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  1. Raised in Shepparton, actually
  2. I am visiting Australia in July and will be attending the Carlton game. Looking forward to a big win on the day! Other than that, looking forward to May and Lever sorting out the backline after a few games together.
  3. May did a good job on Cox...repeatedly pushed him under the ball without infringing (taking him out of the contest).
  4. Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Pretty sure I'm the only Melbourne supporter here!
  5. Announced his retirement at the Hawks BnF tonight
  6. Agree with this...he covered an incredible amount of territory in the last quarter...really wanted it.
  7. I'm now a life member. I don't say much on here, but do enjoy reading. Can't wait for the game tonight. Go you Mighty Demons!
  8. I feel sick to the stomach at the thought of Dwight leaving Orlando. How do you fill that hole? I'm sure Miami (and many others) would love him.
  9. They are quite religous folks here. I often wonder what they think of my tshirts and car stickers professing my love of Demons...
  10. Try liveafl.tv (link below). They get the replays up pretty quickly. http://www.liveafl.tv/page/Home
  11. I'm sitting in front of my computer in the Virgin Islands following the scores. Couldn't get the radio feed over the internet for some reason. I'm dying to know how all the new guys went. Spill the beans everybody!
  12. No NFL action for me, but I did catch Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks during the playoffs...Magic had a good win on the night, but a real pity they couldn't support big Dwight over the course of the series!
  13. I'm heading to Tampa to watch the Rays and the Red Sox in July...will be supporting the Rays....
  14. I'd like to thank William for his upcoming wedding; the Virgin Islands has declared an additional public holiday in celebration! Now if we can belt the Swans my week will be complete.
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