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  1. Here’s a possible #97. Family reunification and matches the club’s preferred height profile - Ryan Bennell
  2. More about that closed loophole The Swans found a sneaky draft loophole last year. The AFL just closed it
  3. Nah ... keep open until the PSD. I was surprised that Martin nominated $1m and a 5 year contract, albeit averaging $600kpa over the full term which suggests that these terms are acceptable to Carlton. They’re placing a lot of store on their ability to turn him into a consistently good performer across what will virtually be the remainder of his career. So far, it’s been very unremarkable for someone who selected first in the 2012 special Mini Draft and was considered the best young player in the country at the time.
  4. Anyone know if there’s any training on today?
  5. A horror injury had this top-10 prospect fearing the worst. Then two AFL guns reached out to ease the nerves
  6. Bennell helping the new wave of indigenous players
  7. This would clearly be better for us than 3, 8 & 97 even if the later pick becomes 75 by the end of the draft. Would 7, 8 & 10 also not be better?
  8. Some interesting questions ahead of the draft - The 10 key questions ahead of this year's AFL draft
  9. I think Freo might do it if it guaranteed them another choice on top of Henry.
  10. I’m staggered that Cornes has a gig in the media.
  11. That’s correct and it would mean going with a primary list of 39 plus 5 rookies. Much the same effect and depends to some extent on where we stand in terms of the salary cap.
  12. Story on DFA’s on the first day of the delisted free agency period. Delisted free agents: Who's on the shelf? Who gets a lifeline?
  13. Champion Data has ranked the AFL teams’ fixtures from to the hardest to the softest - WHO HAS THE HARDEST 2020 AFL FIXTURE? CHAMPION DATA RANKS ALL 18 TEAMS 1 West Coast 2 Hawthorn 3 Gold Coast 4 Essendon 5 GWS 6 Carlton 7 Richmond 8 North Melbourne 9 Geelong 10 St Kilda 11 Collingwood 12 Western Bulldogs 13 Brisbane Lions 14 Port Adelaide 15 Adelaide Crows 16 Melbourne 17 Sydney Swans 18 Fremantle How do last year’s premiers (who played most of their games in the last half of 2019 on the MCG) end up with the 7th toughest draw?
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