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  1. I think the last 5 years is relevant considering all of these instances of poor injury management have been overseen by Misson and his team. It's a long history of irresponsibility and it is now starting to reek.
  2. First post of the year. You can feel the raw disappointment of the supporters everywhere, it's real. My observations align with many already have touched on - the players appear bereft of confidence in both each other and as the weeks go by, the gameplan. Although we were mildly successful last season, the signs were there. The game against Port Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval, astonishing number of inside 50s for little reward. Stkilda cutting us to ribbons at the G (scarily similar to last week). Anzac Eve, Queens Birthday. We looked exposed in those matches and people forgot because we beat a weak Geelong and an undermanned Hawthorn. The fact is - we're a young side, with a hell of a lot of upside that probably overachieved in 2018. Getting rid of Hogan hurts us on field in the short term but was in my opinion the right call to make for the long term due to non- football related issues. The player we miss the most is Vandenberg, his tackling pressure is inspirational and is deceivingly damaging with his disposal. He can't get fit quick enough. Hang tough guys, some positives to come out of the season so far - Salem is leading the bluey by a mile. Stellar season so far from Christian we all love his poise at times when everybody else is panicking and missing targets. We have the pillars to build a team around, sadly most of them are coming into the year severely under done. Dip into the draft this year and grab forwards and outside runners. Go hard at high end free agents. We'll be right.
  3. Solidifies our defense. Defense wins flags. Welcome Steven.
  4. I see what you've done there...
  5. I was on board until approximately the 300th page
  6. I can't be stuffed going through all the pages - last I heard Freo had released a statement saying they weren't pursuing this anymore? Am I missing something?
  7. Goes both ways, Hogan now knows how highly we rate him
  8. Pretty disappointed that we were willing to get bent over like that, if true
  9. What is the obsession with Brayshaw other than being related to Angus? We don't need more inside mids. We're past the stage of grabbing the 'best available' we have obvious strengths and obvious deficiencies and Brayshaw does nothing to fix our deficiencies.
  10. We don't exactly have a lot of currency this season...
  11. I get the sense that the best we can hope for is Pick 5 + Future 1st rounder. Jesse needs to make up his mind so we can focus on other ways to improve our list.
  12. North can't get an uber eats to come to Arden Street
  13. He would need to perform against top 8 sides to kick that many...
  14. It's really not that crazy. Recent history tells us we can expect two first rounders but not two top 10 picks in the same draft for Hogan alone. The Treloar and Lever trades are the most recent examples I would be inclined to use as a precedent - a top 10 pick + a future first rounder and an exchange of later draft selections. In the event that JH requests a trade there will be elements to a deal that will be completely unpredictable, despite all the speculation in the world from journos and fans alike.
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