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  1. when Nathan Jones retires he deserves to take his place with the greats of the Melbourne Football Club. His loyalty to the club and his extraordinary resilience in playing to a high standard through a period where the team he was running out with was barely AFL standard cannot be denied. If he had played in a better team he would be a much more highly regarded goal kicking inside mid. in 2019 its hard to find a spot for him. Not all great mids can successfully extend their career by moving to wing or half forward or half back. His lack of pace means the wing is out, and that also pretty much rules him out as a small forward or back. But then again Goody has found space for Tyson, Lewis and Jones on the wing so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. I think club'll let him play on next year if he wants to, and he most likely does. For mine its not the best football decision but a forced retirement would be messy. The question is will Goody tell him he might play VFL a la Lewis this year? We need more speed and ball carriers and Jones looms as an obvious primary casualty of that. Athletes are not always the best judge of when their time is up.
  2. Has lost his speed which was a major part of his game. Now gets caught with ball, or disposes under pressure when in past he would have been in space.
  3. Struggle to see a role for Jones if he is not onball as I don't think his attributes give him flexibility to play in non onball role. Suspect he'll play on as he wants to but club will need to manage expectations going forward as its a delicate situation given his service in deepressing times.
  4. Players coming back from off season surgery moving from preseason mode to inseason matchplay mode before they'd attained required fitness base an issue. Tommy Mac a prime example. Had surgery on both ankles yet was back playing in JLT1 where it was obvious that he was well below his previous fitness levels. He should have stayed in preseason mode putting miles in the legs till he got close to his previous fitness levels. Jack Viney another. Coming off 2 seasons ruined by foot injury he played one Casey praccy match and then straight in for round 1 where his lack of conditioning and match fitness was obvious.
  5. We play safe with our recruiting more often than not. We rarely seem to take a gamble with a late NRD pick or rookie pick on a player with obvious talent but some queries on off field.
  6. For mine speed and overlap run overwhelming priority for Dees. Having said that welcome Kyle and you might be in the Dees 22 soon.
  7. Just too many players who drop marks or miss handballs and kicks or make poor decisions. Oliver had 2 handball clangers in a row which led to an Eagles goal. Frost makes a great tackle then turns it straight over. How long has he been in the system? Petracca drops marks and misses easy shots. Garlett misses easy shots. Hore takes a great intercept mark then squares to CHB and turns it over. His kicking is not reliable enough to ever take that kick. Set shots terrible. Repeat ad nauseum. Season gone. Whole footy department should be under pressure. Coaches and players. What a waste.
  8. There's a horror movie right there on my tv... Still hope Oskar Baker is comfortable at the level cause we are desperate for speed and run.
  9. Righetti Oval. Was like playing in muddy coal back in the day. Omnia Pro Deo Demon!
  10. You're not inspired by 'have a go, get a go'!
  11. Yes there is that. Might not be brand positive national primetime exposure!
  12. Surely Oskar Baker comes in after some good form for Casey to give us such much needed pace and run.
  13. Hore needs to improve his kicking if he wants to establish himself at AFL level.
  14. You wanna trade our best hard runner, from a team that lacks hard runners...
  15. I thought he showed some nice signs v Box Hill, looks athletic and reasonable skills. Chandler looked better than his draft profiles in Box Hill game. 17 possessions and 2 goals. Ran to good spots, clean hands and reasonable disposal. Baker has not shown much this season. Fair to say if you've got a bit of speed, can run and carry then there are a few spots available in the ones.
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