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  1. Jurrah Nm 26 in yellow and blue. Just lined up on wing at centre bounce.
  2. Goal to Jurrah! Possibly could have let it go through for a goal! First game for Wanderers apparently. Liam Patrick also playing.
  3. Still has skills and speed. Intermittently applying defensive pressure! Hopefully the fact he is back playing footy is sign that he has got his life sorted off field.
  4. Shaun Smith should not have to apply for a disability pension. The game, the industry, needs to take care of past players suffering physically or mentally due to their time in the game. So many fans of the game decry changes to the game to protect the head and the delicate brain inside it but if anyone with that view reads the reality of Shaun Smith's existence and does not come to an acceptance then they're beyond hope. There must be plenty of recent and current day players looking to their future and worrying about whether they'll pay a high price for concussions during their playing days. Some will, some won't. Jordan Lewis would be one looking forward with some anxiety. In 2010 he was knocked senseless in a game against the Bulldogs, came back on the field in that game then played the next week and played like his reactions were off the pace.
  5. For now we need Young at 3. If Jackson is available at 8 then if we see him as being more than just a ruck ie can also be genuine forward then maybe. Still think we need to draft for now but if they rate him highly and see him as having versatile skill set then, again, maybe. He does look like a promising but untamed colt in his highlights. Ceiling high but a lot of development required.
  6. Lets take a risk. No draft assets required to recruit. Low $ contract. We need elite talent. If it does not work out the cost is minimal. If it does work out then we have an elite player who cost diddleysquat.
  7. Rugby Union in Australia just accesses a very small talent pool. Historically the Wallabies were easybeats until the 80s when we led the rugby world in embracing professionalism. We dominated in the 90s but then the rest of the rugby world caught up and we are back in the pack again. Of course as is now traditional most rugger journos and ex players are blaming the incumbent coach and opining that we just have to get Eddie Jones back and all will be well. The small talent pool rates nary a mention. Maybe its too depressing a subject for them as its hard to conceive how they can grow their talent pool in a pretty competitive market for junior talent. It will be interesting to see what Foxtel offers rugger when current deal expires. Foxtel is under pump and has mooted a reduced expenditure on sports that don't rate well. I'd like Super teams and Wallabies to improve, my 94 year old Brisbane born and bred Dad is a rugger tragic, the general mediocrity of the Australian Super Rugby teams and the Wallabies is ruining his 90s! How do make a good rugby coach a widely scorned rugby coach? Make em Wallabies coach!
  8. A welcome appointment. Data can be your friend if you have someone who knows what to collect, and how to organise and provide it to end users so its useful for them. This is data way beyond the footy stats we see in the paper or on the App.
  9. Needs to improve his disposal, by foot particularly.
  10. Turbo Speed. Nice sidestep. Decision making/disposal solid. If he can build his endurance then he will have a good AFL career.
  11. Langdon and Tomlinson have the endurance to push back to help out defenders, and push forward to be an option in forward 50. The width they provide will also be a boon for a player like Petracca who can win his own ball, and will have wide options in space to hit up by foot.
  12. Rupert presumably pays Bucky to produce this errant nonsense. Here is my application for some of the right wing extremist's dollars: Footy has passed Jones and Hibberd. D Grade? A fit May will be an A Grader. Bailey Fritch is a B grader with potential to be an A grader. Melksham is a B grader who can play some A Grade games. Salem is a B Grader wh o can play some A Grade games. Brayshaw had a D grade year. Needs to show a return to 2018 form in 2020. Kolo should retire. B/A grade talent but gets concussed too often.
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