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  1. Not sure if either have been mentioned but surely we'd be looking at the below mature aged players from the state leagues. Matt Hammellman has kicked 60 + goals two years in a row in the NEAFL. Previously listed at Brisbane and delisted in 2017. 197cm strong marking forward. Liam McBean is leading the SANFL goal kicking this year with 46 goals from 17 games. 202cm forward, delisted by Richmond in 2016.
  2. List of players in our NT academy. https://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-05-27/nt-academy-takes-part-in-michael-long-cup Two of the boys listed Tyrell Martin and Alonzo Nelson have been selected for the 2019 Flying Boomerangs Team. We also have Andy Moniz-Wakefield in the NT Thunder u16 team.
  3. I don't think so, we're not far away from a rebuild. I'd expect a decent clear out this year. Our list clearly doesn't have the quality we thought. We lack quality all over the ground and really need to get this draft right. Anyways, I'd be open to trading our 1st pick for 2 X 1st round picks i.e. Port 2018 picked up Rozee Butters and Durrsma with 5, 12 and 18. We could try for something like Ash, Stephens and a slider.
  4. The crux of it is, 2 games in 4 years. We're not the team for him. Too high risk. We need reliable and fit players to make us competitive again. Someone will give him another chance because he's got enormous talent but It won't be us.
  5. We can't afford Frost to be played anywhere else. May and Frost are our only defenders capable to play on opposition key forwards. I rate Lever highly, but he's never going to be a lockdown defender. Omac is gone at years end, Keilty likewise and Petty has shown more as a forward over the past few weeks. Fritsch forward is a must.
  6. I'm not even a McDonald hater, he's low on form. But, what a momentum killer missing that fairly straight forward shot. Rebound and Collingwood ice the game.
  7. Degoey is exactly the player Petracca should be.
  8. Wow McDonald doesn't look like getting near it. Stands under the ball, can't take a contested mark and always seems to be in no man's land.
  9. Yeah but I think not replacing him is a massive reason why our forward line is so disfunctional.
  10. McDonald has no idea what he's doing. He's either behind the defender, standing still or no where near it. How hard is it to lead towards the ball carrier? How hard is it to make a contest and bring the ball to ground.
  11. Ahh clearly you need to get behind our recruiting strategy. Gregson would be a perfect fit on our long term injury list with 4 x surgeries on a troubled left foot. Lets sign him up.
  12. Yep, this kid is pretty darn good and so is Butters. Also watching this game, I see Todd Marshall doing what Weideman should be doing for us. Marshall's not kicking a lot of goals himself but he's creating plenty by bringing the ball to ground.
  13. Six spots left: Who'll get the last AFL lifelines for 2019? The AFL website mentions we have 1 spot left on our list and "industry sources" suggest no teams will enter the season one player short
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