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  1. Love this pick. Bit of Mitch Duncan about the lad, smooth mover. Can see him pushing for midfield time down the track
  2. Absolutely no evidence that he was NBA standard. If anything a kid of that age being decisive about the path he wants to take shows plenty of character imo
  3. We should take a very close look at this guy at 10. You can never have too many A grade mids and this kid has already shown his hand. He's the prototypical modern day ball winning mid with an A+ attitude to boot. WA swoop of Jackson into Robertson is my preference for 3 and 10
  4. If you don't like the thread then GTFO
  5. He started his career at Sydney and was traded to Collingwood
  6. He's barely worth pick 6 let alone another first rounder. Keep dreaming Bell
  7. Agree to disagree. Was thrown forward out of necessity, played his entire career before that as a KPD. He performed well up there but can't see it being permanent. Time will tell
  8. Everyone is forgetting that we have Petty coming through also. Yes he was experimented with forward at different stages but he'll end up a rock solid KPD. The best asset Frost has is his speed, and tbh you'd prefer to leave that stuff to your small backs then the big hulks
  9. These are my observations of our game plan under Goodwin. I'm not an expert so am not going to suggest a new game plan, but there are obvious aspects that require fixing now. Offense: Our transition from full back to the wing is ok, forward of centre we stagnate and lose our way. We don't have any first class forwards that are working together as a group to create pockets of space to work into. Their leading patterns are a mess. The midfielders don't have the foot skills to find targets inside 50 regularly, and in conjunction with the aforementioned leading patterns, the result is what we as supporters see - bombing to a pack. We don't have any small forwards with agility and goal sense to take control of the ball at ground level. Petracca looks the most likely in this regard but half of the time he's playing the high half forward role because we are increasingly in need of his skill set up the ground. ANB and Corey Wagner are being used in the small forward role and they are incapable at AFL level. Our midfield (when not resting forward) hitting the scoreboard has dried up. Defence: Our defensive 6 do a great job, considering the way the ball is coming in. They are intercepting well and finding their way out of the 50 quite effectively, most of the time. The midfield 6 are way off the pace on transition and often our defensive 6 are exposed due to the opposition having no pressure on the final pass inside 50. The midfield are applying immediate pressure at the stoppage but their positioning is awful, they all get sucked to the ball and leave a web of opposition surrounding the contest. All the opposition require is one handball the exit the immediate stoppage area and they're away with the 6-6-6. The team defensive positioning as a whole is all over the shop and leaves us all scratching our heads when we see a player in 20 metres of space receive the ball at half forward. There seems to be no accountability or leadership through the midfield to ensure this doesn't happen. Viney as captain needs to be reviewed. The forward 6 have no cohesion defensively and just chase the ball. It's chaos but easy to combat with a solid structure and sound positioning around the ball.
  10. I am utterly staggered that we're half way through the season and we're still seeing the 'play on at all costs and handball to a teammate under the pump' scenario every time we touch the ball. It simply has to be the coaching, and I'm absolutely sick of it.
  11. That was a pizzweak effort from o Mac then. Lucky Jenkins is an equally inept footballer
  12. I think the last 5 years is relevant considering all of these instances of poor injury management have been overseen by Misson and his team. It's a long history of irresponsibility and it is now starting to reek.
  13. First post of the year. You can feel the raw disappointment of the supporters everywhere, it's real. My observations align with many already have touched on - the players appear bereft of confidence in both each other and as the weeks go by, the gameplan. Although we were mildly successful last season, the signs were there. The game against Port Adelaide at the Adelaide Oval, astonishing number of inside 50s for little reward. Stkilda cutting us to ribbons at the G (scarily similar to last week). Anzac Eve, Queens Birthday. We looked exposed in those matches and people forgot because we beat a weak Geelong and an undermanned Hawthorn. The fact is - we're a young side, with a hell of a lot of upside that probably overachieved in 2018. Getting rid of Hogan hurts us on field in the short term but was in my opinion the right call to make for the long term due to non- football related issues. The player we miss the most is Vandenberg, his tackling pressure is inspirational and is deceivingly damaging with his disposal. He can't get fit quick enough. Hang tough guys, some positives to come out of the season so far - Salem is leading the bluey by a mile. Stellar season so far from Christian we all love his poise at times when everybody else is panicking and missing targets. We have the pillars to build a team around, sadly most of them are coming into the year severely under done. Dip into the draft this year and grab forwards and outside runners. Go hard at high end free agents. We'll be right.
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