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  1. I copped a groin injury during pre season and it stopped me playing for the year. The pain after it cooled down that night and for quite some time after was severe. Even swimming 2/3 months later I needed a float between my legs such was the discomfort if my legs kicked. Like Steven May I had a scan and it showed nothing. When I saw Joel Smith still running around in the Lions game and it was known he had a groin injury I was yelling at the monitor (I'm in Bangkok) Get him the [censored] off now!
  2. I`m in Bangkok. I still maintain my premium MFC membership which my son benefits from and of course my AFL Overseas subscription
  3. Pittonet was the difference. Gave their mids an armchair ride round the clearances
  4. I`ll be watching in my Bangkok lounge room and if they win,,have Skyscanner up quicker than you can say Sam Weiderman booking my flight back for the big dance. So glad I kept my premium membership up!
  5. I didn't see today's game but those loopy kicks where what stood out to me when I watched his draft highlights package
  6. Overall I agree. Watching Hunt it's like he has a very narrow focus. I suspect he's trying to enact things the coaches are working on with him at the expense of his all round game and freedom he usually plays with
  7. We're still a bit of the pace. There was a passage of play in the 3rd quarter where we were tentatively handballing it around in front of goal and no one wanted to kick the goal despite completely dominating possession. Like the leaking of soft junk time goals it was the play of a team lacking ruthlessness and some self belief
  8. Just look at the difference in standard between ours and the Richmond Collingwood game to underscore that
  9. xiss


    Agree about work rate, attack on the footy and professionalism but he lacks agility, strength and that awkward kicking technique, where he takes an eternity to get the ball to boot affect his decisions and vision because they limit what he can do, he needs clear space to be effective by foot and unfortunately he's a total liability one on one
  10. Very suprised Fritsch was not in the AFL draft hub list of 94 potential draftees for tomorrow. Not even as a smokey
  11. He's also improved his evasive skills, particularly in tight
  12. Personally I thought White's game last week was outstanding and it excited me more than any of the other MFC players bar Weeds first 45 minutes. His foot skills were sublime
  13. Looking forward to playing the Swans. They're pulversing the Dogs inside who are pretty handy in that department and with the inside game is our stongest suit will be a great test of where we're at
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