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  1. Gee, I knew he had been a naughty boy, but not quite that naughty! If his most recent calf surgery is successful, and he is sincere about turning his life around, it will be a win/win for all concerned, including all of us! who are putting faith in him.
  2. One important re-signing down, plenty to go. Need to progressively tick them off the list.
  3. One of few genuine positives from 2019 imo. Looks like a real 'prospect' who has come a long way in a short time, and he's still very young for a KPP, with lots of time to develop further. His apparent versatility is also very appealing, and I wonder where on the ground he'll ultimately settle. I'll be fascinated to see if he trains with the backs or forwards in the upcoming preseason.
  4. I know this is all a bit of a game with you Ethan, but I can vouch for Ohio David. I went to school with him in the late 1950s and the 60s when we rarely missed going to Melbourne home games together. I moved interstate in 1970, but our passion for the Dees became the the 'glue' that cemented a friendship that has lasted more than 60 years. I promise you, if David is 'Range Rover', you are the equivalent of a Leyland P76, and I respect most of your views far too much to regard you in that light.
  5. Deeoldfart


    I remember him as an outstanding wingman, whose career was cut short when (stone cold sober) he fell through a plate glass door.
  6. This is the beginning of a rhyme I wrote as a young schoolboy, many more than 50 years ago: "Umpire Gaudion is no good, His head is 98% wood; What happened to the other 2%? Well I'm telling you now, it's made of cement! He reported my idol Ron, For striking R. Dean upon the scone, Well give me time, and I'll prove beyond doubt, They were only having a friendly bout." ............... My very poor and childish attempt at poetry goes on for many verses beyond that, but I won't bore Demonlanders with those. Having said that, it does sum up my feelings at the time, and these feelings haven't changed one iota since I started wearing long pants, and taking a second look at the opposite sex. I know one or two current Demonlanders, some now living on the other side of the globe, who could vouch for that!
  7. Kardinia park, plenty of twilight games on Sundays, a 'blocbuster' vs an interstate team on Mothers Day and no Friday night fixtures.
  8. One of a very few highlights in an otherwise dreadful season for me. He's a forward, and a star in the making, if we can get a couple of marking forwards up and running, to take the heat off him.
  9. From what I've heard, both boys were always 110% professional in the way they applied themselves, both on and off the field. From what I've observed, they were both just a few % off being consistent best 22 players at the top level. Both gave their all and you can't ask more than that! They can hold their heads high as they leave the Club and move on to new pastures. Now the MFC needs to nail the picks for players who will replace them on our list.
  10. I too hope they get another opportunity, but with great respect to their efforts at Melbourne, I hope its at another club. I'd rather have the list space to punt on an 'unknown quantity' with a 10% chance of making it, and a 0.5% chance of becoming a gem.
  11. In another thread, 'inanunda' stated that it was time for us to 'grow a pair'. We just grew 'em!
  12. No thanks. I'd prefer to take a punt on an 'unknown' with potential, rather than a known quantity who has fallen a long way short of expectations.
  13. Our only 10 /10 player. Has earned every accolade he will get in this thread.
  14. High risk and maybe high reward. Throw him a lifeline and trust that a last shot in the big time will keep him on the straight and narrow. Would come at a bargain basement price.
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