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  1. Regarding his height, Nankervis, Martin and Ryder are all -199cm, they go alright. I still prefer Young at 3.
  2. Hope he can bounce back. Kicked 22 goals in 2018, if he can recapture that form he's in our best 22.
  3. Don't think those stats are very flattering. Avg 7 disposals and 0.5 goals in SANFL albeit only playing 2 games. His SANFL reserves goals average is boosted by his 6 goal effort. 2 goals in 3 games at the U18 championships. I think he's exciting and would be a crowd favourite but no way would we select him at 3 or 8.
  4. What does that matter? The draft is still weeks away. Anyway, watching these videos on YouTube with this young kid who interviews draft hopefuls, Stephens is a Victorian and only been in SA for the past 3 years on a scholarship.
  5. BigFooty are running their Phantom Draft at the moment, top 10 is: 1 - GC Rowell, 2 - GC Anderson, 3 - MEL Young, 4 - GWS Green (matched bid), 5 - ADE Flanders, 6 - SYD Jackson, 7 - FRE Stephens, 8 - MEL Serong, 9 - CAR Ash, 10 - FRE Robertson. With this in mind, if Serong/Ash are still available at pick 8, do they get selected before Kemp?
  6. https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2019/11/04/2019-afl-draft-guide-released/ AFL draft central have released their draft guide. Profiles on 130+ players and includes stats for U18 champs plus NAB/State leagues.
  7. On Monday I believe the AFL draft central website will release their Draft Guide which is a 130+ page document with expanded draft profiles and statistics for all combine invitees.
  8. Malcom Rosas Jnr is expected to be a late draft/rookie prospect. Kicked 2 goals in the Casey vs Australia U18s game earlier this year also.
  9. https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/player/lachlan-ash/ This website has excellent write ups for those who are interested. Couple of clangers early in the game but what I like is he appears to set up a lot of the play when Vic Country make their comeback. The kicks to Kemp and Serong late in the game is exactly what we've been missing.
  10. A fit Mitch Hannan is part of the solution
  11. 3. Young 8. Ash/Stephens/Flanders/Weightman Hope we don't take Serong and Weightman both sub 180cm. Download the NAB league app and you can watch player highlights game by game. Just watched Weightmans, wasn't overly impressed and think he'll need a good year or two development.
  12. So we head to the draft with picks 3, 8 and 97. Think we'll keep 3 unless GWS come to us with an offer we can't refuse on draft night. With 3 I think Young has more upside, could play wing/hbf next year. Using 8 on Weightman seems a big reach when most phantoms have him in the 15 - 30 range and one of Ash, Stephens, Kemp or Flanders will likely still be available.
  13. https://m.goldcoastfc.com.au/news/2019-05-30/suns-triple-treat-bowes-ainsworth-wright-commit
  14. Wright signed a 3 year deal earlier this year, ooc 2022.
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