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  1. Just testing. You, Pineapple and Megatron pass with hons.
  2. Our back six is the best we've fielded all year ......... as good as any in the ALF, on paper.! BUT gee they are under-done in terms of match fitness. Hope they can stay together and build a real sense of cohesion in the back part of the season, and more particularly into 2020.
  3. Agree Dub. With Frosty it's always WYSIWYG, but yesterday the good was outstanding, I reckon. I can mostly forgive his sometimes wonky disposal and brain fade when he bites off more than he can chew, but not so the occasional off the ball free like the one in the last quarter.
  4. 6.. Tom McDonald 5. Oliver 4. Preuss 3. Fritsch 2. Petracca 1. Frost
  5. 6. Salem 5. Jones 4. May 3. Oliver 2. Viney 1. Fritsch
  6. Richo would be a good get, especially in a senior / mentoring role around Goody ....... but tbh, I'm more concerned about losing Jade Rawlings in this year's coaching merry-go-round, than I am about picking up Richo who is still contracted.
  7. The turn-around in form from a handful who have been down was good. Lockhart and May were very good. The desperation was good. Flying the flag for team-mates was very good. Hope next week is good!
  8. 6 - Viney 5 - Oliver 4 - Frost 3 - Lockhart 2 - Gawn 1 - May
  9. 6. Gawn 5. Harmes 4. Oliver 3. Brayshaw 2. Petracca 1. Fritsch
  10. If ever a talk can inspire them, that will do it! ............ now do it it for Neale boys!
  11. 6. Gawn 5. Jones 4. Viney 3. Oliver 2. Harmes 1. Hunt
  12. 6 - Gawn 5 - Hore 4 - Hunt 3 - Harmes 2 - Oliver 1 - Frost
  13. Very disappointing. We have nobody to blame but ourselves, but the maggots made sure that we had no chance of getting up in the last.
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