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  1. Sorry, but if they can’t play a game like that in front of maybe 300 people, then the first couple of rounds of AFL have to be postponed or cancelled.
  2. Carlton are a one man team. If they show as little as they have in the preseason then they’re in a spot of bother.
  3. DEESPICABLE'S TRAINING REPORT BAGHDAD BOB'S TRAINING REPORT TRAINING PHOTOS Harley Bennell Update Rehab Group Ex-Rehabbers in Main Group Who's Not Out There Trent Rivers Harley Bennell Mitch Hannan Update Gawn & May Kyle Dunkley Update More on the Rehabbers ----------------------------------------------- Is it happening today?
  4. Best wishes to Shaun and his family.
  5. And they go down by 74 points. Melbourne/Casey 0.3.3 3.4.22 3.6.24 4.8.32 Essendon 4.2.26 6.3.39 10.5.65 16.10.106 Goals Briggs McCaffrey Rivers White
  6. Halfway through the last: Melbourne/Casey 3.9.27 Essendon 12.7.79
  7. Geez, my 15 year old nephew is playing for Casey.
  8. And so it goes - Chandler sidelined with wrist injury
  9. Extending the ‘where are they now’ series to those players who finished up at the end of 2019:- Sam Frost (traded) – Hawthorn Jeff Garlett (delisted) – Southern Districts (NTFL) and has also been linked to the Ovens and Murray League Declan Keilty (delisted) – Bentleigh (Southern FL) Jay Kennedy-Harris (delisted) – Uni Blues (VAFA) Jordan Lewis (retired) – Development and skills coach at Melbourne (AFL), plus set to feature prominently in the footy media Corey Maynard (retired) – Assistant coach with Melbourne (AFLW) Tim Smith (retired) – South Belgrave (Eastern FL) Billy Stretch (delisted) – Glenelg (SANFL) Guy Walker (retired) – Has retired from all sports due to injury, but has been offered a part-time role with AFL Coaches’ Association and Players’ Association for the ‘Tackle Your Feelings’ mental health program. ALSO Tom Bugg (retired from Carlton) – Retired last year to focus full-time on business as the co-founder and CEO of ZOOZ Group. Lynden Dunn (delisted by Collingwood) – TBC, but expected to be on Collingwood’s list in 2020 as an SPP signing. Will return to full training next month, with that final list spot his for the taking. Jack Trengove (delisted) – Prince Alfred Old Collegians (Adelaide Footy League)
  10. Pity really. I was hoping to see one of those smokeys from Casey turning up.
  11. I’m expecting May back in 4 to 6.
  12. Did the Casey academy boys including the big basketballer turn up?
  13. He should hang around #5 who happens to be best mates with a handy professional basketballer who is playing with the Philadelphia 76ers at the moment.
  14. I’m intrigued by this man mountain from the Academy. Do we take it that he plays for the Dandenong Stingrays in 2020 and if he’s good enough then he could get drafted? The club’s publicity machine needs to roll into action on this.
  15. He’s being well advised IMO. This is his last chance to turn his career around and make a decent living from the sport. A return to WA and a single poor decision could mean that it’s all over.
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