excellent post and a wonderful clip, rjay. Very well done indeed.
  12. There was a story going around (possibly apocryphal) that, when asked if he was called Duck because of his unusual gait, Carey replied "Nah, it's because of the funny way I walk".
  13. Come on Lord Nev, don't be so disingenuous. His leaving is not in dispute, it's the other muck that Browne is raking.
  14. So now we're taking Tom Browne's word as gospel with all his "suggested", "unclear", "questions", "sources", "understood" weasel words style of journalism? I thought the consensus on Demonland was that Tom Browne was useless and unreliable, but those who can't wait to stick the boots in whenever possible are happy to take his latest effort as the truth.
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