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  1. I think he was referring to the back flank position. Is trengove competing against Wagner and smith to take over from Vince or is melkshake going to be pushed Back for his foot skills
  2. I love how he is getting some kudos this year. I think the the only reason is because Roos is in the media and has highlighted his performances. This has caused the others to watch/catch on etc etc
  3. That's exactly what would happen as the AFL owns the gates/stadium for the finals.
  4. After seeing how Neelds tenure played out, I would suggest Beamer instinct was right.
  5. Bernie should be fine... he was going for the ball and pulled up
  6. What's with all the scrubber kicks for both sides? Is the ball too slippery??
  7. We need to make a most of our fwd entries. We aren't that fair behind in general play just not putting the scores on the board
  8. And don't the commentators understand the players behind the ball is an attacking move not defensive
  9. As for the topic... If oliver said " you touch me again and I'll [censored] kill you", which is the accusation, then fair enough. He wasn't reacting to the taunt rather being physically touched by a fan.
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