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  1. This from another club's fansite, which would suggest the injury is not fatal ... He was running the tan in Melbourne footy club get up this morning being supervised by someone else in uniform. They haven’t put a line through him yet.
  2. Me too ... one bacon sandwich at a time.
  3. There's only one left. Scott was delisted at the end of last year.
  4. You'd need to be careful with the razor around the nether regions. One accidental slip and the resulting cut could well end up causing arsenick poisoning.
  5. Speaking of Collingwood, isn't it great to see that Eddie McGuire has used his influence to galvanise Magpie fans into doing what they can for the fire ravaged areas in Victoria. As we speak, there are two busloads of looters on their way to East Gippsland.
  6. On that issue Wrecker, we are on common ground. Go Demons!
  7. Isn't that the Subway employee?
  8. Ha ha, I remember this. It was glorious and Big Carl had a great time that day, the Magpie players less so. Teddy Fidge's last game was also against Collingwood in 1988 when he snotted Magpie champ Darren Millane early on and put him out of the game, which we won. Fidge got suspended for a few matches (justifiably, I might add) and that was the last we ever saw of him in red and blue. If it was a plan, it worked!
  9. A very solid effort overall and an enjoyable read and walk down memory lane. However, I cannot give you an elephant stamp and would risk being ejected from Pedants Inc. for not pointing out the misspellings of Rohde, Pedersen, Bizzell, Bennett and Seecamp and, to a lesser extent, Alastair (Clarkson) and Stephen (Powell).😉
  10. I get the feeling that some rub their hands with glee at the first sign of anything going awry as it validates their pessimism. Some even keep a jar of glee handy for that very purpose, I'm told.
  11. ... and playing for Victoria in their star studded side in the ’69 carnival dominating for the bloody Vics. Those croweaters still can't get over losing to Victoria!
  12. Jeez, for a moment there I thought the thread title read "Jordan Lewis Selling Dope". Carry on.
  13. Schwarz was from our Under 19s via Sunbury. Lyon was recruited before the draft commenced and also started in the U19s. There were worse zones than us, notably Collingwood who had the most unproductive South-West of Victoria which was known as the Western Border League at that time. Having said that, the Goulburn Valley didn't provide much in the way of talent for us.
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