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  1. Absolutely wrapped! Not only off the dial skills and leg speed but more than a touch of Jack Viney/Joel Selwood about him when he's in the trenches
  2. I hope so. He's a very smart player I didn't mean to bag Spargo. Just they're both midgets but Pickett's tools are unbelievable in comparison with his pace, leap and tackling. Potentially Cyril Rioli-esqe
  3. I hope so, he's an unbelievable talent. If Spargo was worth pick 20 something I'd have Pickett top 5 easily
  4. xiss

    Jack Martin

    That makes sense. Playing with your mate Eddie Betts doesn't seem like a strong enough reason to completely dispel talking to another club Wonder if MFC knows this too and is the reason they said if he's not interested neither are we? May and KK would have been the first people they spoke to
  5. Hopefully Spargo too can become the completely dual sided kicker and best handballer in the comp Mitchell was. Here's hoping...
  6. I feel for JKH and always had a soft spot for him. Only being 173cm with no pace or amazing side step he's always going to be well down any pecking order but he worked extremely hard and had ambition with ball in hand. Pity his goal kicking at senior level went to [censored] the last couple of seasons cause that could have saved him
  7. The most interesting thing he said was referring to younger players who will initially do anything for the team then sometimes stray from that ethos at the next stage of development. That's exactly what we saw this year
  8. Relax I`m sure the Oscar McDonald contract extension negotiations are well underway and Josh Wagner is locked up
  9. Apparently what impressed Roosy about Goody when looking for his successor was he spoke more about club culture than game plans
  10. Probably add 'but great character' to slow and unskilled
  11. I'm an intra day stock trader and I see strong parallels between Goody's coaching and an underperfoming trader Goody reminds me of a trader who's discovered what he thinks is the holy grail technical market indicator (contest based footy) He's convinced it's a sure thing and will lead him to riches in the market (top 2). He possibly had a month or two of gains (2018) but he's now losing - Consistantly and a lot! (2019) . He's sure if he tweaks it just a bit all will be good again but remains oblivious to fact the market has changed and hasn't realised this indicator is very limited and only works in certain market conditions that no longer exist (oppo has worked us out) Like many here I was flabergasted when Goody said he'd chosen not to review the Eagles finals loss last year. If I have a big trading loss, no matter how painful (they hurt!!!!) I review the living bejesus out of it. I don't want to make the same mistake twice. I want to know everything! Was it market conditions that didn't suit the trade plan? Was my state of mind making for poor execution or risk management? or did I miss an important cue in the charts that may have saved me that huge drawdown? You can not brush anything under the carpet or make excuses if you want be a successful in this game and your biggest learnings always come from losses not wins. Great growth in trading is often proceeded by a particularly dark period but to grow from there you have to be able to let go of thinking you know the answer as the solution is often not what you think. Hearing him yet again after our Swans loss, talk about getting back to the 'contested' Melbourne brand and 'working our backsides off' along with bewildering player selections suggest Goody's head is still firmly in the sand. I hope he pulls it out real soon before it's too late and this playing group is damaged beyond repair and become like the trader who's had too many big losses and along with their money, lost their nerve. Right now we're right on the precipice but I'm so hoping I come back to this thread in 12 months and he's proved us all totally wrong
  12. I watched the 1989 grand final recently, one of the 'great' grand finals and the almost complete lack of tackling that day annoyed the bejesus out of me. Watching players with the ball waltz past opponents as though they were witches hats I started saying to myself, FFS tackle him!
  13. It was close but the Doggies hunt just seemed that bit better than ours, we were rarely breathing down their necks they way they were with us. Kinda story of the year. Great to see Petty do so well forward, he's such a natural footballer
  14. Was really impressed by the way The Pies ground their way back into the game last night. They did exactly what we can't manage, they were dominated then just stopped the opposition, nothing pretty and the rest came from there. Our defensive workrate has been seriously wanting much of this year
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