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  1. I like the improved personnel and structure.
  2. I thought the interview with someone who should know us as well as anyone, was outstanding. I'm all in favor of simple solutions.
  3. Thanks Tiers, for a positive post coming on top of the junk most of the team served up yesterday.
  4. Musical chairs (?) Pin the tail on the donkey(?) Whatever!
  5. 6. Hibberd 5. Petracca 4. Gawn 3. Hannan 2. May 1. Fritsch
  6. From that lot, I'd like to see OMac, Hunt, Lockhart and Brown in the final 22.
  7. The MFC has always been a huge part of my life. I've been lucky enough to enjoy a few premierships along the way, but #13 will bring more joy than all the others combined. I thought the merger in '96 would to kill off my dreams, but against the odds, we survived that to fight another day. I'll continue to support them in every way I can, for as long as I can, but time is running out. C'mon Dees ......... its time for a return on my financial and emotional investments.
  8. Bloody Hell, I'm glad it's McKenna and not Kossie or Spargo.
  9. Apparently McKenna was in Ireland and did his 14 days in quarantine. Only returned to training last week.
  10. Still reporting on ABC, and confirming that 4:00pm presser is till going ahead. Very strong speculation that Dees vs Bombers game will be postponed.
  11. 6. Petracca 5. Gawn 4. Oliver 3. Salem 2. Hunt 1. Langdon
  12. I don't think we will see Hibbo in R.2. Total speculation on my part, but the tragedy in his personal life during the break must have had an impact on his training program / preparation, and if that's the case, I doubt we will select him. Maybe this opens the door for Smith or Riv.
  13. Casey with no wind. That's novel!
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