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  1. 6. Angus Brayshaw 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Max Gawn 3. James Harmes 2. Christian Salem 1. Marty Hore
  2. Could history repeat and Petty get another game against St Kilda.
  3. The injury toll will certainly be reflected in the team for tomorrow’s game. Here’s my list of Melbourne players available for Casey based on the injury list* - 12. Toby Bedford 15. Billy Stretch 16. Kade Kolodjashnij 20. Corey Maynard 21. Braydon Preuss 23. James Jordon 33. Harrison Petty 35. Oskar Baker 37. Kade Chandler 41. Jay Lockhart 42. Josh Wagner 45. Declan Keilty 46. Austin Bradtke * assuming Steven May is not available to play for Casey due to his suspension.
  4. How many thousands who normally go in by train are missing out today?
  5. It’s becoming a common problem with footballers these days. Hopefully, he’ll come good.
  6. Just thinking about it. A long drive to Shep. Twenty bucks admission to watch a game played in close to 40 degree heat. Alternative - go to the beach. Tough decision.
  7. Mumford is already due to miss two games because of a club-imposed suspension for an off-field incident. This is an opportunity for the MRP to show there’s no place for thuggery - 3 weeks.
  8. I think I’ve been watching too much AFLW. The standard is marginally better.
  9. Another conspiracy theory would be the desire on the part of the AFL to ensure the participation of the traditionally powerful clubs in Carlton and Collingwood in the finals series. The Blues are on top and the Pies have been well beaten but could still make it if they start winning some games in their weak comp. Surely, the organisers could have foreseen that the stronger sides were in one group?
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