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  1. Seeing that everyone wants somebody sacked, how about the idiots who run the railways in this State? We’ve been waiting 15 minutes for a train on the Frankston line and it’s still 3 minutes away.
  2. A mark inside 50 My kingdom for a mark inside 50 (or a free)
  3. A few years ago, I went through the Straits of Dardanelles and sailed past Gallipoli. The morning was calm and serene and the place where fierce battles were fought was silent. It felt surreal to think of what had transpired there. Sport and war are two entirely different things but I have to admit that I have that same surreal feeling today.
  4. Injury List: Round 6 Braydon Preuss (shoulder) – 1 week Steven May (groin) – 4 weeks Mitch Hannan (knee) – 4-5 weeks Jake Lever (knee) – 4-5 weeks Jay Kennedy Harris (knee) – 4-6 weeks Joel Smith (groin) – 4-6 weeks Aaron vandenBerg (foot) – 4-6 weeks Neville Jetta (knee) – 10-12 Kade Kolodjashnij (concussion) – TBA Guy Walker (shoulder) – indefinite Aaron Nietschke (knee) – season
  5. Pay McKenna in the goals in the bush. Pat McKenna bags eight goals as Gisborne thrashes Kyneton to snap eight-game losing streak
  6. Matthew Rowell pushes pick 1 credentials in Australia under 18s win over Casey
  7. An Australian Under 18 squad played the Casey Demons at the MCG in an exhibition game. Casey went full bore in the first half and led by four goals at the main break with 10 AFL listed players but took most of them off for the second half and the Aussie team took over and won by about four goals. Best for the Australian team we’re Oakleigh Chargers pair Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson. AUSTRALIA UNDER 18 SQUAD Lachlan Ash (Murray Bushrangers) Noah Anderson (Oakleigh Chargers) Trent Bianco (Oakleigh Chargers) Connor Budarick (Gold Coast Academy) Nick Bryan (Oakleigh Chargers) Liam Delahunty (GWS Giants Academy) Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power) Will Gould (Glenelg) Thomas Green (GWS Giants Academy) Luke Jackson (East Fremantle) Emerson Jeka (Western Jets) Brodie Kemp (Bendigo Pioneers) Fischer McAsey (Sandringham Dragons) Jack Mahony (Sandringham Dragons) Will Martyn (Brisbane Lions Academy) Jackson Mead (Woodville-West Torrens) Mitch O’Neill (Tasmania Devils) Kysaiah Pickett (Woodville-West Torrens) Malcolm Rosas jnr (Northern Territory) Matthew Rowell (Oakleigh Chargers) Caleb Serong (Gippsland Power) Jeremy Sharp (East Fremantle) Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons) * Dylan Williams (Oakleigh Chargers) Joshua Worrell (Sandringham Dragons) Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays) * injured and did not play
  8. And, of course, Dean Kent who could barely get on the park for us in his last 2 or 3 years is fit and saddling up against us this afternoon.
  9. Who would have thought that when Round 5 came around, St Kilda would be riding high in April and Melbourne would be down there with the also rans? Time to shoot down the Saints before it’s May.
  10. It seems that they’ve given a few of the younger brigade in Sparrow, Bedford and Chandler some time off. Jay Lockhart, the resting emergency. No Maynard. A few others can expect limited game time in case they’re required on Anzac Eve.
  11. Noticeably absent is the son of Jim Stynes who would be around 13 yo. He looked a likely type when I saw him running around for South Melbourne Districts last year.
  12. They play a form of 666 in modified rules for Junior Football (kids up to Under 10s) which is fine for those learning the game and for encouraging participation for all players. However, in senior football, I can’t see it working for a whole game. Players would have to wear clothing differentiating them according to position and the restrictions would make it unplayable and unwatchable.
  13. Actually, 2 wins and percentage off top spot.
  14. And that’s about all it’s worth in this jurisdiction.
  15. Your apology can’t be accepted. The six year statute of limitations has passed.
  16. This academic article argues that the AFL’s increasing corporatisation is alienating fans. Years ago, the game was powerful enough to pull in the fans. Does it need all of the razzmatazz and Thor-inspired footy strips to survive and thrive? THE DISNEYFICATION OF THE AFL
  17. Knightmare has issued his April Draft Power rankings ~ AFL Draft Power Rankings: Giants academy prospect holds off chargers from Oakleigh The National Under 18 Championships aren’t far away. Here’s a preview from AFL Draft Central of the first of the trial games for Victorian selection.
  18. Bradtke has played no football for about four years after making a decision at 14 years of age to concentrate on basketball. Apart from a couple of practice matches with Casey, he has played only two games of AFL any level for premiership points and they were over the last fortnight with the Stingrays. He’s learning the craft in an area where players don’t reach their peak until the mid 20s. The strategy of playing him in the NAB Bank Under 18s is sound but don’t expect him to be smashing them quite yet.
  19. A in interesting review from The Mongrel Punt - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  20. I know we’re supposed to be taking things one week at a time but suddenly, Queens Birthday is looming large on the horizon 😀
  21. Meanwhile, by all reports, Austin Bradtke is motoring along satisfactorily, playing in the ruck for the Dandenong Stingrays. Nothing spectacular but he's getting hitouts and possessions and last week kicked a goal in the team's drawn game against the Geelong Falcons.
  22. I have this feeling in my bones - call it a vibe - that we’re going to win this and win it well. We’re playing poorly but are only a goal behind. We can do much better than this and it’s time to rise to the occasion.
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