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  1. Jones deserves enormous respect from all Dees fans for his resilience during some really awful years. I can't see a role for him in our best 22 in 2020. He is a centre mid or he is not in the team. He would have been more highly regarded as a contested ball mid who could drift forward to kick a goal from the 50 if he'd played in better teams in his prime.
  2. North just looking far more speedy and skillful in first quarter. Did look like they were kicking to scoring end so hopefully its a better 2nd quarter. Casey Fields really does needs some more stands and sun protection to improve standard of play and make it more comfortable for spectators.
  3. Suspect by back end of deal it''ll be a declining chunk of cap.
  4. There is risk for the Pies if Grundy suffers a serious injury or becomes injury prone. Advantage for Pies is that if he does avoid injury they will likely be paying Grundy less dollars than his market value in back years of contract if salary cap keeps increasing. Grundy gets security but sacrifices maxxing contract value in back end years of contract.
  5. Interesting to see how they handle the intermittent smoke haze. Can't be healthy for players to be training in it. Both Brumbies and Raiders have moved their pre season out of Canberra until it stops being enveloped in smoke.
  6. Strangely he is no club's recruiting boss!
  7. Birdman are definitely in the discussion! Also in discussion for best live band.
  8. I quite like Maher and Murphy combo but I'm only a very occasional SEN listener ie trade week. SEN has invested heavily in Lyon and Watson, Whately and now Russell. Its yet to be seen if that investment will generate ratings boost that allows a commercial return on that investment. The AFL/NRL divide makes national sports radio/tv shows more of a challenge than in more homogeneous sporting markets ie US. Be interesting to see what ratings SEN generate outside of Victoria and how they monetise that with national advertisers or insert local.
  9. With so many teams having f/s or academy players mooted to be Top 30 in 2020 draft I reckon this Freo pick will be part of a trade to a points hunting team.
  10. I think its a quasi registration process to cover insurance and payment.
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