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  1. I'm a long-term Redlegs member who lives interstate. I always regard my annual membership as a donation to the best football club in the world. Nothing has changed.
  2. You are a good man Andy ...... but no footy, living interstate, and self isolating (on 70+ age grounds), I need the Demonland banter! Keep up the great work!
  3. A perfectly sensible and reasonable approach Andy. As stated by a lot of public figures over the last month ,"we are all in this together!". As an aside, I made a small donation a few weeks ago, and I always knew it would be a good investment (unlike what's left of what I had on the ASX).
  4. How about 'Fuchsia' for perhaps the greatest of them all?
  5. .................. and I was very naively thinking that football would be my 'escape' from all this crap. Might have to turn to the bottle.
  6. I'm quietly confident based on our pre season form, and the very little I saw of an under-manned WCE over summer. Quiet confidence will no doubt morphe into loud supporting during the match, and I hope to have good reason to keep the volume on high post siren.
  7. 'True Boot' Lill was great all day. Grit, courage and a never say die attitude ....... oh, and a celebration to bring a tear to an old fart's eye.
  8. Wow! I think I just witnessed a resurrection?
  9. A fantastic signing in the current climate. I'll wager that there aren't too many other AFL clubs who have signed up new sponsors in the Covid-19 era. Well done MFC!
  10. Demonland was already the best AFL Footy Forum by a country mile. This MFC / community spirited initiative takes it to a new level again. Well done folks! Time for another donation methinks!
  11. And sadly Niamh and Sinead will now be heading home early to be with their families, as COVID-19 strikes again. I loved their contribution, and hope they will be back next year.
  12. It all seems a bit surreal to me right now, but the selections of Kozzi and Toby have spiked my interest to something like that of a 'normal' season. No doubt I'll be yelling my lungs out on Sunday arvo, and the neighbors in will be nodding to each other, and sagely saying "the Demons game must have started".
  13. The AFLPA fought for and won a larger share of revenue in their current CBA, and now that the future good of the game is at stake, they should share some of the pain. Surely it must work both ways.
  14. Hey od, if you can stick fat with the Dees for 60+ years, you have the endurance to weather any storm. Best wishes mate!
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