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  1. If the Dees improve as much as the quality of Demonland training reports this pre season, #17 to #1 will be a breeze in 2020. Thanks track watchers!
  2. Close to topic and a great gesture by one of our major sponsors: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/553989/zurich-to-match-players-donation-to-bushfire-crisis
  3. Great work IT. Thanks, and keep them coming. It's now time for the Club to give us an honest, up-to-date and complete injury update. I'm nervous about May. KK, Brayshaw, Bennell, Jones, Tomlinson, Spargo, et al (??).
  4. I don't need a 'gimmicky' football game to motivate me to contribute to a worthy cause. Thanks to the outstanding work of the NSW RFS, and a decent slice of good fortune, our tiny property in the Snowy Mountains is still intact (albeit surrounded by miles of gut-wrenching desolation). Sadly, there are many thousands who are far less fortunate!
  5. These had commentators pretty excited, and I'll never forget them:
  6. Broady was a much loved team mate and his name is perpetuated through the annual awarding of the Troy Broadbridge Memorial Trophy to the best and fairest player in our VFL team. Made my heart swell with pride when Dees players of the day helped rebuild a school on Phi Phi Island that had been washed away in the tsunami. What a great Club! RIP Broady.
  7. He's the best by a country mile, Loved it when he was 'embeded' at the Dees for a season or two.
  8. The truth about my advancing years really hit me the day that I stopped to smell the roses, but couldn't stoop far enough to get close to a bloom.
  9. A huge thank you to Andy and all others who make Demonland such a wonderful place for us to meet and share our woes, disappointments, hopes, dreams and occasional joys. As an 'interstater', remote from the Melbourne media, I honestly don't know where !'d be without a healthy serve of Demonland to go with my Weet Bix and muesli 365 days a year. Hope Santa was generous with red and blue gifts for everyone, and that 2020 brings something very special, even if we do have to wait until September!
  10. Not as much love for Fritta in this thread as I would have expected. Come the end of 2020, that will change!
  11. I really hope your crystal ball is being honest with you on that one Frog.
  12. Well bugger me. I always read the 'St' as Saint, like in St Kilda.
  13. AVB 'rag dolls' Selwood in the Prelim and kicks a point from the resulting free. This breaks the deadlock as the siren sounds. Selwood whinges to the ump that it's 'not fair'. Saty, George, Baghdad, Dee Spence and Deespicable are among 15,000 'faithful' at Thursday training before the Granny, and provide the usual comprehensive and insightful training reports. Tracc and Kozzi put on a clinic in the Granny as we waltz away with #13. All Demonlanders have a late night. SWYL pronounces that all shortcomings of the MFC in the past 56 years are forgiven.
  14. It's hard to express my views without using expletives to describe Aaron's rotten luck. Hope he comes back fit and strong, with the luck he deserves!!
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